Lake County, Colorado Basics:

Population: 7,283
Area: 377 square miles
County seat: Leadville
Area code(s) in use: 719
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 84.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 24.1%
Median household income: $45,082
Persons in poverty: 15.4%
Home ownership rate: 70.3%
Mean travel time to work: 30.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Chaffee Eagle Park Pitkin Summit

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Map of the Lake County area

Our detail map of Lake County shows the Lake County, Colorado boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lake County, Colorado

Airports show all on map

Lake County Airport, Saint Vincent General Hospital Heliport

Basins show all on map

Dyer Amphitheater, Empire Amphitheater, Gold Basin, Iowa Amphitheater

Buildings show all on map

Lake County Sheriff's Office, Lake County Sheriff's Office Jail, Leadville / Lake County Fire Rescue, Leadville Police Department, Mount Elbert Powerplant

Canals show all on map

Arlington Ditch, De Lappe Ditch, De Lappe Henderson Ditch, Derry Number 1 Ditch, Dunn Ditch

Cemeteries show all on map

Evergreen Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery

Census show all on map

Leadville North Census Designated Place, Twin Lakes Census Designated Place

Dams show all on map

Black Cloud Tailing Pond Dam, Cozart Dam, Evans Gulch Number 2 Dam, Mount Elbert Forebay Dam, Mountain Lake Dam, Sugar Loaf Dam, Sugarloaf Dam

Falls show all on map

Snyder Falls

Flats show all on map

Buffalo Park, Crane Park, Idaho Park, Kearney Park, Mountain Boy Park, Poverty Flat, Tennessee Park

Gaps show all on map

Fremont Pass, Independence Pass, Mosquito Pass, Weston Pass

Hospitals show all on map

Saint Vincent General Hospital

Lakes show all on map

Bear Lake, Blue Lake, Buckeye Lake, Crystal Lakes, Deckers Lake, Diamond Lake, Emerald Lake, Evergreen Lakes, Galena Lake, Hagerman Lake, Hidden Lakes, Home Lake, Island Lake, Lake Isabelle, Law Ponds, Lily Lake, Lily Pond, Morton Lake, Native Lake, North Halfmoon Lakes, Notch Lake, Pear Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Saint Kevin Lake, Slide Lake, Swamp Lakes, Sylvan Lakes, Three Lakes, Timberline Lake, Virginia Lake, West Tennessee Lakes, Windsor Lake

Locales show all on map

Baby Doe Campground, Belle of Colorado Campground, Champion Mill, Crystal Lakes Work Center, Elbert Creek Campground, Halfmoon Campground, Lady of the Lake Picnic Ground, Lake County Landfill, Lake View Campground, Leadville National Fish Hatchery, Maid of Erin Picnic Ground, Malta Substation, Mary Queen Campground, Molly Brown Campground, Mount Massive Golf Course, Parry Peak Campground, Printer Boy Campground, Silver Dollar Campground, Tennessee Pass, Twin Peaks Campground, White Star Campground

Military show all on map

Leadville Army Air Field (historical)

Mines show all on map

A M Mine, A V Mine, Adams Shaft, Aetna Mine, Agassiz Mine, Agwalt Tunnel Mine, Alice Placer, All Right Mine, Allegheny Placer Mine, Altoona Mine, American Eagle Mine, Amity Shaft, Antioch Quarry, Arkansas Pit, Badger State Mine, Bald Mountain Shaft, Ball Mountain Mine, Ballard Mine, Bangkok Mine, Banker Mine, Banner Mine, Bartlett Mine, Bartlett Shaft, Bartlett Tunnel, Bates Mine, Beck Shaft, Belcher Shaft, Belgian Mine, Belle Placer Mine, Ben Burb Shaft, Bengal Tiger Mine, Benton Mine, Bessie Wilgus Shaft, Big Chicago Mine, Big Chief Mine, Birdella Shaft, Bison Shaft, Black Cloud Mine, Black Prince Mine, Blanche Mine, Blind Tom Mine, Bob Ingersoll Mine, Boehmer Mine, Bohn Mine, Bon Air Mine, Boyd Tunnel Mine, Buckeye Mine, Bullseye Mine, Burton Placer Mine, Cady Mine, Canterbury Hill Mine, Capitol Northern Mine, Carbonate Mine, Casey Mine, Castle View Mine, Catalpa Mine, Ceresco Number 4 Adit, Chalk Mountain Quarry, Champion Mine, Chautauquan Mine, Chicago Mine, Chippewa Mine, Chrysolite Mine, Clarendon Placer Mine, Clear Grit Mine, Cleveland Mine, Climax Mine, Climax Surface Mine, Cloud City Shaft, Cloverleaf Mine, Codfish Balls Mine, Colorado Belle Placer, Colorado Princess Mine, Colorado Travel Tunnel Mine, Columbia Number 2 Mine, Columbia Tunnel Mine, Comstock Copper Mine, Continental Chief Mine, Contract Shaft, Coon Valley Mine, Cora Belle Mine, Cord Mine, Coronado Mine, Crescent Mine, Crescentia Shaft, Crown Point Mine, Curlew Placer Mine, Daly Mine, Delante Shaft, Delmonte Mine, Denver City Mine, Diamond Mine, Dillion Mine, Dinero Tunnel, Dodridge Mine, Double Decker Mine, Doublecheck Mine, Doublin Tunnel Mine, East Flagstaff Mine, Eclipse Mine, Edna May Mine, Elco Placer Mine, Eliza Mine, Elk and Grey Swan Group Mine, Elk Mine, Elkhorn Shaft, Ella Beller Mine, Emmett Mine, Estay Tunnel Mine, Eureka Mine, Evelyn Mine, Evening Star Mine, Fairview Hill Mine, Fairview Mine, Famous Mine, Fanny Rawlins Mine, Fidelity Mine, Fitzhugh Mine, Forest Rose Mine, Fortune Mine, Free American Number Two Mine, Fryer Hill Mine, Gallagher Mine, Gambetta Mine, Garbutt Mine, Garibaldi Tunnel Mine, Giant Mine, Glass-Pendery Mine, Gleason Mine, Glory Hole, Golden Curry Mine, Golden Fleece Mine, Gordon Mine, Grandview Shaft, Gray Eagle Mine, Great O'Sullivan Mine, Greenback Mine, Griffin Tunnels, Habendum Mine, Hard to Beat Mine, Harvard Mine, Harvard Number One Mine, Hayden Mine, Hazard Mine, Hegeman Mine, Helen H Cochran Mine, Hellena Mine, Henrietta Mine, Hess Tunnel Mine, Hibernia Mine, Highland Chief Mine, Highland Mary Tunnel Mine, Hoffer Mine, Home Extension Mine, Homestake Mine, Hope Mine, Hopemore Mine, Houston Tunnel Mine, Howard Shaft, Huckleberry Shaft, Hugh Shaft, Hussy Mine, Ibex Mines, Ida Nyce Shaft, Iowa Gulch Mine, Irene Number 2 Mine, Iron Mask Mine, Iron Mike Mine, J R Loker Mine, Jamie Lee Mine, Jason Mine, Jennie June Mine, John Reed Mine, Johnson Mine, Jones Pit, Julia Fiske Mine, Katy Mine, Keene Shaft, Keno Shaft, Kleff Shaft, Kosmon Mine, Kroll Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chip Mine, Last Chip Number One Mine, Last Chip Number Three Mine, Last Chip Number Two Mine, Lazy Bill Mine, Leadville District Mine, Little Alice Tunnel Mine, Little Annie Mine, Little Bob Shaft, Little Chief Mine, Little Corinne Mine, Little Ellen Mine, Little Eva Mine, Little Galesburg Mine, Little Giant Mine, Little Joe Mine, Little Keystone Shaft Mine, Little Major Mine, Little Miami Mine, Little Nellie Mine, Little Prince Mine, Little Silver Mine, Little Sister Placer Mine, Little Sugar Loaf Placer Mine, Little Vinnie Mine, Lone Star Mine, Long and Deery Mine, Louisville Mine, Lucky Ten Mine, Luema Mine, Luna Placer Mine, Luzerne Mine, Lyons Placer Mine, Mahala Mine, Maid of Erin Mine, Mammoth Mine, Matchless Mine, Maud Mine, May Queen Mine, May Queen Mine, McCormick Mine, Mexican Mine, Midas Mine, Miller Mine, Miller Shaft, Modest Barrel Mine, Modoc Mine, Moffat Mine, Monarch Mine, Mosquito Range Mine, Mount Massive Placer Mine, Mountain Boy Mine, Mountain Chief Number Three Mine, Negro Infant Mine, Nelson Tunnel, Neptune Mine, Nevada Tunnel Mine, New Cambetta Mine, New England Mine, New York Mine, Northern Shaft, O K Mine, Ollie Reed Mine, Ontario Shaft, Orion Mine, Page Tunnel Mine, Pandora Mine, Pantle Mine, Peerless Tunnel Mine, Pendry Mine, Penn Number One Mine, Pennsylvania Placer, Penrose Mine, Pilot Mine, Pittsburgh Mine, Placer Mines, Ponsardine Shaft Mine, Poor Boy Mine, Porter Mine, Practical Gold Mining Mine, President Shaft, Price Mine, Prince Frederick Mine, Quadrilateral Mine, Raeanna Mine, Rattling Jack Mine, Ready Cash Mine, Reed Shaft, Result Mine, Resurrection Mine, Reveille Mine, Rex Mine, Robert E Lee Mine, Robert Emmet Mine, Rocky Point Mine, Rosse Tunnel, Saint Ann Mine, Saint Kevin Shaft, Saint Louis Mine, Saint Louis Tunnel, Saturday Night Mine, Seneca Mine, Sherman Tunnel Mine, Shields Mine, Silver Spoon Mine, Siwatch Tunnel, Sixth Street Mine, Small Hopes Mine, Smith-Bullard Mine, Star Mine, Star of the West Mine, Steel Spring Mine, Stevens Mine, Stonewall Jackson Shaft, Sullivan Mine, Sunday Mine, Sunset Mine, Swisher Tunnel Mine, Tarshish Mine, Tenderfoot Shaft, Thespian Mine, Tiger Shaft, Tiger Tunnel, Tip Top Mine, Tom Thumb Mine, Triumph Mine, Tucson Mine, Turquoise Chief Mine, U S Dredge Mine, Uintah Placer Mine, Union Mine, Vanderbilt Mine, Venier Mine, Venture Mine, Venture Shaft, Vesuvius Mine, Villa Shaft, Virginius Mine, Vulture Mine, Waterloo Mine, Webster Pit, Weston Pass Mine, White Cap Mine, White Star Mine, Whiteside Shaft, Wilkes Barre Tunnels, Winnie Mine, Wolcott Mine, Wolftone Mine, Yak Tunnel, Yale Tunnel Mine, Yankee Doodle Mine, Zephyr Mine

Populated Places show all on map

Adelaide (historical), Balltown, Birdseye, Brumley (historical), Climax (historical), Everett, Kobe, Leadville, Leadville Junction, Malta, Mount Massive Lakes, Oro (historical), Resurrection Mill, Stringtown, Twin Lakes

Post Offices show all on map

Longs Peak Post Office (historical)

Ranges show all on map

Mosquito Range

Reserves show all on map

Mount Massive Wilderness

Reservoirs show all on map

Big Evans Reservoir, Black Cloud Tailings Pond, Conley Lakes, Cozart Reservoir, Diamond Lake, Empire Reservoir, Evans Gulch Number 2 Reservoir, Mount Elbert Forebay, Mountain Lake, Turquoise Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes Reservoir

Ridges show all on map

Ceresco Ridge, Stray Horse Ridge

Schools show all on map

Colorado Mountain College Timberline Campus, Lake County High School, Westpark Elementary School

Springs show all on map

Soda Springs

Streams show all on map

Bear Creek, Big Union Creek, Black Cloud Creek, Box Creek, Box Creek, Brush Creek, Busk Creek, Corske Creek, Crystal Lake Creek, East Fork Arkansas River, East Tennessee Creek, Echo Creek, Elbert Creek, Glacier Creek, Halfmoon Creek, Herrington Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Fork, Little Union Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, North Fork Lake Creek, North Fork West Tennessee Creek, North Halfmoon Creek, North Willow Creek, Rock Creek, South Halfmoon Creek, South Willow Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Tennessee Creek, Tiger Lily Creek, West Tennessee Creek, Willow Creek

Summits show all on map

Bald Eagle Mountain, Ball Mountain, Bartlett Mountain, Black Mountain, Breece Hill, Buckeye Peak, Bull Hill, Canterbury Hill, Carbonate Hill, Casco Peak, Clinton Peak, Deer Mountain, Dyer Mountain, East Ball Mountain, Empire Hill, Fairview Hill, Finnback Knob, French Mountain, Fryer Hill, Galena Mountain, Green Mountain, Homestake Peak, Horseshoe Mountain, Iron Hill, Kuss Peak, Little Ellen Hill, Long and Derry Hill, McNamee Peak, Missouri Hill, Monitor Rock, Mosquito Peak, Mount Arkansas, Mount Champion, Mount Cosgriff, Mount Elbert, Mount Evans, Mount Massive, Mount Sheridan, Mount Sherman, Mount Tweto, Mount Zion, Parry Peak, Peerless Mountain, Printer Boy Hill, Prospect Mountain, Ptarmigan Peak, Rock Hill, Rocky Point, South Peak, Star Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Traver Peak, Treasurevault Mountain, Twin Mounds, Twining Peak, West Dyer Mountain, West Sheridan, Whites Hill, Yankee Hill

Towers show all on map

KRMH-AM (Leadville), KRMH-FM (Leadville)

Trails show all on map

Highline Trail, Main Range Trail, Main Range Trail, Mount Elbert Trail, Mount Massive Trail

Tunnels show all on map

Ceresco Ridge Portal, Phillipson Portal, Storke Portal, Twin Lakes Reservoir and Canal Company Tunnel Number 1

Valleys show all on map

Alps Gulch, Bartlett Gulch, Bartlett Gulch, Birdseye Gulch, Boswell Gulch, Buckeye Gulch, California Gulch, Colorado Gulch, Dayton Gulch, Delmonica Gulch, Dry Union Gulch, Dutch Gulch, Echo Canyon, Empire Gulch, English Gulch, Evans Gulch, French Gulch, Galena Gulch, Georgia Gulch, Gleason Gulch, Gordon Gulch, Graham Gulch, Hayden Gulch, Holmes Gulch, Hunt Gulch, Indiana Gulch, Iowa Gulch, Johnson Gulch, Kellog Gulch, La Plata Gulch, Lackawanna Gulch, Lincoln Gulch, Little English Gulch, Little Evans Gulch, Little Porcupine Gulch, Little Stray Horse Gulch, Little Sugarloaf Gulch, Longs Gulch, Low Pass Gulch, Monitor Gulch, Mountain Boy Gulch, Negro Gulch, No Name Gulch, Nugget Gulch, Oregon Gulch, Pawnee Gulch, Pigtail Gulch, Porcupine Gulch, Saint Kevin Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Shingle Mill Gulch, Smith Gulch, South Evans Gulch, Strawberry Gulch, Stray Horse Gulch, Sugarloaf Gulch, Sunset Gulch, Temple Gulch, Thayer Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Tie Gulch, Twobit Gulch, Whites Gulch, Willis Gulch,

Lake County, Colorado Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLake County White population 6,8686,867
American IndianLake County American Indian population 182182
MixedLake County Mixed population 153152
BlackLake County Black population 4443
AsianLake County Asian population 3636
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLake County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 77

Additional population tables :
State population table
Colorado population by county

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