Leslie County, Kentucky Basics:

Population: 11,138
Area: 401 square miles
County seat: Hyden
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 57.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 8.2%
Median household income: $26,386
Persons in poverty: 21.1%
Home ownership rate: 77.2%
Mean travel time to work: 30.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bell Clay Harlan Perry

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Map of the Leslie County area

Our detail map of Leslie County shows the Leslie County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Leslie County, Kentucky

Bends show all on map

Mosley Bend, Opossum Bend

Buildings show all on map

Coon Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Cutshin Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 1, Cutshin Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 3, Cutshin Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Hyden Fire Department, Stinnett Volunteer Fire Department, Thousandsticks Volunteer Fire Department, Wooten Fire and Rescue

Cemeteries show all on map

Begley Cemetery, Couch Cemetery, Creech Cemetery, Days Cemetery, Dixon Cemetery, Halls Rest Haven, Hardy Bottom Cemetery, Hendrix Cemetery, Honey Branch Cemetery, Huff Cemetery, Hurricane Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Nolan Cemetery, Raccoon Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Sizemore Cemetery, Skeens Cemetery, Steele Cemetery, Woods Cemetery, Woods Cemetery, Woods Keen Cemetery

Churches show all on map

Abner Branch Chapel, Beech Fork Mission, Big Fork Church, Bowen Creek Church, Bowen Creek Church, Brown Chapel, Cedar Chapel, Cutship Church, Elisha Creek Chapel, Grassy Branch Church, Greasy Creek Church, Laurel Mission Church, Little Laurel Community Church, Lower Beech Fork Church, Middle Fork Church, Middle Fork Church, Mission Church, Muncy Creek Church, Muncy Creek Church, Pine Mountain Church, Red Bird River Church, Rockhouse Church, Saw Branch Church, Short Creek Chapel, Solid Rock Bible Church, Stinnett Gap Church, Victory Mountain Grace Brethren Chapel, Warbranch Church

Flats show all on map

Dixon Bottom, Hardys Bottom

Gaps show all on map

Buck Gap, Chestnut Gap, Deep Gap, Peters Gap, Phillips Gap, Rainbow Gap

Hospitals show all on map

Mary Breckinridge Hospital

Lakes show all on map

Spruce Pine Lake

Locales show all on map

Cawood Recreation Site, Shoal, Trace Branch Boat Ramp

Parks show all on map

Mary Breckinridge Memorial Park, Redbird Wildlife Management Area, The Campfield

Populated Places show all on map

Asher, Bear Branch, Big Fork, Big Rock, Bobs Fork, Causey, Chappell, Cinda, Confluence, Cutshin, Daley, Dryhill, Elisha Creek (historical), Essie, Frew, Gilberts Creek (historical), Grassy (historical), Hare, Helton, Hendrix (historical), Hoskinston, Hyden, Jacks Creek (historical), Jason, Kaliopi, Lewis Creek, Lower McIntosh (historical), Mozelle, Muncy Creek (historical), Napier, Roark, Saylor, Sizerock, Smilax, Spruce Pine, Stinnett, Thousandsticks, Toulouse, Trace Fork (historical), Upper Laurel Fork (historical), Warbranch, Wendover, Woodsen (historical), Wooton, Yeaddiss

Post Offices show all on map

Asher Post Office (historical), Bear Branch Post Office, Begley's Post Office (historical), Big Fork Post Office (historical), Big Fork Post Office (historical), Big Rock Post Office (historical), Browning Post Office (historical), Camp Creek Post Office (historical), Causey Post Office (historical), Chapel Post Office, Cinda Post Office (historical), Confluence Post Office (historical), Confluence Post Office (historical), Coon Creek Post Office (historical), Cutshin Post Office (historical), Cutshin Post Office (historical), Daley Post Office (historical), Della Post Office (historical), Dims Post Office (historical), Dry Hill Post Office (historical), Essie Post Office, Frew Post Office (historical), Gay Post Office (historical), Haywood Post Office (historical), Helton Post Office (historical), Hilton Post Office (historical), Hosea Post Office (historical), Hosea Post Office (historical), Hoskinston Post Office, Hyden Post Office, Imlay Post Office (historical), Jason Post Office (historical), Kate Post Office (historical), Lewis Creek Post Office (historical), Mad Dog Post Office (historical), Mosley Bend Post Office (historical), Mozelle Post Office (historical), Nantz Post Office (historical), Napier Post Office (historical), Obed Post Office (historical), Orchard Post Office (historical), Pennington Post Office (historical), Roark Post Office, Sand Fork Post Office (historical), Saylor Post Office (historical), Shell Post Office (historical), Shoal Post Office (historical), Sinda Post Office (historical), Sizerock Post Office (historical), Sizerock Post Office (historical), Skidmore Post Office (historical), Smilax Post Office, Stinnett Post Office, Templeton Post Office (historical), Toulouse Post Office (historical), Trace Fork Post Office (historical), War Branch Post Office, Wendover Post Office, Whiting Post Office (historical), Wooten Post Office (historical), Yeaddiss Post Office

Reservoirs show all on map

Buckhorn Lake

Ridges show all on map

Kentucky Ridge

Schools show all on map

Bad Creek School, Bailey Branch School, Baker Fork School, Bear Branch School, Beech Fork Settlement School (historical), Big Branch School, Big Creek Elementary School, Big Rock School, Bobs Fork School, Browning School, Cinda School (historical), Country High School, Dixon Branch School, Elisha Creek School, Elk School, Essie School, Flackey School, Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing, Greasy Creek School, Hals Fork School (historical), Hayes Lewis School (historical), Hendrix School (historical), Hurricane School, Jackson Creek School, Larkin Lewis School, Laurel School, Lewis Creek School, Lower Bowen Creek School, Lower Camp Creek School, Lower Grassy School, Lower Hendrix School, Lower Laurel Creek School, Lower MacIntosh School, Lower Polls Creek School, Lower Stinnett School (historical), Lower Trace Fork School, Lower Wooton School, Maggard Branch School, Marbone School (historical), Marlon Branch School (historical), Middle Poll Creek School (historical), Mudlick School, Muncy Creek School, Muncy School, Napier School, Neds Fork School, Opossum Bend School (historical), Persimmon Fork School, Piney Grove School, Raccoon School, Roan Gap School, Royal School, Rydners Branch School, Rye Cove School (historical), Sandy Fork School (historical), Saylor School (historical), School Number Thirteen (historical), Shoal School (historical), Short Creek School, Sizerock School, Smilax School, Spruce Pine School (historical), Stinnett Elementary School, Stinnett High School, Trace Fork School (historical), Ulysses Creek School, Upper Abner Branch School, Upper Bowens Creek School, Upper Camp Creek School, Upper Grassy Branch School, Upper Hell for Certain School, Upper Jacks Creek School, Upper MacIntosh School, Upper Polls Creek School, Upper Stinnett School, Upper Thousandsticks School, Upper Trace Branch School, Upper Trace Fork School, Upper White Oak School, White Oak School (historical), Wilder Branch School, Wolf Creek School

Streams show all on map

Aaron Branch, Abner Branch, Aces Branch, Adams Branch, Ague Branch, Alecs Branch, Amy Branch, Apple Orchard Branch, Arches Branch, Asher Branch, Bailey Branch, Baker Fork, Baker Fork, Banger Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Fork, Beatty Branch, Beatty Fork, Bee Fork, Beech Bottom Branch, Beech Fork, Betty Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Fork, Big Fork, Big Lute Branch, Big Middle Fork Elisha Creek, Big Peavine Branch, Big Two Branch, Bills Branch, Bills Branch, Birch Fork, Blevins Branch, Bobs Fork, Bolling Branch, Bonnet Rock Branch, Bowen Creek, Brewer Branch, Britton Branch, Browning Fork, Brushy Fork, Buck Fork, Bull Creek, Bullhorn Branch, Bullskin Fork, Camp Branch, Camp Branch, Camp Creek, Cane Branch, Cane Fork, Caney Branch, Caudill Fork, Cawood Branch, Chandler Branch, Coal Branch, Coal Branch, Cole Fork, Collins Branch, Combs Fork, Corn Branch, Couch Branch, Couch Branch, Couch Fork, Cow Fork, Cowhead Branch, Cucumber Branch, Cutshin Creek, Daniel Branch, Davidson Fork, Davis Branch, Deadening Branch, Deadening Fork, Deep Ford Branch, Deep Gap Branch, Devils Jump Branch, Dicks Branch, Dill Camp Fork, Dillion Branch, Dixon Branch, Does Fork, Dollar Branch, Double Rock Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Fork, Dry Fork, Dug Fork, Dug Fork, East Branch Phillips Fork, Edd Fork, Elisha Creek, Elk Branch, Elk Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Ellis Branch, Engle Fork, Feds Creek, Fern Branch, Fishtrap Branch, Flackey Branch, Fort Parker Branch, Gabes Creek, Garrison Fork, Gibson Branch, Ginseng Branch, Good Fork, Grassy Branch, Grassy Branch, Grassy Branch, Grassy Fork, Guthrie Branch, Halfmile Branch, Hals Fork, Harvey Branch, Hell for Certain Creek, Helton Branch, Hendrix Branch, Henry Fork, Hensley Branch, Hensley Branch, Hollins Fork, Honey Branch, Honey Branch, Horse Fork, Horseshoe Branch, Hoskin Branch, Hoskins Branch, Hurricane Branch, Hurricane Branch, Hurricane Creek, Hurts Creek, Indian Grave Branch, Isaac Creek, Isaac Fork, Isaacs Fork, Jacks Fork, Jasons Branch, Jerrys Branch, Jesse Fork, John Miniard Branch, Johns Branch, Johns Creek, Johnson Branch, Johnson Fork, Jones Branch, Kentucky Branch, Knoblick Branch, Lady Branch, Lane Branch, Langdon Branch, Larkin Lewis Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Creek, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Lawson Branch, Leadmine Branch, Leffew Branch, Left Fork Bear Branch, Left Fork Camp Creek, Left Fork Elisha Creek, Left Fork Elkhorn Creek, Left Fork Lewis Creek, Left Fork Marrowbone Creek, Left Fork Rockhouse Creek, Left Fork Trace Branch, Left Fork Trace Fork, Lefthand Fork, Level Branch, Levi Lewis Branch, Lewis Branch, Lewis Creek, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Fork, Lick Fork, Lick Fork, Lick Fork, Lick Fork, Licklog Fork, Little Asher Branch, Little Laurel Creek, Little Middle Fork Elisha Creek, Little Peavine Branch, Little Rocky Point Branch, Little Stinnett Creek, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Fork, Long Fork, Long Fork, Looney Branch, Lost Trace Branch, Low Gap Branch, Low Gap Branch, Lower Bad Creek, Lower Bad Creek, Lower Bent Branch, Lower Dill Branch, Lower Double Branch, Lower Double Branch, Lower Joe Fork, Lower Jones Fork, MacIntosh Creek, Maggard Branch, Maggard Branch, Maggard Branch, Mare Branch, Marion Branch, Marion Fork, Marrowbone Creek, Mathias Branch, Mazie Branch, Meetinghouse Branch, Meetinghouse Branch, Middle Branch Bowen Creek, Mile Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Set Branch, Millstone Branch, Morris Fork, Mosley Fork, Mudlick Branch, Mudlick Branch, Mudlick Fork, Muncy Branch, Muncy Creek, Myra Branch, Narrow Branch, Neds Fork, Nick Branch, Oakley Cave Branch, Old House Branch, Old House Branch, Oldhouse Branch, Oldhouse Branch, Oldhouse Branch, Onemile Branch, Osborne Fork, Owlsnest Branch, Pace Branch, Paces Trace Branch, Pawpaw Branch, Peach Orchard Branch, Persimmon Fork, Peters Branch, Peters Branch, Peters Branch, Pied Branch, Pigeonroost Branch, Pleasure Woods Branch, Polecat Branch, Polls Creek, Polly Morrill Branch, Poundmill Branch, Poundmill Branch, Preston Fork, Puncheoncamp Branch, Puncheoncamp Branch, Puncheoncamp Branch, Pups Branch, Raccoon Creek, Rainbow Branch, Rhone Fork, Richcoal Branch, Right Fork Bear Branch, Right Fork Cutshin Creek, Right Fork Elisha Creek, Right Fork Johns Creek, Right Fork Little Laurel Creek, Right Fork Oldhouse Branch, Right Fork Onemile Branch, Right Fork Peters Branch, Right Fork Stone Coal Branch, Right Fork Trace Branch, Right Fork Trace Fork, Road Fork, Road Fork, Roark Branch, Robin Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Creek, Rockhouse Creek, Rocklick Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Point Branch, Rough Branch, Roundhole Branch, Roundhole Branch, Rush Creek, Rydners Branch, Rye Cove Branch, Sal North Branch, Saltwell Branch, Sams Branch, Sandlick Branch, Sandy Fork, Sandy Fork, Sang Branch, Sassy Branch, Saw Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Second Fork, Shack Branch, Shell Branch, Shop Fork, Short Branch, Short Creek, Short Fork, Short Fork, Signboard Branch, Simms Branch, Sizemore Branch, Slickrock Branch, Sourwood Branch, Spencers Branch, Spice Lick Branch, Spring Branch, Stable Fork, Steel Trap Branch, Steel Trap Branch, Stinnett Creek, Stone Coal Branch, Stratton Fork, Sugarcamp Branch, Sugarcamp Branch, Tantrough Branch, Tantrough Fork, Tar Kiln Branch, Templeton Fork, Thad Branch, Thousandsticks Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Fork, Trace Fork, Turkey Branch, Turkey Branch, Turkey Fork, Twin Branch, Twin Branch, Ulysses Creek, Upper Bad Creek, Upper Bad Creek, Upper Bent Branch, Upper Dill Branch, Upper Double Branch, Upper Double Branch, Upper Joe Fork, Upper Jones Fork, Venus Branch, War Branch, Wet Rockhouse Branch, White Oak Branch, White Oak Creek, White Oak Creek, White Oak Fork, Whitehead Branch, Wilder Branch, Wilder Branch, Willison Branch, Winding Branch, Wolf Creek, Wolfpen Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Woods Fork, Woodson Fork, Wooton Creek, Youngs Branch

Summits show all on map

Buzzard Roost, Chestnut Knob, Gray Mountain, Lucindas Knob, Negro Knob, Peters Knob, Potato Knob

Towers show all on map

Beech Fork Lookout Tower, Jacks Point Lookout Tower, Lucinda Lookout Tower, WSLK-AM (Hyden), WZQQ-FM (Hyden)

Valleys show all on map

Blue Hollow, Briar Hollow, Buck Hollow, Buckeye Hollow, Buckheart Hollow, Buzzard Hollow, Coalfield Hollow, Cold Spring Hollow, Collins Hollow, Dark Hollow, Davis Hollow, Eastep Hollow, Garden Hollow, Greasy Hollow, Hen Shate Hollow, Hobbs Hollow, Hog Hollow, Holly Bush Hollow, Jericho Hollow, Lizzie Hollow, Long Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mill Pond Hollow, Motts Hollow, Negro Hollow, Old Lease Hollow, Orchard Hollow, Persimmon Hollow, Pigeon Roost Hollow, Raccoon Hollow, Rattlesnake Hollow, Rocky Hollow, Thompson Hollow, Wilson Hollow, Wilson Hollow, Winding Star Hollow,

Leslie County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLeslie County White population 10,99310,993
MixedLeslie County Mixed population 7877
BlackLeslie County Black population 3333
American IndianLeslie County American Indian population 1111
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLeslie County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Kentucky population by county

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