Montrose County, Colorado Basics:

Population: 40,748
Area: 2241 square miles
County seat: Montrose
Area code(s) in use: 970
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 85.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 23.1%
Median household income: $47,139
Persons in poverty: 13.8%
Home ownership rate: 74.1%
Mean travel time to work: 22.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Delta Grand (UT) Gunnison Mesa Ouray San Juan (UT) San Miguel

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Map of the Montrose County area

Our detail map of Montrose County shows the Montrose County, Colorado boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Montrose County, Colorado

Airports show all on map

Cerro Summit Heliport, Clifford Field Airport, Curecanti Heliport, Fitzpatrick Heliport, Flying M & M Ranch Airport, Flying M Ranch Airport, Happy Canyon Aero Ranch Airport, Hopkins Field Airport, Hopkins-Montrose County Airport, Montrose BLM Heliport, Montrose County Airport, Montrose Memorial Hospital Heliport, Montrose Regional Airport, West Area Power Administration Operations Center Heliport, Williams Landing Strip, Williams Ranch Airport, Woods Stolport

Arches show all on map

Aperture Arch, Dolores River Arch

Basins show all on map

Blue Basin, Cottonwood Basin, Criswell Basin, Davis Basin, Dry Creek Basin, East Basin, Hog Trough, Horseshoe Basin, Moore Basin, Paradox Valley, Potter Basin, Saucer Basin, Silveys Pocket, Stone Basin, Tabeguache Basin, Traver Basin, Waterdog Basin, Wells Basin

Benches show all on map

Fawn Springs Bench, Goddard Bench, Horsefly Bench, Roubideau Bench

Bends show all on map

Muleshoe Bend

Bridges show all on map

Brooks Bridge

Buildings show all on map

Aquatic Center, Colorow Care Center, Montrose Chamber of Commerce - Visitors Center, Montrose City Hall, Montrose County Court House, Montrose Fire Protection District Station 1, Montrose Fire Protection District Station 2, Montrose Lions Community Building, Montrose Pavilion, Montrose Police Department, Montrose Regional Airport Fire Department, Montrose Regional Library, Montrose Senior Center, Nucla - Naturita Fire Department Station 1, Nucla - Naturita Fire Department Station 2, Olathe City Hall, Olathe Community Center, Olathe Fire District - Pea Green, Olathe Volunteer Fire Department, Paradox Volunteer Fire Department, Pea Green Community House, Rim House, Saint Marys Parish Center, Tri State Care Flight Montrose, Ute Indian Museum

Canals show all on map

A B A Lateral, A B C Lateral, A B E Lateral, A B Lateral, A C Lateral, A H Lateral, A M B Lateral, A M Lateral, B N B Lateral, BCD Ditch, Browning Ditch, Butte Ditch, C C Ditch, C C Ditch - Second Park Lateral, C C Ditch - South Lateral, C C Ditch - West Lateral, C Canal, C J Lateral, C P Lateral, C Q A Lateral, C Q Lateral, Cattlemans Ditch, Cimarron Ditch, Collier Ditch, Crystal Valley Ditch, Dearborn Ditch, Doing Ditch, Dry Creek Ditch, Dyer Fork Ditch, East Lateral, F D Lateral, F G B Lateral, F G Lateral, F J Lateral, F K Lateral, Garrett Ditch, Glencoe Ditch, Gould Canal, Gurley Ditch, Hairpin Ditch, Ironstone Canal, Issac Grey Ditch, Lateral Ironstone Canal, Loutsenhizer Canal, McDonald Ditch, Mesa Creek Ditch, Montrose and Delta Canal, Nelson Ditch, Parkway Ditch, Reed-Chatfield Ditch, Selig Canal, Shavano Valley Ditch, Smugglers Ditch, South Canal, Veo Ditch, Vernal Mesa Ditch, West Canal, West Canal, West Lateral, Williams Ditch, Williams Truax Ditch

Capes show all on map

Exclamation Point

Cemeteries show all on map

Ash Mesa Cemetery, Button Cemetery, Cedar Cemetery, Coventry Cemetery, Grandview Cemetery, Nucla Cemetery, Olathe Cemetery, Paradox Cemetery, Pea Green Cemetery, Uncompahgre Memorial Gardens

Census show all on map

Redvale Census Designated Place

Channels show all on map

West Portal

Churches show all on map

Christian Science Society, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Faith Baptist Church, First Assembly of God, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Grace Baptist Church, Hope Lutheran Church, Lighthouse Mission, Mountain Valley Baptist Church, Olathe Assembly of God, Olathe United Methodist Church, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Saint John E V Lutheran Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, United Church of Christ - Hillcrest Congregational Worship, United Methodist Church

Cliffs show all on map

Balanced Rock View, Big Island View, Black Point, Cedar Point, Chasm View, Cimarron Point, Cross Fissures View, Devils Lookout, Devils Lookout, Dragon Point, Gunnison Point, Gypsum Bluff, High Point, Island Peaks View, Kneeling Camel View, Little Black Point, Morrow Point, Narrows View, Painted Wall, Painted Wall View, Peach Orchard Point, Red Rocks, Rock Point, Rock Point, Serpent Point, Spruce Tree Point, Sunset View, The Tongue of Starvation, Tomichi Point, Warner Point, Washboard Rock, Windy Point

Dams show all on map

Alexander Dam, Big Monitor Number 1 Dam, Bottle Stomp Dam, Buckeye Number 1 Dam, Buckhorn Lake Number 2 Dam, Bullfrog Dam, Cerro Dam, Citizens Dam, Crystal Dam, Don Meek Number 1 Dam, Fairview Dam, Harry White Number 2 Dam, Hawkins Number 2 Dam, Hay Park Reservoir Dam, Little Monitor Number 1 Dam, Lower Ed Lee Number 2 Dam, Marrow Point Dam, Mock Number 2 Dam, Morrow Point Dam, Nucla Domestic Dam, Onion Valley Dam, Paxton Dam, Peach Valley Dam Number 1, Poison Spring Dam, Roatcap Wash Watershed RW-1 Dam, State Tunnel Dam, Twin Lakes Dam, Tyler Dam, Upper Ed Lee Dam

Flats show all on map

Bostwick Park, Dry Park, First Park, Gypsy Park, Hog Park, Horse Park, Long Park, Mailbox Park, Murray Park, Pitts Meadow, Pleasant Park, Ross Fort Park, Sanborn Park, Second Park, Shinn Park, Spradlin Park, Temple Park, The Meadows, Third Park, Upper Bostwick Park, Upper Mailbox Park

Forests show all on map

Uncompahgre National Forest

Gaps show all on map

Columbine Pass, The Narrows, The Narrows, The Saddle

Hospitals show all on map

Montrose Memorial Hospital

Lakes show all on map

Buckhorn Lakes, Butte Lake, Darling Lake, Grassy Lake, Hilkey Pond, Monument Lake, Moore Basin Lake, Silesca Pond, Watson Lake

Locales show all on map

25 Mesa Guard Station, 41 Cow Camp, Antone Spring Campground, Antone Spring Campground, Basin Work Center, Basin Work Center, Beach Cow Camp, Ben Lowe Cabin, Blackburn Cow Camp, Boyden Cow Camp, Buckeye Campground, Buckeye Ranger Station, Calamity Bridge, Cedar Point Overlook, Centennial Plaza, Cimarron Campground, Club Ranch, Columbine Campground, Columbine Campground, Columbine Guard Station, Corral Number 1 (historical), Corral Number 2, Cross Fissures Overlook I, Cross Fissures Overlook II, Davis Cow Camp, Devils Cow Camp, Dillard Cow Camp, Dillard Cow Camp, District Number 9 School, East Portal, Fall Cabin Camp, Forsman Cow Camp, Fortyseven Cow Camp, Galloway Camp, Gates Camp, Gray Cow Camp, Gunnison Point Visitor Center Ranger Station, Hofmann Ranch, Indian Henrys Cabin, Iron Spring Campground, Iron Spring Campground, Jutten Camp, Lazy Y Cow Camp, Lockhart Cow Camp, Lockhart Cow Camp, Maupin Cow Camp, McKeever Sawmill, Mesa Creek Campground, Montrose County Fairgrounds, Montrose County Landfill, Montrose Golf Course, Montrose Plaza Shopping Center, North Mesa Community Hall, North Rim Ranger Station, Orchard Corner, P D C Camp, Pace Ranch, Portal (historical), Porters Cow Camp, Pulpit Rock Overlook, RP Cow Camp, Sanborn Work Center, Silesca Guard Station, Smokehouse Campground, South Rim Ranger Station, Spear Ranch, Spring Creek Ranch, T Bone Spring Campground, Tabeguache Overlook, Templeton Ranch, The Meadows Ranch, Uncompahgre Farmers Market, Uranium (historical), V H Camp

Mines show all on map

A and H Mine, Abajo One-five Mine, Adak Mine, Alke Mine, All Stars Mine, Alta Mine, American Eagle Mine, Angle Mine, Annie Mine, April Mine, April Mine, April Number One Mine, Arcturus Mine, Aztec Mine, Babe Ruth Mine, Badger Dump Mine, Ball Point Mine, Bauer Mine, Bay State Mine, Belle of Montrose Mine, Belva Mine, Bench Claim, Better Be Mine, Betty Jean Mine, Big Bull Mine, Big Chief Mine, Big Dick Mine, Birthday Mine, Bitter Creek Mines, Black Diamond Mine, Black Diana Mine, Black Dinah Dump Mine, Black Dinah Mine, Black Eagle Mine, Black Rock Mine, Blitz Mine, Blue Cap Mine, Bluebird Mine, Bob Number Eight Mine, Bob Number Seven Mine, Bob Number Six Mine, Bobcat Mine, Bobtail Mine, Bogus Mine, Bowen Mine, Breezy Mine, Broker Mine, Brushy Basin Mine, Brushy Basin Number 3 Mine, Brushy Basin Number 3 Mine, BTM Claim Group Mine, Buck Shot Mine, Buckeye Mine, Buckhorn Mine, Buckhorn Mine, Burnette Number Five Mine, Burro Point Mine, Burro Tunnel Mine, Butterfly Mine, Calvert Mine, Camel Number Six Mine, Camoose Mine, Camp Marvel Carnotite Mine, Canopus Mine, Canyon View Mine, Capella Mine, Captain Jack Group Mine, Carla May Group Mine, Carleton Mine, Carmack Potash Mine, Cashin Mine, Cedar Group Mine, CFC Mine, Cimarron Coal Mine, Cliff Dweller Mine, Cliff Dweller Mine, Cliff Willow Mine, Cliffdweller Mine, Club Mines, Club Number 7 Mine, Club Sandwich Mine, Coloradian Mine, Coloradium Mine, Coltoc Mine, Columbia Mine, Confusion Mine, Copper Jack Mine, Copper King Mine, Corey Gravel Pit, Cottonwood Mine, Cripple Creek Dump Mine, Cripple Creek Mine, Cummings Mine, Dads Mine, Dakota Mine, Deer Shaft Mine, Denver Mine, Diana Mine, Dinah Number Two Mine, Doagy Mine, Dog Tail Mine, Dolores Mine, Dolores Mines, Dolores Placer, Donald D Mine, Donald L Dump Mine, Donna K Mine, Dorothy Jean Mine, Dorothy Jean Number Two Mine, Dorothy Mine, Dry Creek Prospect, Dusty Mine, Dynamite Mine, Eagle Mine, East Opera Box Mine, Echo Mine, Echo Number Four Mine, Eclipse Mine, Edith Irene Mine, Edna Mae Mine, Effie F Mine, Elray Mine, Emma May Mine, Emma Mine, Eulla Belle Mine, Eva Mine, Evening Star Mine, Expectant One Mine, Fairview Mine, Fairy King Mine, Fall Creek Mine, Farmer Boy Mine, Farmer Girl Mine, Fawn Springs Mine, Fawn Springs Number 5 Mine, Fawn Springs Number 9 Mine, Fawn Springs Number Eighteen Mine, Fawn Springs Number Eleven Mine, Fawn Springs Number Fifteen Mine, Fawn Springs Number Five Mine, Fawn Springs Number Four Mine, Fawn Springs Number Seven Mine, Fawn Springs Number Ten Mine, Fawn Springs Number Thirteen Mine, Fawn Springs Number Thirty Mine, Fawn Springs Number Twelve Mine, Fawn Springs Number Twenty-nine Mine, Fawn Springs Number Twenty-one Mine, Fawn Springs Number Two Mine, Fiddling Bill Mine, Firebird Mine, Florence Nellie Mine, Fort Number One Mine, Forty-five Ninety Mine, Foster Mine, Fox Mine, Franklin Mine, Gateway Mine, Goat Hill Mine, Golden Cycle Mine, Golden Eagle Mine, Goodbye Dan Mine, Goodenough Number One Mine, Goodenough Number Three Mine, Goodenough Number Two Mine, Goulding Mine, Grace Mine, Grandad Number Two Mine, Gray Point Mine, Greasy Spoon Mine, Great Expectation Tunnel Mine, Great Hesper Mine, Groundhog Mine, Groundhog Mine, Guadacanal Mine, Gyp Mine, Half Shot Mine, Happy Caņon Coal Mine, Happy Jack Mine, Happy Joe Mine, Happy Mine, Hardscrabble Mine, Helen C Mine, Henry Clay Dumps Mine, Henry Clay Mine, Henry Z Mine, Hidden Basin Mine, High Ball Five Mine, High Ball Mine, Hobbs Mine, Hobo Mine, Honeymoon Dumps Mine, Honeymoon Mine, Horsehair Mine, Hot Dog Mine, Hot Shot Mine, Independence Mine, Index Mine, Insert Mine, Iola Mine, J.J. Mine, Jack Knife Mine, Jackpot Mine, Jo Anne Mine, Joe Dandy Mine, Joe Mine, John K Mine, Johnstown Mine, Joker Mine, Judy Ann Mine, Julian Group Mine, Kern Mine, King Solomon Mine, Klondyke Mine, Knaess and Young Placer, La Salle Mine, Lark Number One Mine, Lark Number Seven Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Lion Creek Mine, Little Buckhorn Mine, Little Buckhorn Mine, Little Dick Mine, Little Fawn Mine, Little Jewel Mine, Lode Mine, Log Cabin Mine, Lohi Mine, Lone Cedar Mine, Lone Pine Mine, Long Park Group Mine, Long Park Incline Mine, Long Park Mine, Long Park Number 6 Mine, Long Park Number One Mine, Long Park Number Two Mine, Long Shot Mine, Lucky Boulder Mine, Lucky Boy Mine, Lucky Day Mine, Lucky Dog Mine, Lucky Number One Mine, Maggie C Dump Mine, Margie Mine, Margie Two Mine, Marine Sand and Gravel Pit, Marjorie Ann Mine, Mary Ann Mine, Mary Ann Mine, Mary Ann Number Four Mine, Mary Number Four Mine, Maud Mine, Maybe Mine, Media Mine, Memphis Mine, Mesa Mine, Mesa Three Mine, Mesa Two Mine, Messano Claims Mine, Midnight Mine, Mill Number 2 Mine, Mill Number 4 Mine, Mineral Joe Group Mine, Mineral Joe Number Two Mine, Mineral Park Mine, Mitchells Coal Mine, Modeen Mine, Monogram Mine, Monogram Mines, Monster Mine, Moon Beem Mine, Morning Glory Mine, Morning Mine, Morning Mine, Morning Star Mine, Morning Star Mine, Movie Star Mine, Navajo Mine, Navajo Mine, New Camp Bird Mine, New Good Hope Mine, New Hope Mine, New Long Park Mine, New Yellow Spot Mine, Nil Number One Mine, Nil Number Two Mine, Nil Number Two Mine, Nil-Trace Group Mines, Nix Mine, North Hummer Mine, North Side Mines, North Standard Mine, North Star Mine, North Star Mine, Nucla Mine, Nucle Mine, Oberding Mine, Obnoxious Mine, Occidental Mine, Old Grandad Mine, Old Grandad Mine, Old Quaker Mine, Opera Box Mine, Ophir Mine, Outlet Mine, Oversite Mine, Pablo Mine, Paddy Number Four Mine, Paradox D Mine, Paradox Number Four Mine, Patty Four Mine, Patty Number Five Mine, Payday Mine, Peanut East Central Mine, Peanut Group 28-35 Mines, Peanut Group Mine, Peanut Incline Number Five Mine, Peanut Mine, Peanut Number 3 Mine, Peanut Number Four Mine, Peanut Number Twenty-four Mine, Pearl Walker Mine, Peggie Group Mine, Peggy Mine, Petrified Tree Mine, Philadelphia Mine, Phonograph Mine, Picket Corral Number Four Mine, Pickett Corral Number Two Mine, Pie Face Mine, Piņon Mine, Piper Mine, Pluto Mine, Prayer Number Nine Mine, Probable Mine, Quarrel Group Mine, Rabbit Foot Two Mine, Radar Mine, Radium Cycle Mine, Radium Hill Group Mine, Radium Hill Number Seven Mine, Radium Hill Number Thirty-one Mine, Radium Hill Number Twelve Mine, Radium Hill Number Twenty-two Mine, Radium King Mine, Radium King Mine, Radium Queen Mine, Rajah Mine, Ram Mine, Rambler Mine, Rambler Point Mine, Rattlesnake Mine, Rattlesnake Number Two Mine, Ravin Mine, Red Beds Mine, Red Canyon Mine, Red Canyon Mine, Red Flag Incline Mine, Red Flash Mine, Red Flat Number Six Mine, Red Fox Mine, Red Hill Group Mine, Red Rock Number 2 Mine, Red Rock Number 5 Mine, Red Sox Mine, Redbird Mine, Redbird Mine, Redbird Mine, Regis Mine, Republican Dump Mine, Republican Mine, Republican Mine, Rex Thirty-eight Mine, Rice Coal Mine, Rigel Mine, Rim Rock Blues Group Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Five Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Four Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Fourteen Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Nine Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Seven Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Seventeen Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Six East Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Sixteen Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Three Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Twelve Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Two Mine, Rim Rock Blues Number Two North Mine, Rim Rock Mine, Rim Rock Number 3 Mine, Rim Rock Number Fourteen Mine, Rim Rock Number Nine Mine, Rim Rock Number Seventeen Mine, Rim Rock Number Six Mine, Rim Rock Number Sixteen Mine, Rim Rock Number Twelve Mine, Rim Rock Number Two Mine, Rim Rocks Blues Number 6 Mine, Rimrock Group Mine, Roc Creek Mine, Rock Raven Mine, Rogers Mine, Rose Mine, Royal Oak Mine, Saint Patrick Claims, Saint Patrick Mine, Saint Patrick Number Seven Mine, Sam Mine, San Miguel Mine, San Pedro Mine, Sandy Mine, Saucer Basin Mine, Schneider Ready Mix Pit, School Marm Mine, Sego Lily Lou Mine, September Morn Number One Mine, September Morn Number Two Mine, September Morning Mine, Shadow Mine, Shadow Rock Mine, Shamrock Mine, Shamrock Mine, Shamrock Mine, Shamrock Mines, Sharkey Mine, Shuffle Mine, Silver Dollar Mine, Simplot Mine, Sinbad Group Mine, Sirius Mine, Soldier Boy Mine, Soldier Boy Mine, Solitaire and Jack Pot Claims Group Mine, South Blackfoot Mine, South Happy Thought Mine, South Peanut Mine, Starlight Mine, Starlight Number 7 Mine, Starlight Number Eight Mine, Starlight Number Four Mine, Starlight Number One Mine, Starlight Number Two Mine, State Tunnel, Steer Mine, Steuben Creek Mine, Summer Mine, Sumner Mine, Sunbeam Group Mines, Sunbeam Mine, Sunny Side Lode Mine, Sunnyside Mine, Sunrise Mine, Sunrise Mine, Sunrise Mine, Sunrise Number Five Mine, Sunrise Number Four Mine, Sunrise Number Two Mine, Sunset Mine, Sunshine Mine, Surprise Number One Mine, Susquehanna Mine, Tango Mine, Teapot Dome Mine, Teapot Dome Number 2 Mine, Teapot Dome Three Mine, Terrible Mine, The Raven Mine, Three Jacks Mine, Three Musketeers Mine, Thunderbolt Mine, TM Mine, TNT Number 1 Mine, TNT Number 2 Mine, TNT Number 3 Mine, Tomahawk Mine, Too High Mine, Too High Mine, Town House Mine, Townsite Mine, Tramp Dumps Mine, Tramp Mine, Tramp Number 2 Mine, Triangulation Mine, Tripod Mine, Tuesday Mine, Twin Sisters Mine, Two Bits Mine, Ura Mine, Uranium Girl Mine, Uranus Mine, Uravan Number Three Mine, USV Mine, Ute Mine, Vacation Mine, Vaden View Mine, Valentine Mine, Valley View Mine, Valley View Mine, Vanablend Forty-seven Mine, Vanadate Mine, Vanadite Mine, Venture Lodge Mine, Venture Mine, Vernita Mine, Virgin Mine, Vista Grande Mine, Washburn Mine, Watchman Mine, Waterloo Mine, Wedge Mine, West Lode, West Opera Box Mine, Whang Doodle Mine, White Cow Mine, Whitney Mine, Whiz Bang Mine, Wild Steer Mines, Wildcat Number 3 Mine, Wildcat Number 8 Mine, Wilson Mine, Woodchuck Mine, Woods Placer Group Mine, Woods Placer Mine, Woodward Mine, Worcester Mine, Wray Mesa Mine, Wright Mines, Yankee Mine, Yankee Mine, Yellow Bird Mine, Yellow Bird Mines, Yellow Spot Mine, Yip Yip Mine, Yorktown Mine, Yucca Mine, Zebra Mine, Zella Mine

Parks show all on map

Altrusa Park, Baldridge Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Buckley Park, Chief Ouray and Chipeta Memorial, Chipeta State Park, Lions Park, McNeil Fields, Montrose Botanic Gardens, Montrose Lions Park, Rotary Park, Ute Park

Pillars show all on map

Butte Rock, Kneeling Camel, Pulpit Rock, Sawtooth Rocks

Plains show all on map

Uncompahgre Plateau

Populated Places show all on map

Bedrock, Cedar Creek, Cimarron, Coventry, East Vancorum, Fairview, Frost, Hoovers Corner, Houser Cow Camp, Lujane, Maher, Montrose, Mountain View, Naturita, Nucla, Oak Grove, Olathe, Paradox, Pea Green Corner, Piņon, Redvale, Roe, Uncompahgre, Uravan, Ute, Vancorum, Vernal, West Vancorum

Post Offices show all on map

Bedrock Post Office, Cimarron Post Office, Montrose Post Office, Naturita Post Office, Nucla Post Office, Olathe Post Office, Paradox Post Office

Reserves show all on map

Black Canyon of the Gunnison Wilderness

Reservoirs show all on map

Alexander Reservoir, Barnes Mill Reservoir, Beaver Reservoir, Berry Reservoir, Big Monitor Reservoir Number 1, Big Monitor Reservoir Number 2, Big Red Reservoir, Bottle Stomp Reservoir, Buckeye Reservoir, Buckhorn Lake Number 1, Buckhorn Lake Number 2, Bullfrog Reservoir, Castle Rock Reservoir, Cerro Reservoir, Citizens Reservoir, Crystal Reservoir, Dead Horse Reservoir, Dollan Reservoir, Don Meek Reservoir Number 1, Dry Mesa Reservoir Number 2, Fairview Reservoir, Fire Box Reservoir, Fisher Reservoir, Geyser Reservoir, Go Back Reservoir, Gould Reservoir, Green Mountain Reservoir Number 1, Hardin Reservoir, Harry White Number 2 Reservoir, Harry White Reservoirs, Hawkins Reservoir Number 2, Hay Park Reservoir, Herman Reservoir, Hofmann Reservoir, Horsefly Trail Reservoir Number 1, Horsefly Trail Reservoir Number 2, Hotchkiss Reservoir, Lee Reservoirs, Lewis Reservoir, Little Monitor Reservoir, Little Monitor Reservoir Number 1, Little Monitor Reservoir Number 2, Little Red Reservoir, Logging Camp Draw Reservoir, Lone Pine Reservoir, Loss Reservoir, Lower Ed Lee Number 2 Reservoir, Meek Reservoir, Middle Reservoir, Middle Sanborn Park Reservoir, Mock Reservoir, Mock Reservoir Number 2, Monogram Mesa Reservoir, Montrose Reservoir, Morrow Point Reservoir, Mud Spring Reservoir, Muleshoe Bend Reservoir, Nucla Domestic Reservoir, Olathe Reservoir Number 1, Olathe Reservoir Number 2, Onion Valley Reservoir, Palmers Lake, Paxton Reservoir, Pine Trail Reservoir, Poison Spring Reservoir, Road Reservoir, Roatcap Wash Watershed RW-1 Reservoir, Rock Ballast Reservoir, Round Park Reservoir, Section 7 Reservoir, Skein Mesa Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Sorenson Reservoir, Stone Basin Reservoir, Tarantula Reservoir, Town Reservoir, Trail Reservoir, Turkey Plot Reservoir, Twentyfive Mesa Reservoir, Twin Lake, Twin Lakes Reservoir, Tyler Reservoir, Upper Craig Draw Reservoir, Upper Ed Lee Reservoir, Williams Reservoir, Z K Reservoir

Ridges show all on map

Ashley Ridge, Buttermilk Ridge, Carpenter Ridge, Diehl Point, Horsefly Ridge, Hull Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Poison Spring Ridge, Sawtooth Ridge

Schools show all on map

Centennial Junior High School, Coal Creek School, Columbine Middle School, Fairview School, Fairview School (historical), Family Services Center Head Start, Frost School, Highland School, Johnson Elementary School, Johnson School, Maple Grove School, Menoken School, Montrose High School, Morgan School, Morgan School, North Side School, Northside Elementary School, Olathe Elementary School, Olathe High School, Olathe Middle School, Pamona School, Pea Green School (historical), Pomona Elementary School, Riverside School, Saint Marys School, Sanborn School, Stone School

Springs show all on map

Alum Spring, Antone Spring, Blue Mud Spring, Box Spring, Bramier Spring, Burnt Stump Spring, Cabin Spring, Calf Spring, Cedar Spring, Clay Creek Spring, Cobb Spring, Cummings Spring, Dobler Spring, Dollarhide Spring, Edmondson Spring, Fawn Springs, Galloway Spring, Government Spring, Hole-in-Ground Spring, Horsethief Spring, Impson Spring, Iron Spring, Johnson Spring, Lions Spring, Little Gutshall Spring, Logging Camp Spring, Loss Spring, Mud Springs, Ouray Spring, Poison Spring, Porter Spring, Potter Spring, Rocky Spring, Skein Spring, Spruce Spring, Stinking Springs, Stone Spring, Stuarts Springs, T-Bone Spring, T-Bone Spring, Tommy Pond Spring, Turkey Plot Spring, Z K Spring

Streams show all on map

Al Wright Creek, Alkali Creek, Atkinson Creek, Beach Creek, Bear Creek, Beaton Creek, Beaver Dams Creek, Big A Creek, Big Atkinson Creek, Big Bucktail Creek, Big Sandy Wash, Buckeye Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Burdeck Creek, Burro Creek, Campbell Creek, Cedar Creek, Christie Creek, Cimarron River, Clay Creek, Clear Creek, Coal Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Coyote Wash, Criswell Creek, Crystal Creek, Crystal Creek, Cushman Creek, Dolores Creek, Doug Creek, Dry Cedar Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork Mesa Creek, East Branch Shavano Creek, East Bull Creek, East Fork Dry Creek, East Mesa Creek, East Paradox Creek, Forty-seven Creek, Goddard Creek, Grays Creek, Gregory Creek, Hairpin Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hanks Creek, Happy Canyon Creek, Hog Park Wash, Horsefly Creek, Horsefly Creek, Ice Lake Creek, Iron Creek, Johnson Creek, Kelly Creek, Kitty Creek, La Sal Creek, Leach Creek, Lion Creek, Little Bucktail Creek, Little Cimarron River, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Gypsum Creek, Little Monitor Creek, Long Creek, Loutsenhizer Arroyo, McKenzie Creek, Mesa Creek, Mesa Creek, Mill Creek, Monitor Creek, Moore Creek, Muddy Creek, North Fork Burdeck Creek, North Fork Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Horsefly Creek, North Fork Mesa Creek, North Fork Tabeguache Creek, Piney Creek, Pleasant Valley Creek, Pool Creek, Potter Creek, Pryor Creek, Quacker Creek, Raspberry Creek, Roc Creek, Roubideau Creek, San Miguel River, Schmit Creek, Shavano Creek, Sheep Creek, South Fork Clay Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Horsefly Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Squaw Creek, Stumpy Creek, Tabeguache Creek, Tappan Creek, Terrible Creek, Traver Creek, Tumble Creek, Veo Creek, West Atkinson Creek, West Campbell Creek, West Fork Dry Creek, West Paradox Creek, Willow Basin Creek

Summits show all on map

25 Mesa, 7 N Mesa, Anderson Mesa, Andys Mesa, Ash Mesa, Atkinson Breaks, Atkinson Mesa, Beaver Hill, Ben Lowe Flats, Big Hill, Big Island, Blue Springs Point, Buck Mesa, Burro Creek Mesa, California Mesa, Camel Back, Carpenter Flats, Cathedral Peak, Cedar Point, Cerro Summit, Coal Hill, Coffee Pot Hill, Coventry Hill, Coyote Knob, Davis Mesa, Davis Point, Dead Horse Mesa, Dry Mesa, East Mesa, Flat Iron, Flat Top, Flat Top, Flatiron, Franklin Mesa, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Grizzly Ridge, High Mesa, High Point, Hog Point, Horse Mesa, Island Peaks, Jones Summit, Kinikin Heights, Little Atkinson Mesa, Little Mesa, Lone Tree Mesa, Long Mesa, Lytle Point, Martin Mesa, Mesa Inclinado, Monitor Mesa, Monogram Mesa, Moore Mesa, North Mesa, Nyswonger Mesa, Oak Hill, Patterson Mountain, Payne Mesa, Peters Knob, Pine Mesa, Piņon Mountain, Pinto Mesa, Poison Spring Hill, Poverty Mesa, Radium Mountain, Reade Hill, Round Mountain, Sheep Knob, Signal Hill, Sims Mesa, Skein Mesa, Spring Creek Mesa, Spring Creek Mesa, Spruce Mountain, Squaw Hill, Starvation Point, The Hat, The Horn, Traver Mesa, Twentyfive Mesa, Vernal Mesa, Warner Point, Waterdog Peak, Wedding Bell Mountain, Wild Cow Mesa, Wild Steer Mesa, Winter Mesa, Wrights Mesa

Towers show all on map

KKXK-FM (Montrose), KREY-TV (Montrose), KUBC-AM (Montrose)

Trails show all on map

Ben Lowe Trail, Campbell Creek Trail, Coal Bank Trail, Cottonwood Trail, Cottonwood Trail, Dry Creek Trail, Fortyseven and Meadow Trail, Fortyseven Trail, Grassy Lake Trail, Hanks Valley Trail, Horsefly Trail, Indian Trail, Ketchumup Stock Trail, Long Gulch Trail, McCarthy Trail, Monitor Mesa Trail, Moore Mesa Trail, Nyswonger Trail, Pool Creek Trail, Pool Creek Trail, Radium Trail, Ray Trail, Roubideau Trail, Rouvideau Trail, Sewemup Stock Trail, Sharp Canyon Stock Trail, Spring Creek Trail, Telephone Draw Trail, The Meadows Trail, Transfer Trail, Traver Trail, Winter Mesa Trail

Tunnels show all on map

Gunnison Tunnel

Valleys show all on map

Albin Draw, Allerton Draw, Bear Pen Gulch, Bear Trap Gulch, Beehive Canyon, Big Draw, Black Point Draw, Box Canyon, Bramiers Draw, Buckhorn Gulch, Bull Canyon, Bull Draw, Calamity Draw, Coal Bank Gulch, Coal Canyon, Coalbank Canyon, Corral Draw, Crystal Valley, Deadhorse Gulch, Deadmans Gulch, DeVinney Canyon, Doby Canyon, Dolores Canyon, Dry Park Draw, Duckett Draw, East Fork Roatcap Gulch, Echo Canyon, Ellison Gulch, Freshet Draw, Garvey Gulch, Grade Gulch, Grassy Draw, Greasewood Canyon, Grizzly Gulch, Hanks Valley, Happy Canyon, Hieroglyphic Canyon, Houston Gulch, Iron Canyon, Jones Draw, Lindsay Canyon, Linscott Canyon, Lion Gulch, Little Gypsum Valley, Little Maverick Draw, Little Red Canyon, Logging Camp Draw, Long Gulch, Manly Draw, Maverick Draw, Mexican Gulch, Middle Fork Roatcap Gulch, Montrose Arroyo, Mud Springs Gulch, Naturita Canyon, Onion Valley, Piņon Springs Draw, Poison Spring Gulch, Pool Gulch, Potter Canyon, Rawhide Gulch, Red Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Roatcap Gulch, Robbers Roost Canyon, San Miguel Canyon, Sharp Canyon, Shavano Valley, Son-of-a-Gun Gulch, Spring Canyon, Spring Gulch, State Draw, Steel Canyon, Sunrise Canyon, Telephone Draw, Trail Gulch, Tuttle Draw, Watson Draw, Wickson Draw, Wild Horse Draw, Wild Steer Canyon

Wells show all on map

Prospector Well,

Montrose County, Colorado Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMontrose County White population 38,58838,588
MixedMontrose County Mixed population 815814
American IndianMontrose County American Indian population 733733
AsianMontrose County Asian population 326325
BlackMontrose County Black population 244244
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMontrose County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 4140

Additional population tables :
State population table
Colorado population by county

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