Crittenden County, Arkansas Basics:

Population: 50,088
Area: 610 square miles
County seat: Marion
Area code(s) in use: 870
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 78.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 14.6%
Median household income: $36,521
Persons in poverty: 24.8%
Home ownership rate: 57.8%
Mean travel time to work: 20.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Cross Desoto (MS) Lee Mississippi Poinsett Shelby (TN) St. Francis Tipton (TN) Tunica (MS)

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Map of the Crittenden County area

Our detail map of Crittenden County shows the Crittenden County, Arkansas boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Crittenden County, Arkansas

Airports show all on map

Bernard Manor Airport, Mc Neely Airport, Turrell Flying Service Airport, West Memphis Municipal Airport

Bars show all on map

Finley Bar, Massey Bar, Redman Point Bar

Basins show all on map

Saint Claire Crevasse, Wyanoke Crevasse

Bends show all on map

Centennial Bend, Cow Island Bend, Devils Elbow, Tyronza River Cutoff

Bridges show all on map

Frisco Bridge, Harahan Bridge, Memphis-Arkansas Bridge

Buildings show all on map

Anthonyville Volunteer Fire Department, Arkansas Highway Police Bridgeport Station, Arkansas Highway Police West Memphis, Blue Point Towhead, Crawfordsville Volunteer Fire Station, Crittenden Ambulance Service, Crittenden County Courthouse, Crittenden County Drug Task Force, Crittenden County Sheriff's Office, Crittenden Emergency Medical Service, Earle Emergency Ambulance, Earle Fire Station, Earle Police Department, Edmondson Police Department, Edmondson Volunteer Fire Department, Eugene Woods Community Center, Federal Bureau of Investigation West Memphis Resident Office, Fogleman Post Light, Gilmore Police Department, Gilmore Volunteer Fire Department, Heafer East Black Oak Volunteer Fire Department, Horseshoe Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Horseshoe Lake Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Jericho Fire Department, Jericho Police Department, Marion Emergency Medical Services, Marion Fire Department Station 1, Marion Fire Department Station 2, Marion Police Department, Presidents Island Post Light (historical), Proctor Volunteer Fire Department, Sunset Fire Department, Sunset Police Department, Turnage Post Light, Turrell Police Department, Turrell Volunteer Fire Department, United States Fish and Wildlife Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge Park Security, West Memphis City Hall, West Memphis Fire Department, West Memphis Fire Department Station 1, West Memphis Fire Department Station 2, West Memphis Fire Department Station 3, West Memphis Fire Department Station 4, West Memphis Police Department

Canals show all on map

Brandywine Revetment, Cat Island Dikes, Cow Island Bend Revetment, Ditch Number 1, Ditch Number 1, Ditch Number 1, Ditch Number 1, Ditch Number 1, Ditch Number 1, Ditch Number 1, Ditch Number 10, Ditch Number 10, Ditch Number 10, Ditch Number 10, Ditch Number 10, Ditch Number 11, Ditch Number 11, Ditch Number 11, Ditch Number 11, Ditch Number 11, Ditch Number 12, Ditch Number 12, Ditch Number 12, Ditch Number 12, Ditch Number 12, Ditch Number 13, Ditch Number 13, Ditch Number 13, Ditch Number 13, Ditch Number 13, Ditch Number 13, Ditch Number 14, Ditch Number 14, Ditch Number 15, Ditch Number 15, Ditch Number 16, Ditch Number 16, Ditch Number 16, Ditch Number 16, Ditch Number 17, Ditch Number 17, Ditch Number 18, Ditch Number 18, Ditch Number 18, Ditch Number 19, Ditch Number 19, Ditch Number 19, Ditch Number 2, Ditch Number 2, Ditch Number 2, Ditch Number 2, Ditch Number 2, Ditch Number 20, Ditch Number 20, Ditch Number 21, Ditch Number 21, Ditch Number 22, Ditch Number 23, Ditch Number 23, Ditch Number 3, Ditch Number 3, Ditch Number 3, Ditch Number 32, Ditch Number 4, Ditch Number 4, Ditch Number 4, Ditch Number 4a, Ditch Number 5, Ditch Number 5, Ditch Number 5, Ditch Number 5, Ditch Number 5, Ditch Number 5, Ditch Number 5, Ditch Number 50, Ditch Number 5a, Ditch Number 5b, Ditch Number 6, Ditch Number 6, Ditch Number 6, Ditch Number 6, Ditch Number 7, Ditch Number 7, Ditch Number 7, Ditch Number 8, Ditch Number 8, Ditch Number 8, Ditch Number 8, Ditch Number 8, Ditch Number 9, Ditch Number 9, Ditch Number 9, Ditch Number 9, Ditch Number 9, Ditch Number 9, Outlet Ditch, Tenmile Bayou Diversion Ditch, Tupelo Brake

Capes show all on map

Hopefield Point, Point Scudder, Poker Point

Cemeteries show all on map

Berry Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Billow Cemetery, Bledsoe Cemetery, Booker Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Buck Lake Cemetery, Cloar Cemetery, Corinthian Cemetery, Crittenden Memorial Park, Cruse Cemetery, Edmondson Cemetery, Friendship Cemetery, Gibson Bayou Cemetery, Green Hill Cemetery, Happy Cemetery, Hood Cemetery, King Solomon Cemetery, Layton Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery, Malone Cemetery, Mays Cemetery, Medley Cemetery, Memorial Garden, Mount Beulah Cemetery, Mount Hermon Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, New Mount Zion Cemetery, New Mount Zion Cemetery, New Salem Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Prosperity Cemetery, Raspberry Cemetery, Richard Cemetery, Rodgers Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Marks Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Stephens Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Spring Hill Cemetery, Sunrise Cemetery, Trexler Cemetery, Truevine Cemetery, Vincent Cemetery, Walnut Grove Cemetery

Churches show all on map

Barnes Chapel, Barton Chapel, Beautiful Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Beck Church (historical), Bell Meade Church, Bellmeade Church (historical), Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Black Oak Church (historical), Bright Star Church, Bruins Chapel, Buck Lake Church, Burning Bush Church, Butler Church (historical), Calvary Baptist Church, Christ Temple Church, Church of God, Church of God in Christ, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of Jesus Christ, Claybrook Church, Corinthian Church, East Barton Assembly of God Church, Ebenezer Church, Eighteenth Street Mission for Jesus Christ, Fifteenth Street Church of God in Christ, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Church of Christ Holiness, First Church of the Nazarene, First Missionary Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Pentecostal Church, Galilee Church, Galilee Church (historical), Gibson Bayou Church, Greater Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church, Green Hill Church, Green River Church, Greenwood Church, Holy Cross Church, Hope Baptist Church, Ingram Boulevard Church, Jackson Chapel, Jerusalem Church, King Solomon Church (historical), Kingdom Hall, Lake Grove Church, Lake Grove Church, Lake Grove Church, Lake Shore Church, Lencross Church (historical), Liberty Baptist Temple, Liberty Church, Locella Church, Locust Grove Church, Macedonia Church, Mid-South Worship Center, Milam Chapel, Missouri Street Church of Christ, Morning Star Church, Mosley Temple Church, Mount Beulah Church, Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Harmon Church, Mount Hermon Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Church (historical), Mount Olive Church (historical), Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Pilgrim Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Mount Vernon Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church (historical), New Bethel Church, New Bethel Church (historical), New Bethlehem Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Church, New Hope Church, New Lehi Church, New Mount Pisgah Church, New Mount Zion Church, New Mount Zion Church (historical), New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, New Prosperity Church, New Saint Paul Baptist Church, New Salem Church, New Zion Church (historical), Old Saint Paul Baptist Church, Paradise Church, Philadelphia Church, Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church, Pilgrims Rest Church, Pilgrims Rest Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Revival Temple Full Gospel, Reynold Grove Church, Rosewood United Methodist Church, Saint John Church (historical), Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Mark Church (historical), Saint Mary Church, Saint Marys of the Lake Church, Saint Michaels Catholic Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church (historical), Saint Peters Church, Saint Thomas Church (historical), Salem Church (historical), Second Baptist Church, Second Saint John Missionary Baptist Church, Shady Grove Church, Shearerville Church, Shiloh Church, Solomon's Temple Church, Spring Hill Church (historical), Stewart Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Sunrise Church, Sunrise Church (historical), Sweet Home Church, Tabernacle Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Thomas Grove Church, Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, Truevine Church, Union Grove Church, Vanderbilt Baptist Church, Victory Fellowship Church, Wallace Chapel, Walnut Grove Church, Walnut Grove Church (historical), Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westwood Acres Church of Christ, Westwood Church, Whole Bible Church of Jesus Christ, Williams Chapel Church, Wooden Chapel (historical), Zion Field Church, Zionfield Church (historical)

Crossings show all on map

Interchange 10, Interchange 14, Interchange 17, Interchange 21, Interchange 23, Interchange 265, Interchange 271, Interchange 273, Interchange 275, Interchange 277, Interchange 278, Interchange 279 B, Interchange 279A, Interchange 280, Interchange 281, Interchange 7, Interchange 8, Lake David Interchange

Dams show all on map

Swan Lake Dam

Flats show all on map

Big Lake, Buck Island Number 53, Lloyd Bottom

Guts show all on map

Beck Bayou, Boggy Bayou, Fish Bayou, Graves Bayou, Happy Jack, Horseshoe Lake Bayou, Island 40 Chute, Lost River Bayou, Mound Slough, Mud Lake, Wapanocca Bayou

Hospitals show all on map

Crittenden Memorial Hospital

Islands show all on map

Brandywine Island, Cat Island Number 50, Cat Island Towhead, Chicken Island, Goat Island, Harkleroad Towhead

Lakes show all on map

Alligator Lake (historical), Barton Lake (historical), Beautiful Lake, Benwood Lake, Big Lake, Big Lake (historical), Blue Lake, Broad Mouth Lake (historical), Brougham Lake, Buck Lake, Bushy Lake, Cane Lake, Copperas Lake, Cypress Lake (historical), Danner Lake, Fletcher Lake, Goose Lake, Grassy Lake, Holden Lake, Hood Lake, Hopefield Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Lake David, Lake Deloche, Lewis Lake, Little Grassy Lake, Long Pond, Long Pond (historical), Marion Lake, McCarter Lake, Meneshea Lake, Mound City Chute, North Lake, Old River Lake, Opossum Lake (historical), Porter Lake, South Lake, Stump Lake, Swan Lake, Wapanocca Lake

Levees show all on map

Bauxippi-Wyanoke Revetment, Cat Island Dikes, Dismal Point Dikes, Dismal Point Revetment, Hopefield Bend Revetment, Hopefield Revetment, Poker Point Dikes, Porter Lake Dikes, Porter Lake Revetment, Saint Francis Levee, Wyanoke Dikes (historical)

Locales show all on map

Airport Industrial Park, Allen Farm, Anderson Farm, Barton Store (historical), Biggs Landing, Bradley Landing (historical), Brandywine Landing, Bridge Junction, Brinkley Farm, Broadway Plaza East Shopping Center, Bruins Landing, Camp Kare Free, Cat Island Farm (historical), Cigarette Landing, Clarks Farm, Columbia Plantation, Crittenden County Landfill, Cunningham Farm, Daisy Lodge, East Black Oak, El Campo De Esperanza (historical), Five Lakes Club, Green River Plantation, Harris Club (historical), Holiday Plaza Mall Shopping Center, Horseshoe Lake Club, Interstate Industrial Park, Island Number 39 Landing, Joe Beck Plantation, Kate Lodge, Macks Baoy, Meadowbrook Country Club, Minoso Farm, Missouri Avenue Plaza Shopping Center, Missouri Pacific Industrial Park, Mound City Landing, Ninetysix Landing, Paradise Landing, Perryland Farm, Pinckney Lodge, Poker Point Landing, Rainer Industrial Park, Rasts Landing, Riverside Speedway, Rock Point Lodge, Rodgers Farm, Rodgers Plantation, Saint Claire Landing, Schultz Store, Seyppel Landing, Snowden Plantation, Southland Park Racetrack, T J Landing, The Allen Stacys, Thelma Lodge, Thompson Plantation, Wilson-Rich Industrial Park, Wimef, Womacks Landing, Zanones Camp

Parks show all on map

Avondale Park, Franklin Park, Hicks Park, Hightower Park, Horton Park, Matthews Park, Rowe Park, Tenth Street Mini-Park, Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge, Worthington Park

Populated Places show all on map

Almont (historical), Amanca, Anthony Subdivision, Anthonyville, Bauxippi (historical), Beck, Blanton, Booker, Briark, Brice, Browns, Bruins, Chatfield, Clarkedale, Cloar, Crawfordsville, Crittenden, Cunningham Corner, Dixie, Earle, Ebony, Edmondson, Engledale (historical), Felco, Galet, Galilee, Gammon, Gavin, Gilmore, Grassy Lake Bottom, Harvard, Heafer, Highland Farm, Hopefield (historical), Horseshoe Lake, Hulbert, Irby (historical), James Mill, Jeanette, Jennette, Jericho, Julius, Kate, Lambethville, Lansing, Lehi, Louise, Mallory Spur, Marion, Meneshea, Midway Corner, Millers, Mound City, Neuhardt, Ninetysix Corner, Norvell, Patoka, Pinckney, Poindexter, Presley Junction, Proctor, Quarles, Redman Point, Riceville, Saint Claire, Saint Thomas (historical), Scanlan (historical), Seyppel, Shannonville, Simsboro, Stacy, Sunset, Thompson, Thompson Grove, Three Forks, Topaz, Turrell, Vincent, Waverly, West Memphis, Wildcat (historical), Wyanoke, Wylie Spur

Post Offices show all on map

West Memphis Post Office

Reservoirs show all on map

Dead Timber Lake, Luss Lake

Ridges show all on map

Pecan Ridge

Schools show all on map

Abston Wynne School (historical), Avondale Elementary School, Banks School (historical), Beck School (historical), Bell Meade School, Bell School (historical), Bellmeade School (historical), Bethlehem School (historical), Black Oak School (historical), Booker School (historical), Bragg Elementary School, Bruins School, Buck Lake School, Burns School, Carruth School (historical), Chatfield School, Clarkedale School (historical), Clay Brook School, Crawfordsville Elementary School, Crawfordsville High School, Dunbar Elementary School, Dunbar High School, Dunbar Middle School, Earle Elementary School, Earle High School, Earle Middle School, East Junior High School, Ebony School, Faulk Elementary School, Friendship School, Galilee School (historical), Green River School (historical), J S Phelix Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, Jerusalem School (historical), King Solomon School (historical), Lansing School, Lehi School, Lincoln School (historical), Mack School (historical), Maddox Elementary School, Maddux Elementary School, Marion Elementary School, Marion High School, Marion Intermediate School, Marion Junior High School, Marion Middle School, McNeil School, Meneshea School (historical), Mid-South Technical College, Mound City School (historical), Mount Harmon School (historical), Mount Olive School (historical), New Bethlehem School (historical), New Mount Zion School, New Zion School (historical), Patterson School (historical), Phelix School, Prosperity School (historical), Riceville School (historical), Richland Elementary School, Roberta Island School, Saint Michaels School, Saint Peter School (historical), Smith Perkins School, Snowden School, Solomons Temple School (historical), Steudlein Learning Center, Thomas Grove School (historical), Turrell Elementary School, Turrell High School, Walnut Grove School, Walnut Ridge School, Waverly School (historical), Waverly School (historical), Weaver Elementary School, Wedlock Elementary School, West Junior High School, West Memphis High School, Wonder Elementary School, Wonder High School, Wonder Junior High School, Wyanke School (historical)

Streams show all on map

Alligator Bayou, Ash Slough, Barney Chute, Beaver Slu, Bellhammer Slough, Big Creek, Chute 38, Cypress Bayou, Decker Bayou, Deer Bayou, Dry Bayou, Dry Bayou, Fletcher Bayou, Garant Bayou, Gibson Bayou, Lamb Bayou, Lost Creek, Mack Bayou, Sam Bayou, Tenmile Bayou, Twentymile Bayou, Warehouse Bayou, Wildcat Bayou

Swamps show all on map

Cain Lake, Marland Swamp (historical)

Towers show all on map

KFTH-FM (Marion), KSUD-AM (West Memphis), KWAM Radio Tower,

Crittenden County, Arkansas Population By Race (2012 estimate)

BlackCrittenden County Black population 25,64525,645
WhiteCrittenden County White population 23,34123,341
MixedCrittenden County Mixed population 601601
AsianCrittenden County Asian population 301300
American IndianCrittenden County American Indian population 150150
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCrittenden County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Arkansas population by county

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