Dickenson County, Virginia Basics:

Population: 15,679
Area: 331 square miles
County seat: Clintwood
Area code(s) in use: 276
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 69.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.0%
Median household income: $32,622
Persons in poverty: 20.4%
Home ownership rate: 78.6%
Mean travel time to work: 32.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Buchanan Letcher (KY) Pike (KY) Russell Wise

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Map of the Dickenson County area

Our detail map of Dickenson County shows the Dickenson County, Virginia boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Dickenson County, Virginia

Bays show all on map

Garden Hole, Skegg Hole

Buildings show all on map

Clinchco Police Station, Clinchco Volunteer Fire Department, Clintwood Police Department, Clintwood Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Clintwood Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Clintwood Volunteer Rescue Squad, Dante Rescue Squad Station 2, Dickenson County Ambulance Service, Dickenson County Courthouse, Dickenson County Sheriffs Office, Haysi Police Station, Haysi Rescue Squad, Haysi Volunteer Fire Department, Ralph Stanley Museum and Traditional Mountain Music Center, Sandy Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad

Cemeteries show all on map

Adkins Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Arlington Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Ball Cemetery, Bise Cemetery, Blair Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Byers Cemetery, Childress Cemetery, Colley Cemetery, Company Cemetery, Counts Cemetery, Counts Cemetery, Counts Cemetery, Dameron Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Deel Cemetery, Dingus Cemetery, Dotson Cemetery, Dutton Cemetery, Duty Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Elkins Cemetery, Farmer Cemetery, Farmer Cemetery, Farmers Cemetery, Fay Cemetery, Fleming Cemetery, Flemming Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Grizzle Cemetery, Hale Cemetery, Hale Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Hawkins Cemetery, Hay Cemetery, Hay Cemetery, Hewitt Cemetery, Hibbitts Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Holbrook Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Keith Cemetery, Keith Cemetery, Kennedy Cemetery, Kiser Cemetery, Kiser Cemetery, Kiser Cemetery, Kiser Cemetery, Lambert Cemetery, Lambert Cemetery, Lane Cemetery, Large Cemetery, Long Cemetery, Long Cemetery, Long Cemetery, Looney Cemetery, McCown Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moretz Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Music Cemetery, Musick Cemetery, Neece Cemetery, Newberry Cemetery, Newberry Cemetery, O'Quin Cemetery, O'Quinn Cemetery, Owens Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Powers Cemetery, Powers Cemetery, Powers Cemetery, Powers Cemetery, Presley Cemetery, Price Cemetery, Puckett Cemetery, Rakes Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Rasnake Cemetery, Rasnake Cemetery, Rasnick Cemetery, Rasnick Cemetery, Rasnick Cemetery, Ratliff Cemetery, Riner Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Rugby Cemetery, Salyer Cemetery, Salyers Cemetery, Salyers Cemetery, Silcox Cemetery, Skeen Cemetery, Slemp Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Stallard Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stephen Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Sunderland Cemetery, Sutherland Cemetery, Sutherland Cemetery, Sutherland Cemetery, Sutherland Cemetery, Sutherland Cemetery, Sutherland Cemetery, Sutherland Cemetery, Sutherland Cemetery, Swindall Cemetery, Tiller Cemetery, Trivitt Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Vanover Cemetery, Viers Cemetery, Viers Cemetery, Wallace Cemetery, Wampler Cemetery, Wampler Cemetery, Wampler Cemetery, Willis Cemetery, Willis Cemetery, Yates Cemetery

Churches show all on map

Big Ridge Presbyterian Church, Calvary Church, Caney Fork Church, Caney Fork Church, Clintwood Bible Church, Counts Chapel, Counts Church, Cumberland Church, Delphia Church, Dyers Chapel, Edwards Chapel, Faith Bible Church, Fremont Church, Georges Fork Church, Hill Ridge Church, Lebanon Church, Lick Creek Church, Lick Fork Church, Little Zion Church, Long Fork Church, Maple Grove Church, Martin Chapel, McCown Church, McCoy Chapel, Middle Branch Church, Mill Creek Church, Millard Peuther Chapel, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Olivet Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Open Fork Church, Osborne Gap Church of Christ, Philadelphia Chapel, Pine Grove Church, Pound River Church, Rachel Chapel, Rose Hill Church, Rugby Church, Saint Stephens Church, Sand Lick Church, Shumac Church, Skeetrock Church, Solid Rock Church, Splashdam Church, Sweet Home Church, Tarpon Freewill Baptist Church, Union Church, Valley View Church, Willis Chapel, Yates Chapel

Cliffs show all on map

Lovers Leap, The Breaks

Dams show all on map

John W Flannagan Dam, Laurel Lake Dam, Moss Mine Number One Dam, Moss Number One Fresh Water Supply Dam, Nicewonder Dam, White Oak Creek Dam

Flats show all on map

Johnson Flats

Gaps show all on map

Abner Gap, Austin Gap, Bearpen Gap, Big Lick Gap, Birch Gap, Bob Gap, Camp Branch Gap, Cane Gap, Cantrell Gap, Carve Beech Gap, Dingus Gap, Dog Branch Gap, Dutton Gap, Flat Gap, Flint Gap, Flint Gap, Georges Fork Gap, Grassy Gap, Hibbitts Gap, Jesse Gap, Liza Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Martha Gap, Meadow Gap, Mink Gap, Nichols Gap, Osborn Gap, Puckett Gap, Rock Lick Gap, Skegg Gap, Smith Gap, Spruce Pine Gap, The Notches, Trammel Gap

Hospitals show all on map

Dickenson Community Hospital

Locales show all on map

Camp Jacob, Clinchfield Overlook, Counts, Honey Camp, Junction Boat Ramp, Lower Twin Boat Ramp, Martha Gap, Osborns Gap, Splashdam, State Line Overlook, The Breaks Overlook, The Towers Overlook

Mines show all on map

Clinchfield Moss Mines, Moss Number 3 Mine

Parks show all on map

Breaks Interstate Park

Pillars show all on map

Johnny Bug Rock

Populated Places show all on map

Aily, Alka (historical), Baden, Bartlick, Bee, Birchleaf, Blowing Rock, Breaks, Bucu, Carrie, Clinchco, Clintwood, Colley, Darwin, Debusk (historical), Delano, Duty, Dwale, Flat Top, Flemingtown, Foraker, Freeling, Fremont, Georges Fork, Haysi, Herald, Huckleberry (historical), Ibex (historical), Isom, Judge (historical), Leck, Lockhart Flats, Longfork, Mart, McClure, Millard, Nancy, Nealy Ridge, Nora, Norland, Omaha, Open Fork, Ramsey (historical), Ramsey Flats, Skeetrock, Smith Corners, Steinman, Stratton, Tandy, Tarpon, Tenso, Tiny, Tivis, Trammel, Viers, Wakenva, West Dante

Ranges show all on map

Sandy Ridge

Reservoirs show all on map

Cow Pond, John W. Flannagan Reservoir, Laurel Lake, Lick Fork Pond, Mullins Pond, Sportsman Lake

Ridges show all on map

Backbone Ridge, Bad Ridge, Baker Ridge, Ball Ridge, Ball Ridge, Bear Ridge, Bear Ridge, Big Ridge, Bill Ridge, Bise Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Cabin Ridge, Caney Ridge, Carico Ridge, Counts Ridge, Davis Ridge, Dismal Ridge, Flat Spur, Frogpond Ridge, Harm Ridge, Hill Ridge, John Ridge, Kiser Ridge, Long Ridge, Mack Ridge, Maynard Ridge, Mullins Ridge, Nealy Ridge, Porter Ridge, Rakes Ridge, Ramsey Ridge, Ramsey Ridge, Reedy Ridge, Rob Ridge, Rockhouse Ridge, Rough Ridge, Sheep Rock Ridge, Silcox Ridge, Skeens Ridge, Smith Ridge, Spring Ridge, Sutherland Ridge, Turner Ridge, Viers Ridge, Vince Ridge, Wampler Ridge, Wildcat Spur

Schools show all on map

Abner Gap School, Anderson School (historical), Bad Ridge School (historical), Bartlick School, Bear Ridge School, Big Oak School, Big Oak School (historical), Bise School, Brush Creek School (historical), Burnt Field School (historical), Camp Creek School (historical), Cane Creek School, Cherry Knob School (historical), Clinchco Elementary School, Clintwood Elementary School, Clintwood High School, Cold Spring School, Counts School, Davis School, Dickenson County Career Center, Dog Branch School, Ervinton Elementary School, Ervinton High School, Fairview School, Fairview School (historical), Flint Gap School (historical), Georges Fork School, Greenwood School, Hammond School, Hatchet School (historical), Haysi High School, Hazel School (historical), Hill School (historical), Ivy Spring School, Kenady School, Kerr School (historical), Large School, Laurel Branch School (historical), Lick Branch School (historical), Lick Fork School (historical), Little Fox School, Long Branch School (historical), Longs Fork Elementary School, Mill Creek School (historical), Mountain View School, Musick School, Nichols Gap School (historical), Open Fork School (historical), Osborn Gap School (historical), Owens School (historical), Pilot Knob School, Prater School, Rachel Chapel School, Rainy Flat School (historical), Ramsey Ridge School, Rasnake School (historical), Rose Hill School (historical), Rugby School, Sandlick Elementary School, Smith School (historical), Stonewall School, Sullivan Branch School, Sulphur Springs School, Tilda Anderson School (historical), Tivis School, Trammel School (historical), Trivette School (historical), Turner School, Twin Branch School (historical), Wakenva School, Yates School

Springs show all on map

Cold Spring

Streams show all on map

Abner Branch, Alleys Creek, Austin Gap Branch, Bad Branch, Bartley Branch, Barts Lick Creek, Basin Branch, Bear Branch, Bearpen Branch, Bearpen Creek, Beech Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Spraddle Branch, Big Spruce Pine Branch, Blacklog Branch, Blair Branch, Blowing Fork, Bowling Branch, Breeden Branch, Brush Creek, Brushy Fork, Buck Branch, Buck Branch, Buffalo Creek, Cabin Branch, Cabin Fork, Call Fat Branch, Camp Branch, Camp Branch Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Cane Branch, Cane Creek, Cane Creek, Caney Creek, Childress Branch, Coon Branch, Cowan Rose Creek, Crabtree Fork, Cranes Nest River, Crooked Branch, Crooked Branch, Crooked Branch, Crooked Branch, Cutter Creek, Damon Branch, Dismal Fork, Doe Branch, Doeface Branch, Dog Branch, Duty Branch, East Fork Cane Creek, Falls Branch, Farrell Branch, Fishtrap Branch, Flat Gap Branch, Fleming Branch, Fryingpan Creek, Gay Branch, Georges Fork, Gibson Branch, Grassy Creek, Hardin Branch, Hatchet Branch, Holly Creek, Honey Branch, Honeycamp Branch, Honeycamp Branch, Horseshoe Branch, House Branch, House Fork, Howell Branch, Hughes Branch, Hurricane Branch, Indian Creek, Jack Branch, Jerry Branch, Jim Senter Branch, Johns Fork, Josh Branch, Keel Branch, Kilgore Creek, Killen Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Creek, Lazarus Branch, Left Fork Abner Branch, Left Fork Big Branch, Left Fork Camp Creek, Left Fork Cane Creek, Left Fork Laurel Branch, Left Fork Lick Creek, Left Fork Lick Creek, Left Fork Rush Creek, Left Fork Upper Twin Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Creek, Lick Fork, Linn Branch, Little Beech Branch, Little Fork, Little Laurel Branch, Little Laurel Branch, Little Lick Creek, Little Pine Branch, Little Rockhouse Branch, Little Spruce Pine Branch, Little Straddle Branch, Little Yellow Lick Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Fork, Low Gap Branch, Low Gap Branch, Lower Cane Branch, Lower Rakes Branch, Lower Twin Branch, Lynn Branch, Manns Branch, McClure Creek, McClure River, Meadow Branch, Meadow Branch, Middle Branch Lick Creek, Middle Camp Branch, Middle Fork Open Fork, Middle Fork Upper Twin Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Moore Branch, Neece Creek, Neel Branch, Negro Camp Branch, Nut Branch, Oldhouse Branch, Open Fork, Persimmon Branch, Pigeon Roost Branch, Pine Branch, Pine Creek, Poplar Branch, Pound Branch, Pound River, Pounding Tree Branch, Powers Branch, Presley Branch, Priest Fork, Ramsey Fork, Right Fork Big Branch, Right Fork Camp Creek, Right Fork Fryingpan Creek, Right Fork Laurel Branch, Right Fork Rush Creek, Right Fork Upper Twin Branch, Road Branch, Roaring Fork, Rock Branch, Rock Lick, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Rush Branch, Rush Branch, Rush Branch, Rush Creek, Russell Prater Creek, Sally Branch, Sand Lick Branch, Short Branch, Short Branch, Short Branch, Skeet Rock Branch, Skegg Branch, Skillet Branch, Slate Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Fork, Squirrel Camp Branch, Star Branch, Stephens Fork, Sugar Branch, Sullivan Branch, Tanbark Branch, Tarpon Branch, Tempest Branch, Tilda Anderson Branch, Tiller Fork, Tivis Branch, Toms Fork, Trace Fork, Trammel Branch, Turkey Branch, Turkey Branch, Upper Camp Branch, Upper Cane Branch, Upper Hurricane Branch, Upper Rakes Branch, Upper Skegg Fork, Upper Twin Branch, Wakenva Branch, White Branch, White Oak Creek, Willis Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Zekes Branch

Summits show all on map

Pilot Knob, Skeet Rock Knob, The Chimney, The Towers

Towers show all on map

Bartlick Lookout Tower, Keel Lookout Tower, Nealy Ridge Lookout Tower, WDIC-AM (Clinchco), WDIC-FM (Clinchco), WOIC Radio Tower (Tazewell)

Tunnels show all on map

Bearpen Gap Tunnel, Buffalo Tunnel, Caney Tunnel, Goff Tunnel, Hewitt Tunnel, Hills Mill Tunnel, Martin Tunnel, McClure Tunnel, Perkins Tunnel, Pettit Tunnel, Red Ridge Tunnel, Rinehart Tunnel, Russell Tunnel, Sandy Ridge Tunnel, Short Branch Tunnel, Skegg Tunnel, Squirrel Camp Tunnel, State Line Tunnel, Sykes Mill Tunnel, Towers Tunnel

Valleys show all on map

Bear Hollow, Big Hollow, Cherrytree Hollow, Dark Hollow, Dark Hollow, Deadman Hollow, Fay Hollow, Knot Hollow, Pond Hollow, Yowling Hollow,

Dickenson County, Virginia Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteDickenson County White population 15,49115,490
MixedDickenson County Mixed population 7878
BlackDickenson County Black population 6362
American IndianDickenson County American Indian population 3131
AsianDickenson County Asian population 1615
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderDickenson County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Virginia population by county

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