Scott County, Virginia Basics:

Population: 22,770
Area: 536 square miles
County seat: Gate City
Area code(s) in use: 276
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 74.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 11.1%
Median household income: $37,544
Persons in poverty: 19.3%
Home ownership rate: 78.2%
Mean travel time to work: 29.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Hancock (TN) Hawkins (TN) Lee Russell Sullivan (TN) Washington Wise

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Map of the Scott County area

Our detail map of Scott County shows the Scott County, Virginia boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Scott County, Virginia

Airports show all on map

DDA Heliport

Basins show all on map

Back Valley, Dishner Valley, Double Lick, Dry Hollow, Greasy Valley, Little Poor Valley, Purchase Valley, Robinette Valley, Speers Valley, The Sinks

Bends show all on map

Starnes Bend, The Suck

Bridges show all on map

Clinchfield Viaduct, Glenn Carter Memorial Bridge, John M Johnson Memorial Bridge

Buildings show all on map

Duffield Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Duffield Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 1, Duffield Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 2, Duffield Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 3, Dungannon Volunteer Fire Department, Fort Blackmore Volunteer Fire Department, Gate City Police Department, Gate City Town Hall, Gate City Volunteer Fire Department, Hiltons Volunteer Fire Department, Moccasin Creek Power Plant (historical), Nickelsville Rescue Squad, Nickelsville Volunteer Fire Department, Rye Cove Volunteer Fire Department, Scott County Courthouse, Scott County Library, Scott County Life Saving Crew, Scott County Sheriffs Office, Weber City Police Department, Weber City Town Hall, Weber City Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Weber City Volunteer Fire Department Station 2

Cemeteries show all on map

Abijah Alley Cemetery, Addington Cemetery, Akard Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Ash Cemetery, Bagley Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baldwin Cemetery, Baldwin Cemetery, Ballard Gillenwater Cemetery, Banner Cemetery, Banner Cemetery, Barnett Cemetery, Barnett Cemetery, Barr Cemetery, Beard Cemetery, Bellamy Cemetery, Benton Cemetery, Benton Cemetery, Berry Cemetery, Bickley Cemetery, Bill Osborne Cemetery, Blair Cemetery, Blalock Cemetery, Blankenbeckler Cemetery, Bledsoe Cemetery, Bledsoe Cemetery, Bloomer Cemetery, Bloomer Cemetery, Boatright Cemetery, Boatright Cemetery, Booher Cemetery, Bostic Cemetery, Bostic Cemetery, Bowen Cemetery, Bowen Cemetery, Bowen Cemetery, Bowen Cemetery, Bowen-Peterson Cemetery, Bowen-Shephard Cemetery, Bowlin Cemetery, Bowlin Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Bray Cemetery, Brickey Cemetery, Brickey Cemetery, Browder Cemetery, Burchette Cemetery, Buttry Cemetery, Calhoun Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Chapel Cemetery, Castle Cemetery, Castle Cemetery, Castle Cemetery, Catron Cemetery, Cattron Cemetery, Chapman Cemetery, Childress Cemetery, Clendenen Cemetery, Click Cemetery, Click Cemetery, Compton Cemetery, Compton Cemetery, Corder Cemetery, Corder Cemetery, Cowden Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Chapel Cemetery, Culbertson Cemetery, Culbertson Cemetery, Culbutson Cemetery, Darnell Cemetery, Davidson Cemetery, Davidson Cemetery, Davidson Cemetery, Deemie Tate Cemetery, Denton Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dingus Cemetery, Dingus Cemetery, Dishner Cemetery, Dishner Cemetery, Dougherty Cemetery, Dulaney Cemetery, Duncan Cemetery, Duncan Cemetery, Durham Cemetery, Egan Cemetery, Egan Cemetery, Elam Cemetery, Ervin Cemetery, Estep Cemetery, Estill Cemetery, Falin Cemetery, Faulkner Cemetery, Fickle Cemetery, Fields Cemetery, Fields Cemetery, Flag Pond Cemetery, Floyd Frazier Cemetery, Fort Blackmore Cemetery, Fraley Cemetery, Fraley Cemetery, France Cemetery, Francisco Cemetery, Franklin Cemetery, Fraysier Cemetery, Frazier Cemetery, Frazier Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Fritz Cemetery, Gardner Cemetery, Gardner Cemetery, George McConnell Cemetery, Gillenwater Cemetery, Gillespie Cemetery, Gilliam Cemetery, Gilly-Wells Cemetery, Gobble Cemetery, Godsey Cemetery, Godsey Cemetery, Goode Cemetery, Goodman Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Greear Cemetery, Greear Cemetery, Greear Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Greer Cemetery, Grigsby Cemetery, Hagan Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hammonds Cemetery, Hartsock Cemetery, Hartsock Cemetery, Hartsock Cemetery, Hartsock Cemetery, Hash Cemetery, Haynes Cemetery, Henderson-Cox Cemetery, Hensley Cemetery, Hensley Cemetery, Heron Cemetery, Hickam Cemetery, Hickam Cemetery, Hickam Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hillman Cemetery, Hillman Cemetery, Holston View Cemetery, Horne Cemetery, Horton Cemetery, Horton Cemetery, Horton Cemetery, Horton Cemetery, Horton Cemetery, Hunneycutt Cemetery, Ingle Cemetery, Jennings Cemetery, Jessee Cemetery, Jett Cemetery, John Wesley Lane Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Kane Cemetery, Katron Cemetery, Kendrick Cemetery, Kern Cemetery, Kern Cemetery, Kilgore Cemetery, Kilgore Cemetery, Kilgore Cemetery, Kilgore Cemetery, Laney Cemetery, Laney Cemetery, Larkin Cemetery, Larkin Cemetery, Lawson Cemetery, Lawson Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Lucas Cemetery, Lucas Cemetery, Lunsford Cemetery, Maness-Ramey Cemetery, Mann Cemetery, McConnell Cemetery, McConnell Cemetery, McConnell Cemetery, McConnell Cemetery, McDavid Cemetery, McKinney Cemetery, McMurray Cemetery, McMurray Cemetery, McNew Cemetery, Meade Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Minton Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell Taylor Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Morrison Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Necessary Cemetery, Necessary Cemetery, Necessary Cemetery, Newland Cemetery, Nickels Cemetery, Nickels Cemetery, Norris Cemetery, Oak Glen Cemetery, Odell Cemetery, Osborne Cemetery, Osborne Cemetery, Osborne Cemetery, Osborne Cemetery, Osborne-Taylor Cemetery, Pannell Cemetery, Patrick Hogan Osborne Cemetery, Patton McConnell Cemetery, Pendleton Cemetery, Pendleton Cemetery, Peters Cemetery, Peters Cemetery, Peters Cemetery, Peters Cemetery, Peterson Cemetery, Peterson Cemetery, Pierson Cemetery, Pierson Cemetery, Pippin Cemetery, Pippin Cemetery, Pisgah Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Powers Cemetery, Powers Cemetery, Price Cemetery, Price Cemetery, Price Cemetery, Pridemore Cemetery, Prospect Cemetery, Pullen Cemetery, Purchase Cemetery, Qualls Cemetery, Quillen Cemetery, Quillin Cemetery, Quillin Cemetery, Quillin Cemetery, Ramey Cemetery, Ramey Cemetery, Ramey Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Rhoton Cemetery, Rhoton Cemetery, Rhoton Cemetery, Rhoton Cemetery, Richmond Cemetery, Ridgeway Cemetery, Riner Cemetery, Robbins Cemetery, Robinette Cemetery, Robinette Cemetery, Robinette Cemetery, Robinette Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Roller Cemetery, Roller Cemetery, Salling Cemetery, Salling Cemetery, Salyer Cemetery, Sander Cemetery, Sebras Chapel Cemetery, Sergent Cemetery, Shaffer Cemetery, Shaffer Cemetery, Shankle Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Shephard Cemetery, Sivert Cemetery, Skeen Cemetery, Sloan Cemetery, Sloan Cemetery, Sloantown Cemetery, Sluss Cemetery, Sluss Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Solon Addington Cemetery, Speer Cemetery, Speer-Gilliam-Sloan Cemetery, Speers Cemetery, Spencer Alley Cemetery, Spivey Cemetery, Sproles Cemetery, Spuryer Cemetery, Stallard Cemetery, Stallard Cemetery, Stallard Cemetery, Stallard Cemetery, Stallard Cemetery, Stallard Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stapleton Cemetery, Starnes Cemetery, Starnes Cemetery, Starnes Cemetery, Starnes Cemetery, Starnes Cemetery, Starnes Cemetery, Steele Cemetery, Stewarts Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Strong Cemetery, Strong Cemetery, Sturgill Cemetery, Sutton Cemetery, Tate Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Tomlinson Cemetery, Tredway Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Vaughn Cemetery, Vaughn Cemetery, Venable Cemetery, Vicars Cemetery, Vineyard Cemetery, Vineyard Cemetery, Walling Cemetery, Warlf Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Wells Cemetery, Wilcox Cemetery, Wilhem Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams-Kilgore Cemetery, Wininger Cemetery, Wininger Cemetery, Wolfe Cemetery, Wolfe Cemetery, Wolfe Cemetery, Wolfe Cemetery, Wolfe Cemetery, Wolfe Cemetery, Wolfe Cemetery, Wood Cemetery, Wood Cemetery, Worley Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery

Churches show all on map

Addington Church, Alleys Chapel, Antioch Church, Beech Grove Church, Bethel Church, Booher Chapel, Bowen Chapel, Brick Church, Browder Chapel, Burks Union Church, Cameron Church, Carter Chapel, Cartertown Church, Cassells Chapel, Catron Chapel, Center Valley Church, Chestnut Flats Church, Christ the King Mission, Church of Christ, Cowan Branch Church, Cox Chapel, Culbertson Chapel, Darthula Church, Daugherty Chapel, Dean Chapel, Dockery Chapel, Ewing Chapel, Farley Chapel, Fincastle Church, Fort Blackmore Methodist Church, Free Hill Church, Gaines Chapel, Gardner Chapel, Gate City Baptist Church, Gate City United Methodist Church, Gillenwater Chapel, Glenita Church, Gravelly Hill Church, Greens Chapel, Harts Hill Church (historical), Herman Church, Hickory Hill Church, Hill Chapel, Horton Chapel, Ida Church, Irvington Church, Jennings Mission, Kerns Chapel (historical), Ketron Chapel, Lewis Church, Lick Creek Church, Locust Grove Church, Lydia Church, Marble Point Church, McConnell Church, Meades Chapel, Midway Church, Midway Church, Miller Church, Mineral Hill Church, Moore Memorial Church, Morgan Chapel, Mount Pleasant Church, Mount Vernon Church, Mount View Church, New Bethel Church, New Bethel Church, New Buffalo Church, New Hope Church, New Hurlin Church, New Melody Church (historical), Oak Glenn Church, Palmer Church, Pendleton Church, Pentacost Church (historical), Pentecostal Church, Peterson Chapel (historical), Pine Grove Church, Point Truth Church, Prospect United Methodist Church, Purchase Church, Red Hill Church, Red Hill Church, Riggs Chapel, Robinette Memorial Church, Saint Joseph Church (historical), Sayler Chapel, Slant Church, Smith Chapel, Starnes Bluff Church, Stony Point Church, Sugar Tree Church, Union Church (historical), Valley Creek Chapel, Valley Creek Church, Valley View Church, Vicars Chapel, Walnut Chapel, Walnut Grove Church (historical), Webber Church, Wells Chapel, Wolfe's Church

Cliffs show all on map

Bald Alley Bluff, Copper Creek Bluff, Otter House Bluff

Crossings show all on map

Boones Ford, Carter Ferry Ford, Foust Ford, Hart Ford, Jennings Ford, Jett Ford, Powers Ford, Spivey Ford, Thompson Ford, White Ford

Dams show all on map

Bark Camp Dam, Winegar Mill Dam (historical)

Falls show all on map

Monkey Falls

Gaps show all on map

Board Tree Gap, Brickyard Gap, Cowan Gap, Devils Racepath, Dowell Gap, Drakes Gap, Eddington Gap, Edith Gap, Elisha Lick Gap, Fields Gap, Foley Gap, Hall Gap, Hamilton Gap, Hiltons Gap, Indian Grave Gap, Indicuts Gap, Jett Gap, Kane Gap, Low Gap, Mahogany Gap, Maple Gap, Marshall Gap, Muddy Gap, Pisgah Gap, Pound Gap, Powers Gap, The Cut, Wadlow Gap

Islands show all on map

Grays Island, Mill Island, Pendleton Island

Lakes show all on map

Blue Water Pond, Flag Pond

Locales show all on map

Addington Store, Alley Valley, Bark Campground, Big Cut Station, Carter Ferry, Civilian Conservation Corps Camp 366 (historical), Copper Siding, Danlboone Yard, Durham Chapel, Farmers Exchange Mill (historical), Fugate Mill (historical), Hagan Hall, Hanging Rock Recreation Site, Hill, Holston River Mill, Ka, Mabe, Miller Yard, Moccasin Gap, Moccasin Siding, Obies Creek Mill (historical), Speers Ferry, Speers Ferry Mill, Verdi, Virginia State Prison Camp

Parks show all on map

Anderson Block House Monument, Natural Tunnel State Park, R P Kane Athletic Field

Pillars show all on map

Hanging Rock

Populated Places show all on map

Bellamy, Bellamytown, Boulder, Bruno, Bush Mill, Canton, Carrico Mill, Clinch, Clinchport, Cox Mill, Cox Place, Crackers Neck, Craft Mill, Deans Store, Dorter Mill, Dorton Fort, Duffield, Duncan Mill, Dungannon, Fairview, Flat Rock, Fort Blackmore, Fraleytown, Frisco, Fulkerson, Gate City, Glenita, Grays, Grays Ford, Grigbys Store, Hiltons, Jayne Mill, Jennings Store, Kermit, Kerns, Ketrontown, Lano, Little Duck, Maces Spring, Manville, Marcem, McConnell, McConnell Mill, McCorkle, Mountain Springs, Natural Tunnel, Nickelsville, Nottingham, Owen Corner, Pattonsville, Peterson, Pullontown, Rhoton Mill, Riggs (historical), Rye Cove, Shelleys, Silica, Slabtown, Sloantown, Snowflake, Spivey Mill, Spivey Store, Stanleytown, Stony, Stringtown, Sunbright, Three Forks, Tito, Twin Springs, Valaho (historical), Verdi, Weber City, Williams Mill, Winegar Mill, Wininger, Wood, Yuma

Post Offices show all on map

Gate City Post Office, Hortons Summit Post Office, Slant Post Office, Weber City Post Office

Ranges show all on map

Copper Creek Knob, North Fork Knobs, Possum Knobs

Reservoirs show all on map

Bark Camp Lake

Ridges show all on map

Akard Ridge, Bat Ridge, Booher Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Buckner Ridge, Callahan Spur, Cedar Ridge, Chesnut Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Cloud Ridge, Coalpit Ridge, Colt Ridge, Copper Ridge, Cove Ridge, Davey Land Ridge, Flannery Ridge, Gate Ridge, Good Spur Ridge, Hooper Ridge, Kerns Ridge, Lane Ridge, Lonesome Ridge, Long Ridge, Lower Cave Ridge, Middle Cave Ridge, Middle Ridge, Millstone Ridge, Moccasin Ridge, Mullins Ridge, Osborne Ridge, Osborne Ridge, Pick Breeches Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Redmond Ridge, Stone Ridge, Straight Fork Ridge, Upper Cave Ridge

Schools show all on map

Beech Grove School, Buffalo School (historical), Cedar Point School, Cleveland School (historical), Cowan School (historical), Delight School, Dry Creek School, Duffield Primary School, Dungannon Intermediate School, Fort Blackmore Primary School, Fraley Institute (historical), Garfield School (historical), Gate City High School, Gate City Middle School, Glenwood School (historical), Grays School (historical), Greenwood School, Grimm School (historical), Grit Hill School, Hilton Elementary School, Lane School, Lane School (historical), Lick Creek School (historical), Maces Spring School (historical), Manville School, Midway School, Midway School (historical), Mount View School, Mountain School, Mountain View School (historical), Muddy Gap School (historical), New Bethel School (historical), New Hope School, New Hurlin School (historical), Nickelsville Elementary School, Nickles School (historical), Old Rocklands School (historical), Palmer School (historical), Pattonsville School (historical), Pendleton School (historical), Pine Grove School (historical), Prospect School (historical), Purchase School, Red Hill School (historical), Riverview School (historical), Rye Cove High School, Rye Cove Intermediate School, Saratoga School (historical), Scott County Career and Technical Center, Shadylawn School (historical), Shoemaker Elementary School, Slant School (historical), Speers Ferry School (historical), Strong School (historical), Tunnel Hill School, Twin Springs High School, Twin Springs School (historical), Valley Creek School (historical), Weber City Elementary School, Wolf School, Yuma Elementary School

Springs show all on map

Big Spring, Brickey Spring, Buck Spring, Hale Spring, Holston Springs, Johnson Springs, Quillin Spring, Sinking Spring, Sulphur Spring

Streams show all on map

Amos Branch, Anderson Branch, Baker Branch, Baker Branch, Bearpen Branch, Beech Grove Branch, Beecher Branch, Benges Creek, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Moccasin Creek, Big Oak Branch, Big Spring Branch, Blackoak Branch, Blue Springs Branch, Bobs Branch, Burnt Cabin Branch, Cate Branch, Champ Branch, Chapman Branch, Chestnut Camp Branch, Chimney Rock Fork, Church Rock Branch, Coalpit Branch, Copper Creek, Cornett Branch, Cove Creek, Cove Creek, Cowan Branch, Cowan Creek, Cub Creek, Culbertson Creek, Davey Land Branch, Dean Branch, Devil Fork, Dingus Branch, Dowell Branch, Drakes Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork, Duncan Branch, East Fork Cove Creek, East Fork Roberts Creek, Elder Patch Branch, England Valley Branch, Falin Branch, Falin Branch, Fall Creek, Flower Branch, Ford Branch, Ford Branch, Fowlers Branch, Fraley Branch, Franklin Branch, Gillenwater Branch, Glady Fork, Good Branch, Gouldman Branch, Gray Branch, Hagan Spring Branch, Harris Branch, Head Creek, Henderson Branch, Hickerson Branch, Hiltons Creek, Horton Branch, Indian Creek, Irving Branch, Ivy Patch Branch, Jack Branch, Jennings Branch, Jessee Branch, Joel Branch, John Gay Branch, Jones Branch, Ketron Branch, Lane Camp Branch, Lark Branch, Lark Creek, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Fork, Lewis Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Creek, Lick Log Branch, Little Duck Branch, Little Moccasin Creek, Little Stock Creek, Little Stony Creek, Low Place Branch, Mahogany Spring Branch, Maple Spring Branch, McClure Branch, McDowell Branch, McGhee Creek, Meadow Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Millstone Branch, Nickels Branch, North Fork Clinch River, North Fork Holston River, Obeys Creek, Pattonsville Branch, Peters Branch, Pike, Pine Branch, Plank Camp Creek, Possum Creek, Powers Branch, Raccon Branch, Red Hill Branch, Reedy Creek, Richmond Branch, Roaring Branch, Roberts Creek, Robinson Fork, Rocky Branch, Roddy Branch, Rogers Branch, Saint Branch, Sayler Branch, Shelby Creek, Shupe Branch, Sinking Creek, Sled Creek, Sorrel Creek, South Fork Ketron Branch, Spruce Lick Branch, Spurlock Branch, Stacy Branch, Stanley Valley Creek, Star Branch, Staunton Creek, Stewart Branch, Stinking Creek, Stock Creek, Stony Creek, Straight Fork, Strong Branch, Suck Branch, Taylortown Branch, Turkeylick Branch, Valley Branch, Valley Creek, Valley Creek, Valley Creek, Venus Branch, Watts Branch, West Fork Cove Creek, White Rock Branch, Widow Branch, Wolf Creek, Wolf Run Creek

Summits show all on map

Bald Knob, Bald Knob, Bald Rock, Big Flat Top, Big Knob, Black Hill, Bowling Knob, Browder Mountain, Brushy Knob, Bunker Hill, Chimney Rock, Cliff Mountain, Frisby Knob, Miller Knob, Pine Hill, Purchase Knob, Sols Knob, Walker Mountain

Towers show all on map

Buckner Ridge Lookout Tower, WDUF-AM (Duffield), WGAT-AM (Gate City)

Tunnels show all on map

Bald Knob Tunnel, Clinch Mountain Tunnel, Clinchport Tunnel, Moccasin Ridge Tunnel, Natural Tunnel, Starnes Tunnel, Townes Tunnel, Twin Tunnels

Valleys show all on map

Alley Valley, Back Valley, Baker Hollow, Baldwin Hollow, Barb Hollow, Beaver Hollow, Begley Hollow, Boyd Hollow, Bright Hollow, Browder Hollow, Buckles Hollow, California Hollow, Casteel Hollow, Cave Spring Hollow, Corder Hollow, Davidson Hollow, Deep Hollow, Dry Hollow, Dungeon Hollow, England Valley, Finney Hollow, Ford Valley, Gilmore Hollow, Gouldman Hollow, Grindstone Hollow, Grisby Hollow, Guy Hollow, Harkleroad Hollow, Hensley Hollow, Hunter Valley, Hush Hollow, Jesse Hollow, Jones Hollow, Kerns Hollow, Lane Hollow, Little Valley, Little Valley, Long Hollow, Long Hollow, Maness Hollow, Mill Hollow, Moccasin Valley, Mollie Hollow, Moore Hollow, Moping Hollow, Muddy Spring Hollow, Mullins Hollow, Muttonhead Hollow, Negro Hollow, Newhouse Hollow, Newland Hollow, Newton Hollow, Penitentiary Hollow, Peters Hollow, Possum Hollow, Pullon Hollow, Quillen Hollow, Renfroe Valley, Rich Valley, Smith Hollow, Spicewood Hollow, Stanley Valley, Sulphur Spring Valley, Tray Hollow, Vicar Hollow, Watkins Hollow, Williams Hollow,

Scott County, Virginia Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteScott County White population 22,36022,360
BlackScott County Black population 159159
MixedScott County Mixed population 137136
American IndianScott County American Indian population 4645
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderScott County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2322

Additional population tables :
State population table
Virginia population by county

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