Breathitt County, Kentucky Basics:

Population: 13,627
Area: 492 square miles
County seat: Jackson
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 64.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.2%
Median household income: $23,049
Persons in poverty: 31.4%
Home ownership rate: 74.2%
Mean travel time to work: 28.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Knott Lee Magoffin Owsley Perry Wolfe

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Map of the Breathitt County area

Our detail map of Breathitt County shows the Breathitt County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Breathitt County, Kentucky

Airports show all on map

Falcon Heliport, Julian Carroll Airport

Areas show all on map

Panbowl, The Cutoff

Bars show all on map

Fishtrap Shoals

Bends show all on map

Cedar Bend, Cy Bend, Miller Bend, Rose Bend, Round Bottom, Spencer Bend, Stidham Bend

Buildings show all on map

Bethel Childrens Home, Canoe Volunteer Fire Department, Forest Hill Community Center, Jackson Fire Department, McIntosh Ambulance, Quicksand Fire Department, Vancleve Volunteer Fire Department, Watts Volunteer Fire Department, Wolfe Coal Volunteer Fire Department

Cemeteries show all on map

Anderson Cemetery, Bach Cemetery, Benton Mann Cemetery, Betts Mann Cemetery, Bowlin Cove Cemetery, Bradey Cemetery, Brewer Cemetery, Butterpoint Cemetery, Calhoun Cemetery, Callahan Cemetery, Callahan Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Carpenter Cemetery, Chaney Cemetery, Clear Fork Cemetery, Clemons Cemetery, Combs Cemetery, Combs Cemetery, Combs Cemetery, Combs Cemetery, Combs Cemetery, Crafts Cemetery, Day Cemetery, Deaton Cemetery, Dunn Cemetery, Elisha Gross Cemetery, Field Branch Cemetery, Figured Beech Cemetery, Fugate Cemetery, Gabbard Flat Cemetery, Grassy Gap Cemetery, Griffith Cemetery, Griffith Cemetery, Haddix Cemetery, Haddix Cemetery, Haddix Cemetery, Hagins Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hard Cemetery, Harvey Cemetery, Hayes Cemetery, Helton Cemetery, Herald Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Hounshell Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Hurst Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Keen Cemetery, Kings Branch Cemetery, Little Cemetery, Little Cemetery, Little Cemetery, McDaniel Cemetery, McIntosh Cemeteries, McQuinn Cemetery, Medlock Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Morris Fork Cemetery, Noble Cemetery, Oakdale Cemetery, Pennington Cemetery, Puckett Cemetery, Riley Cemetery, Risner Cemetery, Roark Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Salyor Cemetery, Shack Allen Cemetery, Shackaford Cemetery, Snowden Cemetery, Spencer Cemetery, Spicer Cemetery, Spicer Cemetery, Stacy Cemetery, Stamper Cemetery, Strong Cemetery, Talent Cemetery, Teapoint Cemeteries, Thorpe Cemetery, Tom Gross Cemetery, Trent Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Walters Cemetery, White and Francis Cemetery, White Oak Cemetery, Williams Cemetery

Churches show all on map

Bach Memorial Church, Beech Grove Church, Bethlehem Church, Big Caney Church, Blanche Haddix Church, Buckhorn Church, Cane Creek Church, Clayhole Church, Clemons Church, Drew Memorial Church, Elsome Church, Faith Church, Fivemile Church, Grace Chapel, Haddix Fork Church, High Top Church, Hilltop Church, Howards Creek Church, Lewis Fork Church, Little Jerusalem Church, Meatscaffold Church, Mill Creek Church, Mudlick Church, Neace Memorial Church, New Bethlehem Church, New Bethlehem Church, Palmer Memorial Church, Panbowl Church, Philadelphia Church, Pilgrim Rest Church, Quicksand Church, Rehoboth Mountain Mission, Rock Lick Mission Hall, Shoulderblade Church, Spencer Bend Church, Spicer Church, Vancleve Church, Whick Church, Zion Hill Mission

Gaps show all on map

Chestnut Gap, Hickory Gap, Puncheon Gap

Hospitals show all on map

Kentucky River Medical Center

Locales show all on map

Beech P O, Camp Lewis, Camp Robinson University of Kentucky Engineering Camp, Curt P O, University of Kentucky Experimental Farm

Populated Places show all on map

Altro, Barwick, Bays, Beech, Canoe, Chenowee, Clayhole, Copebranch, Copland, Crockettsville, Dalesburg, Elkatawa, Evanston, Fivemile, Flintville, Frozen Creek, Guage, Guerrant, Haddix, Hardshell, Houston, Hurst, Jackson, Jetts Creek, Keck, Kragon, Lambric, Lawson, Little, Lost Creek, Lunah, Moct, Morris Fork, Mountain Valley, Ned, Noble, Noctor, Oakdale, Panhandle, Paxton, Portsmouth, Press, Quicksand, Rock Lick, Roosevelt, Rousseau, Sebastians Branch, Sewell, Shoulderblade, Simpson, Stevenson, Talbert, Taulbee, Turkey, Vancleve, War Creek, Watts, Wells Fork, Whick, Widecreek, Wilhurst, Wilstacy, Wolf Coal, Wolverine

Reservoirs show all on map

Panbowl Lake

Ridges show all on map

Roark Ridge

Schools show all on map

Altro School, Arrowood School, Beech Grove School, Big Caney School, Big Rock School, Bowling Creek School, Caney School, Decoy School, Fugate Fork School, Fugate School, Hawes Fork School, Highland School, Houston Mission School, Howard School, Keith School, Kentucky Mountain Bible Institute, Lick Branch School, Magoffin Institute, Miller Branch School, Mount Carmel School, New Home School, Old Buck School, Press Howard Fork School, Richie School, Riverside Christian Training School, Rock Lick School, Sandlin School, Spring Fork School, Stamper School, Stray Branch School, Strong Branch School, Turner School, Vancleve School

Streams show all on map

Allen Fork, Allen Patton Branch, Alum Cave Branch, Andys Branch, Arkansas Branch, Ball Jim Branch, Barge Creek, Barn Branch, Barnett Branch, Bates Branch, Bean Fork, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Fork, Bearwallow Branch, Beck Branch, Bee Branch, Beginning Branch, Belcher Fork, Ben Smith Branch, Betts Mann Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Bridge Branch, Big Caney Creek, Big Cudge Branch, Big Falling Rock Branch, Big Fork, Big Laurel Branch, Big Laurel Branch, Big Leslie Branch, Big Lovely Branch, Big Sourwood Branch, Big Sue Branch, Bill Mann Branch, Black Log Branch, Boardinghouse Branch, Boardinghouse Branch, Boat Gunwale Branch, Bob Branch, Booker Fork, Boone Fork, Bowling Creek, Bowman Branch, Bowman Branch, Bradburn Branch, Brewer Fork, Bricky Branch, Brushy Fork, Bryant Creek, Buck Lick Branch, Buckhorn Creek, Bucklick Branch, Burnt House Branch, Burton Fork, Bush Branch, Buzzard Fork, Calhoun Branch, Calico Branch, Campbell Branch, Campbell Branch, Cane Creek, Caney Creek, Caney Creek, Caney Fork, Canoe Creek, Carpenter Branch, Cedar Creek, Chestnut Gap Branch, Chick Fork, Clear Fork, Clemons Fork, Clover Branch, Cocker Lick Branch, Cockrill Fork, Coles Fork, Coles Fork, Colts Fork, Combs Fork, Cook Fork, Cope Branch, Cope Fork, Core Branch, Cow Branch, Cripple Creek, Dark Branch, Davis Branch, Davis Creek, Deep Ford Branch, Dry Bread Branch, Duff Fork, Dumb Betty Branch, Elsome Creek, Elvania Branch, Eye Fork, Falling Rock Branch, Falling Rock Branch, Field Branch, Field Branch, Fishtrap Branch, Fishtrap Branch, Fivemile Branch, Flat Branch, Flat Branch, Flat Branch, Fletcher Fork, Fourmile Branch, Fourmile Fork, Franks Fork, Freeman Fork, Frozen Creek, Fugate Fork, Fugate Fork, Ganderbill Branch, Garden Branch, George Mullins Branch, Georges Branch, Gilum Branch, Glory Branch, Goodloe Branch, Gouge Branch, Granny Branch, Grassy Gap Fork, Griffith Branch, Gross Fork, Gullett Branch, Gum Log Branch, Haddix Fork, Hade Fork, Hargis Branch, Hawes Fork, Hays Branch, Hen Branch, Hickory Log Branch, Hogston Branch, Holland Branch, Holley Branch, Holly Creek, Holly Fork, Horsemill Branch, Horsemill Branch, Hoskins Fork, House Seat Branch, Howard Fork, Howards Creek, Hughes Creek, Hunting Creek, Hurricane Branch, Hurricane Fork, Hurst Fork, Improvement Branch, Improvement Branch, Ingol Fork, Jack Lick Branch, Jake Fork, Jenny Fork, Jerry Fork, Jetts Creek, Jim Ritchie Branch, Jims Branch, Joe Branch, Joe Ward Fork, John Carpenter Fork, John Littles Branch, John Noble Fork, John Noble Fork, Johnson Fork, Jones Branch, Kates Branch, Kay Fork, Keen Fork, Kings Branch, Lane Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Leatherwood Creek, Leatherwood Creek, Left Fork Caney Creek, Left Fork Lick Branch, Left Fork Turners Creek, Left Fork White Oak Creek, Lefthand Fork Old Buck Creek, Levis Branch, Lewis Fork, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Creek, Lick Fork, Licking Fork, Licking Fork, Lindon Branch, Lindon Fork, Line Branch, Lish Branch, Little Caney Creek, Little Falling Rock Branch, Little Fork, Little Fork Canoe Creek, Little Frozen Creek, Little Leatherwood Creek, Little Leslie Branch, Little Millseat Branch, Little Rock Lick Creek, Little Sue Branch, Long Creek, Long Fork, Long Fork, Lower Crooked Shoal Branch, Lower Twin Creek, Lynn Fork, Mace Fork, MacIntosh Fork, Mandy Fork, Mare Fork, Markham Fork, Mart Branch, McIntosh Fork, Meadow Branch, Meatscaffold Branch, Meetinghouse Branch, Middle Fork Canoe Creek, Middle Fork Elsome Creek, Middle Fork Quicksand Creek, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Branch, Miller Branch, Miller Branch, Miller Branch, Miller Branch, Miller Branch, Millseat Branch, Morgue Fork, Morris Fork, Mud Lick Branch, Mud Lick Branch, Mulberry Branch, Mullins Branch, Mullins Fork, Negro Branch, Negro Branch, Negro Fork, Nerve Fork, Nighway Branch, Nix Branch, Old Buck Creek, Old Cove Branch, Old House Branch, Old House Branch, Old Trace Branch, Oldhouse Branch, Oliver Branch, Oney Branch, Open Fork, Open Fork, Orchard Branch, Orchard Branch, Orchard Branch, Pad Branch, Panbowl Branch, Pasture Branch, Peach Orchard Branch, Peggs Fork, Perkins Branch, Pete Branch, Pilot Branch, Pipemud Branch, Pitts Branch, Polecat Branch, Poll Branch, Polly Fork, Polly Miller Branch, Pond Branch, Poplar Branch, Porter Fork, Prater Branch, Press Howard Fork, Puckett Branch, Puncheon Camp Creek, Quicksand Creek, Rattlesnake Branch, Rich Branch, Richie Branch, Right Fork Jetts Creek, Right Fork John Littles Branch, Right Fork Leatherwood Creek, Right Fork Little Fork, Right Fork White Oak Creek, Riley Branch, Risner Branch, Road Branch, Road Fork, Road Fork, Roaring Fork, Roaring Shoals Branch, Roark Branch, Robbins Branch, Roberts Fork, Robinson Fork, Rock Lick Fork, Rockhouse Fork, Rose Branch, Rose Branch, Russell Branch, Rye Cove Branch, Sable Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Sebastian Branch, Shacks Branch, Shelly Rock Fork, Shop Branch, Short Fork, Short Fork, Shoulderblade Creek, Sizemore Fork, Slate Branch, Slusher Branch, Smith Branch, Snake Branch, Snowden Branch, South Fork Quicksand Creek, Spice Branch, Spicer Branch, Spicewood Branch, Spicewood Branch, Spicewood Fork, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Fork, Spring Fork Quicksand Creek, Spring Gap Branch, Squirrel Fork, Stable Branch, Stable Branch, Stacy Branch, Stamper Fork, Steel Road Fork, Steep Bank Branch, Steer Fork, Steer Fork, Stidham Branch, Stidham Fork, Stillhouse Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Stillrock Branch, Stray Branch, Strong Branch, Strong Branch, Strong Fork, Sugar Branch, Sugar Camp Branch, Sugarcamp Branch, Sulphur Spring Branch, Sulphur Springs Fork, Tackett Fork, Taulbee Fork, Terry Branch, Terry Fork, Toms Branch, Toms Branch, Town Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Fork, Trace Fork, Trace Fork, Troublesome Creek, Tumbling Branch, Turkey Branch, Turkey Creek, Turners Creek, Turtle Branch, Twin Branch, Twin Lick Branch, Twomile Branch, Twomile Fork, Tyra Branch, Upper Twin Creek, Vanderpool Branch, Vires Fork, War Creek, War Shoal Branch, Wells Branch, Wet Fork, Wharton Branch, White Oak Creek, White Oak Fork, White Oak Fork, White Oak Fork, Will Fork, Williams Fork, Willow Branch, Winnie Branch, Winnie Branch, Wireman Fork, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Pen Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Wolfspur Branch, Wynn Branch, Yearling Fork

Summits show all on map

Bald Hill, Drill Knob, Elkbutt Knob, High Knob, Hogtown Knob, Nailors Rock, Picnic Hill, Pilot Knob, Rainbow Hill, Williams Hill

Towers show all on map

Frozen Lookout Tower, WEKG-AM (Jackson), WJSN-FM (Jackson), WMTC-AM (Vancleve), WMTC-FM (Vancleve)

Tunnels show all on map

Chenowee Tunnel, Line Tunnel, O and K Tunnel

Valleys show all on map

Bailey Hollow, Big Groundhog Hollow, Big Hollow, Broadtree Hollow, Buckeye Hollow, Bucklick Hollow, Bug Hollow, Canoe Hollow, Coon Hollow, Cotton Hollow, Deadening Hollow, Deadmans Hollow, Dill Hollow, Eaf Hollow, Flat Hollow, Gas Well Hollow, Gin Hollow, Goff Hollow, Grassy Hollow, Guy Cove, Hollybush Hollow, Jackson Hollow, Maple Hollow, Miller Hollow, Mullins Hollow, Nelse Hollow, Oatspatch Hollow, Old Cove Hollow, Onionpen Hollow, Orchard Hollow, Pawpaw Hollow, Pigeonroost Hollow, Pine Hollow, Porter Hollow, Rich Hollow, Rough Hollow, Rye Hollow, Sam Hollow, Shucky Bean Hollow, Smoky Hollow, Stillhouse Hollow, Stone Coal Hollow, Turnippatch Hollow, Twin Hollows, Wolverine Hollow,

Breathitt County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteBreathitt County White population 13,38213,381
MixedBreathitt County Mixed population 8281
BlackBreathitt County Black population 5554
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderBreathitt County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1413

Additional population tables :
State population table
Kentucky population by county

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