North Slope Borough, Alaska Basics:

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Population: 9,634
Area: 88695 square miles
Borough seat:
Area code(s) in use: 907
Time zone: PST-1
High school graduate or higher: 85.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.9%
Median household income: $76,679
Persons in poverty: 12.6%
Home ownership rate: 44.9%
Mean travel time to work: 9.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:

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Map of the North Slope Borough area

Our detail map of North Slope Borough shows the North Slope Borough, Alaska boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in North Slope Borough, Alaska

Airports show all on map

Alpine Airstrip, Anaktuvuk Pass Airport, Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport, Badami Airport, Barter Island LRRS Airport, Brown Low Point Airport, Bullen Point Air Force Station, Cape Lisburne LRRS Airport, Cape Sabine Airport, Cape Simpson Airport, CD-3 Airstrip, Central Pad Heliport, Chandalar Shelf Airport, Coastal Landing Strip, Deadhorse Airport, Galbraith Lake Airport, Happy Valley Landing Strip, Helmericks Airport, Hull Landing Strip, Icy Cape AFS Airport, Inigok Airport, Kad River Landing Strip (historical), Kogru River Airport, Kuparuk Landing Strip (historical), Lonely Air Station, North Kuparuk Landing Strip (historical), Northstar Heliport, Nuiqsut Airport, Oliktok LRRS Airport, Oooguruk Island Heliport, Pad-66 Heliport, Pioneer Heliport, Point Hope Airport, Point Lay LRRS Airport, Point McIntyre Airport, Prudhoe Bay Airport, Sagwon Airport, Seal Island Heliport, Toolik Camp Landing Strip, Ugnu-Kuparuk Airport, Umiat Airport, Wainwright Air Station, Wainwright Airport, Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport

Areas show all on map

Colville River Delta, Ikpikpuk River Delta, Kongakut River Delta, Kuparuk River Delta, Meade River Delta, North Slope, Sag Delta Number 1, Sagavanirktok River Delta, Valley of the Willows

Bars show all on map

Bernard Spit, Blossom Shoals, Boulder Patch, Cat Shoals, Icy Reef, Jago Spit, Loon Shoal, Pacific Shoal, Pingucheak, Stamukhi Shoal, Tapkaurak Spit, Tupkak Bar

Basins show all on map

Aloktorak Basin, Beaufort Basin, Bur Cirque, Ogotoruk Valley, Racetrack Basin, Raven Basin

Bays show all on map

Angun Lagoon, Arey Lagoon, Avak Bay, Avatanak Bight, Beaufort Lagoon, Bernard Harbor, Camden Bay, Demarcation Bay, Egaksrak Lagoon, Elson Lagoon, Esatkuat Lagoon, Fatigue Bay, Foggy Island Bay, Gwydyr Bay, Harrison Bay, Iko Bay, Jago Lagoon, Kagiluak Bight, Kaktovik Lagoon, Kasegaluk Lagoon, Kugrua Bay, Kurgorak Bay, Ledyard Bay, Lion Bay, McKay Inlet, Mikkelsen Bay, Nuvagapak Lagoon, Omalik Lagoon, Oruktalik Lagoon, Peard Bay, Pipsuk Bight, Placid Et Al State Number 1, Pogik Bay, Pokok Bay, Pokok Lagoon, Port Moore, Prudhoe Bay, Ross Bay, Simpson Cove, Simpson Lagoon, Smith Bay, Stefansson Sound, Tachimesoa Lagoon, Tachinisok Inlet, Tapkaurak Lagoon, Torrent Inlet, Walakpa Bay

Beaches show all on map

Agsinoralak Beach, Arigilivik Beach

Bends show all on map

Big Bend, Horseshoe Bend, Kakvuiyat Bend, Killik Bend, Semiutak Bend

Buildings show all on map

Alaska State Troopers Barrow, Anaktuvuk Pass Robert Ahgook Memorial Health Clinic - North Slope Borough, Anaktuvuk Pass Volunteer Fire Department, Atqasuk Health Clinic - North Slope Borough, Conoco Phillips - Alaska Alpine Fire Department, Conoco Phillips - Alaska Kuparuk Fire Department, Endicott Fire Department, Greater Prudhoe Bay Fire Department Station 1, Greater Prudhoe Bay Fire Department Station 2, Kaktovik Tom Gordon Health Clinic - North Slope Borough, Kuparuk Fire Department, North Slope Borough Fire Department, North Slope Borough Fire Department Atqasuk Station, North Slope Borough Fire Department Kaktovik Station, North Slope Borough Fire Department Nuiqsut Station, North Slope Borough Fire Department Point Lay Station, North Slope Borough Fire Department Tikigaq, North Slope Borough Fire Department Wainwright Station, North Slope Borough Police Department Anaktuvuk Pass, North Slope Borough Police Department Atqasuk, North Slope Borough Police Department Barrow, North Slope Borough Police Department Kaktovik, North Slope Borough Police Department Point Lay, North Slope Borough Police Department Prudhoe Bay, North Slope Borough Public Health Center, North Slope Borough Search and Rescue Aviation Unit, Nuiqsut North Slope County Health Clinic - North Slope Borough, Nuiqsut Police Station, Point Hope Clinic - North Slope Borough, Point Hope Police Station, Point Hope Volunteer Fire Department, Point Lay Clinic - North Slope Borough, Wainwright Health Clinic - North Slope Borough, Wainwright Police Department

Canals show all on map

Angun Entrance

Capes show all on map

Agiak Point, Alokut Point, Anajuk Point, Anderson Point, Angun Point, Anxiety Point, Asiniak Point, Atigaru Point, Avak Point, Back Point, Beechey Point, Black Head, Brant Point, Brownlow Point, Bullen Point, Cameron Point, Cape Beaufort, Cape Dyer, Cape Halkett, Cape Lewis, Cape Lisburne, Cape Sabine, Cape Simpson, Cape Smyth, Cape Thompson, Christie Point, Coblura, Collinson Point, Comfort Point, Crowbill Point, Demarcation Point, Drew Point, Eluksingiak Point, Goose Point, Griffin Point, Heald Point, Humphrey Point, Icy Cape, Kalukruatchiak Point, Karmuk Point, Kavearak Point, Keo Point, Kilich Point, Kilikralik Point, Konganevik Point, Kowtuk Point, Kupluruak Point, Lion Point, Lisburne Peninsula, Manning Point, Martin Point, McLeod Point, McTavish Point, Milne Point, Nalimiut Point, Nevat Point, Niksirok Point, Nivat Point, Nokotlek Point, Nuvagapak Point, Nuvugalak Point, Ocean Point, Oliktok Point, Pingokraluk Point, Pipsuk Point, Pitt Point, Plover Point, Pogik Point, Point Barrow, Point Belcher, Point Brower, Point Brownlow, Point Collie, Point Franklin, Point Gordon, Point Hope, Point Hopson, Point Lay, Point Marsh, Point McIntyre, Point Poleakoon, Point Shedden, Point Storkersen, Point Sweeney, Point Thomson, Reliance Point, Ross Point, Saktuina Point, Scott Point, Sigeakruk Point, Siksrikpak Point, Siku Point, Sinigrok Point, Sitkok Point, Tangent Point, Tapkaurak Point, Tekegakrok Point, Tigara Peninsula, Tikigaruk Point, Tolaktovut Point, Tulageak Point, Tungaich Point, Wright Point

Cemeteries show all on map

Imaiqsaun Cemetery

Census show all on map

Alpine Census Designated Place, Anaktuvuk Pass Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Atqasuk Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Barrow Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Barrow-Point Hope Census Subarea (historical), Kaktovik Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Nuiqsut Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Point Hope Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Point Lay Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Point Lay Census Designated Place, Prudhoe Bay Census Designated Place, Prudhoe Bay-Kaktovik Census Subarea (historical), Wainwright Alaska Native Village Statistical Area

Channels show all on map

Akoliakatat Pass, Akunik Pass, Avak Inlet, Challenge Entrance, Dease Inlet, Egaksrak Entrance, Ekilukruak Entrance, Elaktoveach Channel, Eluitkak Pass, Icy Cape Pass, Jago Entrance, Kukpowruk Pass, Kupigruak Channel, Kuvritovik Entrance, Mary Sachs Entrance, Naokok Pass, Nechelik Channel, Nelsaluk Pass, Newport Entrance, Nuvagapak Entrance, Oruktalik Entrance, Pingorarok Pass, Sakoonang Channel, Sanigaruak Pass, Siku Entrance, Sinuk, Sulupoagaktak Channel, Tamayayak Channel, Tapkaurak Entrance, Utukok Pass

Cliffs show all on map

Akmaktaksrak Bluff, Artigotrat, Augutaurak, Corwin Bluff, Franklin Bluffs, Imnakpak Cliff, Imnatchiak Bluff, Ishukpak Bluff, Kachiksuk Bluffs, Kakuktukruich Bluff, Kanayut Bluff, Kikakpak Bluff, Kingak Cliff, Little Supreme Bluff, Ninuluk Bluff, Okpilatok Bluff, Paunagaktuk Bluff, Peard Cliff, Pingu Bluff, Puivlik Bluff, Rock Bluffs, Schrader Bluff, Shale Wall Bluff, Shivugak Bluff, Siotukuyuk Bluff, Sivogakruak Bluff, Sivugak Bluff, Skull Cliff, Starfish Bluff, Tattitgak Bluff, Tuktu Bluff, Tuluvak Bluffs, Twin Bluffs, Uluksrak Bluff

Dams show all on map

Isatkoak Dam, Itasigrook Dam

Gaps show all on map

Amaktukvik Pass, Anaktuvuk Pass, Angoyakvik Pass, Atigun Pass, Birthday Pass, Bravo Pass, Carter Pass, Ernie Pass, Gunsight Pass, Howard Pass, Inyorurak Pass, Nachralik Pass, Natinakunit Pass, Niviak Pass, Oolah Pass, Peregrine Pass, Sunset Pass, The Notch

Glaciers show all on map

Arey Glacier, Bravo Glacier, Chamberlin Glacier, Contact Glacier, East Alapah Glacier, Esetuk Glacier, Gooseneck Glacier, Hubley Glacier, Kulavok Glacier, Leffingwell Glacier, McCall Glacier, Okpilak Glacier, Pangnik Glacier, Schwanda Glacier, Seefar Glacier, Split Creek, Split Glacier, West Alapah Glacier, Windy Glacier

Hospitals show all on map

Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

Islands show all on map

Alaska Island, Anachlik Island, Arey Island, Argo Island, Barter Island, Bartlett Island, Belvedere Island, Bertoncini Island, Black Island, Bodfish Island, Challenge Island, Cooper Island, Cottle Island, Crescent Island, Cross Island, Deadmans Island, Dinkum Sands, Doctor Island, Duchess Island, Duck Island, Egg Island, Eskimo Islands, Flaxman Island, Foggy Island, Foggy Island, Foggy Island, Gull Island, Howe Island, Igalik Island, Illuitkuk Islands (historical), Island Number 11, Island Number 12, Island Number 13, Island Number 19, Island Number 20, Island Number 6, Jeanette Island, Jones Islands, Karluk Island, Kikikausgruak Island, Kikiktak Islands, Kopkakisak Island, Kulgurak Island, Leavitt Island, Long Island, Maguire Islands, Martin Island, McClure Islands, Midway Islands, Narwhal Island, Neakok Island, Newport Island, Niakuk Islands, North Star Island, Nuekshat Island, Oarlock Island, Pingok Island, Plover Islands, Pole Island, Reindeer Island, Return Islands, Sanigaruak Island, Seahorse Islands, Shublik Island, Solivik Island, Spy Islands, Stockton Islands, Stump Island, Tapkaluk Islands, Thetis Island, Tigvariak Island, Tiny Island, Tulimanik Island

Lakes show all on map

Agiak Lagoon, Agiak Lake, Ahagateyeit Lake, Ahaliorak Lake, Aiautak Lagoon, Akoviknak Lagoon, Akuliak Lake, Ambresvajun Lake, Amiloyak Lake, Angler Lake, Anivik Lake, Atosik Lagoon, Ayugatak Lagoon, Battery Lake, Burial Lake, Cache Lake, Cache One Lake, Cascade Lake, Chandler Lake, Citellus Lake, Deer Pond, Desperation Lake, Dogbone Lake, Dry Lake, East Twin Lake, Ekalgruak Lake, Eleanor Lake, Elusive Lake, Emaiksoun Lake, Etivlik Lake, Evrulivik Lake, Feniak Lake, Footprint Lake, G Lake, Galbraith Lake, Grayling Lake, Ikaknak Pond, Ikmakrak Lake, Ikroavik Lake, Imaiknik Lake, Imakruak Lake, Imiaknikpak Lake, Imikpuk Lake, Inyorurak Lakes, Ipiutak Lagoon, Irgnyivik Lake, Isatkoak Lagoon, Issygok Lake, Itigaknit Lake, Itkillik Lake, Jago Lake, Ka-ki-ak-tu-dli-ok, Kakiagun Lake, Kekiktalik Lake, Kemegrak Lagoon, Kiingyak Lake, Kikyuktukturo, Kilusiktok Lake, Kimouksik Lake, Kokolik Lake, Koluktak Lakes, Kurupa Lake, Kurupa Lakes, Kuvirok Lake, Lake Betty, Lake Itinik, Lake Kaniksrak, Lake Makpik, Lake Peters, Lake Schrader, Lake Sungovoak, Lake Tulilik, Lake Tusikvoak, Lake Tuvak, Lake Udrivik, Liberator Lake, Little Chandler Lake, Makaktuk Lake, Mapsorak Lagoon, May Lake, Microblade Lake, Middle Salt Lagoon, Migrant Lakes, Mumik Lake, Nakaktuk Lakes, Naluakruk Lake, Nanuk Lake, Nanushuk Lake, Napaktualuit Lake, Natvakrak Lakes, Natvakruak Lake, Neruokpuk Lakes, Nigtun Lake, North Meadow Lake, North Salt Lagoon, Nullaq Lake, Nunavak Bay, Nuwuk Lake, Oil Lake, Okalik Lake, Okpilak Lake, Okroknakpak Lakes, Oumalik Lake, Oumalik Lakes, Paddle Lake, Pingoakeok Lake, Pingokraluk Lagoon, Pittalukruak Lake, Porcupine Lake, Portage Lake, Puddin Lake, Pugutak Lake, Pumaknak Pond, Punuk Lagoon, Reindeer Lake, Shainin Lake, Shirukak Lake, Sikolik Lake, Siku Lagoon, Sikulik Lake, Sinclair Lake, Sisgravik Lake, Sitchiak Lake, Smith Mountain Lakes, South Meadow Lake, South Salt Lagoon, Square Lake, Square Lake, Sukok Lake, Swayback Lakes, Takrak Lake, Teshekpak Lake, Teshekpuk Lake, Timber Lake, Toolik Lake, Tractor Lake, Tukuto Lake, Tulugak Lake, Tunusiktok Lake, Tusikpak Lake, Umiat Lake, Vettatrin Lake, Wahoo Lake, Watermelon Lake, West Twin Lake, White Lake, Windy Lake

Locales show all on map

Akalurak, Akeonik, Akilloaq, Akvat, Alaktak, Alolukrok, Amungna, Anakruak, Anaktuk, Atanik (historical), Atkasuk, Beechey Point, Boat Extreme, Brady, Bullen, Burgess Camp, Campsite 18, Deadhorse, Dowell Camp, Drill Site 1, Drill Site 2, Drill Site 3, Esook Trading Post (historical), Frontier Camp, G William Holmes Research Station, Galbraith Lake Camp, Gas Well Number 3, Halliburton Camp, Happy Valley Camp, Humphrey Point, Hurl State Number 1, Igtuluwik, Ikiak, Ikpilgok, Imaigenik, Inuktak, Ireniviq, Itublarak, Jabbertown, Jamesway Huts, Jarris, Kalchiksuk, Kangik (historical), Kayak (historical), Kigakrak, Kiku, Kolovik, Kugoosuguru, Kukpuk, Kuluruak, Kuogaguruq, Kup Delta Camp, Loran Radio Station, Maudheim, Napawrax, Natirnuq, Natvakruak Lake, Nelsaluk, Niak, Nigalik (historical), North Kuparuk State, Nulavik, Nuna (historical), Nunatunga, Nuwuak (historical), Ogsachak, Oksrukuyik, Ongovehenok (historical), Pengnok (historical), Perignak (historical), Pingoshugarun (historical), Point Storkersen Camp, Prudhoe Dock, Puknikruk, Qaaliiq, Reindeer Service USDI Cabins, Rivers Camp Service City, Saatkunak, Sinaru, Singiluk, Sixtukak, South East Eileen State Number 1, Toolik Lake Camp, Tuckfield, Tutkiya, Tutolivik, Utkiavik, Wagley Camp

Military show all on map

Cape Lisburne Long Range Radar Site, Cape Lisburne Long Range Radar Station

Mines show all on map

Corwin Mine, Thetis Mine

Oilfields show all on map

Gubic Gas Field

Parks show all on map

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Birnirk Site, Ipiutak, Leffingwell Camp Site, Sinaruruk (historical), Sinyu (historical), Will Rogers and Wiley Post Memorial

Pillars show all on map

Rabbit Ears

Plains show all on map

Chandalar Shelf

Populated Places show all on map

Alpine, Anaktuvuk Pass, Angun, Atqasuk, Barrow, Browerville, Capaloa (historical), Chariot, Deadhorse, Elupak (historical), Gordon, Initkilly (historical), Ipnot (historical), Ishiuk (historical), Kaktovik, Kigalik (historical), Kilimantavi (historical), Kokruagarok, Kuk (historical), Kukpowruk (historical), Mitliktavik (historical), Naokok (historical), Naparuacheak (historical), Nu-dru-vuk-puk (historical), Nuiqsut, Nuwuk, Pingasagruk (historical), Point Hope, Point Lay, Prudhoe Bay, Sagwon, Sidaru (historical), Tolageak (historical), Tuluuk (historical), Umiat, Wainwright, Wevok

Post Offices show all on map

Anaktuvuk Pass Post Office, Atqasuk Post Office, Barrow Post Office, Koktovik Post Office, Nuiqsut Post Office, Point Lay Post Office, Tikigaq Post Office, Wainwright Post Office

Ranges show all on map

Amatusuk Hills, Amatusuk Hills, Avgun Hills, Avingyak Hills, Ayuatak Hills, Ayugatak Hills, Ayugatak Hills, British Mountains, Brooks Range, Canoe Hills, Davidson Mountains, De Long Mountains, Fourth Range, Franklin Mountains, Howard Hills, Iggiruk Mountains, Igrarok Hills, Ivotuk Hills, Kemegrak Hills, Kiklupiklak Hills, Kurupa Hills, Mary Range, Nigu Hills, Philip Smith Mountains, Punuk Hills, Romanzof Mountains, Sadlerochit Mountains, Shubelik Mountains, Shublik Mountains, South Maktak Hills, Telavirak Hills, Third Range

Rapidss show all on map

Sunday Rapids

Reserves show all on map

Mollie Beattie Wilderness

Reservoirs show all on map

Isatkoak Reservoir, Nerravak Lagoon

Ridges show all on map

Amatusuk Hills, Archimedes Ridge, Becket Ridge, Conglomerate Mountain, Continental Divide, Emnavak Ridge, Grandstand Ridge, Ilingnorak Ridge, Inaccessible Ridge, Itkilikruich Ridges, Itkilikruich Ridges, Kelly Ridge, Kimikpak Ridge, Kimipak Ridge, Kipaiak Ridge, Knifeblade Ridge, Kuakat Ridge, Kulavok Ridge, Kulugra Ridge, Liberator Ridge, Lik Ridge, Lisburne Hills, Lisburne Ridge, Lookout Ridge, Monument Ridge, Niguanak Ridge, Nuka Ridge, Rooftop Ridge, Saligvik Ridge, Sapumik Ridge, Shaningarok Ridge, Sigrikpak Ridge, Siksikpak Ridge, Spiny Ridge, Stoney Ridge, Sulungatak Ridge, The Cockscomb, Thetis Ridge, Tinguk Ridge, Whale Mountain, White Hills

Seas show all on map

Admiralty Bay, Beaufort Sea, Kuyanak Bay, Marryat Inlet, Wainwright Inlet

Springs show all on map

Admiralty Oil Seep, Cliff Spring, Sadlerochit Spring, Shublik Spring

Streams show all on map

Accomplishment Creek, Adrigigon Creek, Adventure Creek, Agaak Creek, Agarak Creek, Agiagiak Creek, Agutiroak Creek, Aichilik River, Aivik Creek, Akalolik Creek, Akmagolik Creek, Akmalik Creek, Akulik Creek, Akutoktak River, Akvalutak Creek, Alaktak River, Alapah Creek, Alatakrok River, Alice Creek, Alinement Creek, Alkalugen Creek, Amagoalik Creek, Amaktusak Creek, Amatusuk Creek, Amo Creek, Anak Creek, Anaktuvuk River, Anayaknaurak Creek, Angayukak Creek, Angmakrok Creek, Angolik Creek, Angun River, Aniakvik Creek, Anivik Creek, Aniyuyaktuvik Creek, Antler Valley Creek, Anuk Creek, Apikuguruak Creek, April Creek, Arctic Creek, Arey Creek, Arrow Creek, Aspen Creek, Atigun River, Atneerich Creek, Aucella Creek, Aulatauruk River, Aupuk Creek, Autumn Creek, Avak Creek, Avak River, Avalik River, Avalitkok Creek, Avan River, Avgumun Creek, Avingak Creek, Awuna River, Ayakalak Creek, Ayiyak River, Ayugatak Creek, Baby Creek, Banshee Creek, Barrenland Creek, Baseline Creek, Battery Creek, Beaded Creek, Bearpaw Creek, Beaucoup Creek, Bird Creek, Birthday Creek, Black Dog Creek, Blankenship Creek, Boat Creek, Bogie Creek, Boulevard Creek, Branch of Kogosukruk River, Bronx Creek, Buccaneer Creek, Bupto Creek, Bushy Creek, Cache Creek, Cairn Creek, Camp 263 Creek, Cane Creek, Canning River, Canoe Creek, Canyon Creek, Carbon Creek, Carnivore Creek, Carter Creek, Cascade Creek, Castle Creek, Central Marsh Slough, Chamberlin Creek, Chandler River, Chert Creek, Chertchip Creek, Chipp River, Clarence River, Coal Creek, Cobble Creek, Cobblestone Creek, Coke Creek, Colville River, Confusion Creek, Conglomerate Creek, Contact Creek, Corwin Creek, Craig Creek, Crassico Creek, Cula Creek, Curve Creek, Cutaway Creek, Deadfall Creek, Desolation Creek, Disappointment Creek, Discovery Creek, Dodo Creek, Drain Creek, Drenchwater Creek, Driftwood Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek, East Fork Etivluk River, East Fork Ninuluk Creek, East Fork Oolamnagavik River, East Fork Tuluga River, East Nularvik Creek, East Patuk Creek, Easter Creek, Echooka River, Eeneegiksook Creek, Egaksrak River, Ekakevik Creek, Ekaluakat River, Ekokpuk Creek, Elbow Creek, Elusive Creek, Encampment Creek, Enekalikruak Creek, Epizetka River, Erratic Creek, Esetuk Creek, Etivluk River, Fake Creek, Fauna Creek, Fawn Creek, Fay Creek, Fin Creek, Fire Creek, Fire Creek, Firestone Creek, Fish Creek, Flatrock Creek, Flood Creek, Flora Creek, Fortress Creek, Fossil Creek, Fossil Creek, Franklin Creek, Friendly Creek, Fry Creek, Garry Creek, Gilead Creek, Gravel Creek, Graylime Creek, Grayling Creek, Grizzly Creek, Grizzly Creek, Gulo Creek, Hardway Creek, Heather Creek, Helen Creek, Henry Creek, Hubley Creek, Hue Creek, Hulahula River, Ibrulikorak Creek, Igilatvik Creek, Igklo River, Iglupak Creek, Ignek Creek, Ignisirok Creek, Igrarok Creek, Igruivotalik Creek, Igruwotalik Creek, Ikagiak Creek, Ikijaktusak Creek, Ikikileruk Creek, Iklauyak Creek, Iklauyaurak Creek, Iknivik Creek, Ikpik Slough, Ikpikpuk River, Ikpitcheak Creek, Ikuk Creek, Iligluruk Creek, Ilikrak Creek, Ilyirak Creek, Imaitchiak Creek, Imikrak Creek, Imnaitchiak Creek, Inaru River, Ingaluat Creek, Inicok Creek, Inigok Creek, Inikaklik Creek, Inikaklik Creek, Inikaklik Creek, Inukpasugruk Creek, Inuktak Creek, Inyugakuligit Creek, Inyuraktoak Creek, Ipewik River, Ipnavik River, Irak Creek, Irgkivik Creek, Irish Creek, Irivik Creek, Ishuktak Creek, Isuk Creek, Isuk Creek, Iteriak Creek, Itikmalaiyak Creek, Itikmalak River, Itikmalakpak Creek, Itilyiargiok Creek, Itkillik Creek, Itkillik River, Itkilyariak Creek, Ivisak Creek, Ivisaruk River, Ivishak River, Ivory Creek, Ivotuk Creek, Jago River, Joe Creek, Joe Creek, John River, Jubilee Creek, Judy Creek, Judy Creek, Juniper Creek, Kachemach River, Kadleroshilik River, Kadruakvik Creek, Kagiluak Creek, Kahgeatak Creek, Kahkatak Creek, Kajutakrok Creek, Kakivilak Creek, Kaklik Naitka Creek, Kakpeyak River, Kaksu River, Kalikpik River, Kalokut Creek, Kalubik Creek, Kamiktungitak Creek, Kanayut River, Kanongiksuk Creek, Kantangnak Creek, Kaolak River, Kapaloak Creek, Karen Creek, Katak Creek, Katakturuk River, Katrikiorak Creek, Kaviak Creek, Kavik River, Kay Creek, Kay Creek, Kayak Creek, Kealok Creek, Kekiktuk River, Kemik Creek, Kenunga Creek, Ketik River, Key Creek, Kidney Creek, Kigalik River, Kigiktowk Creek, Kikak Creek, Kikiakrorak River, Kikoligarak Creek, Kikolik Creek, Kikoyat Creek, Kiktoya Creek, Kiliguak Creek, Kiligwa River, Kilikralik Creek, Kiliktakgot Creek, Killi Creek, Killik River, Kimikpaurauk River, Kiruktagiak River, Kisimilok Creek, Klim Creek, Kogosukruk River, Kogotpak River, Kogru River, Kogruk Creek, Kokirat Creek, Kokolik River, Kolipsun Creek, Kollutarak Creek, Kollutuk Creek, Kolotuk Creek, Kongakut River, Kongumavik Creek, Kooklooktuk Creek, Koskatantna Creek, Kowlak Creek, Kuchaurak Creek, Kucheak Creek, Kucher Creek, Kuchiak Creek, Kugachiak Creek, Kugirarok Creek, Kugrua River, Kugukpak Creek, Kuhsuman Creek, Kuk River, Kukak Creek, Kukpowruk River, Kukpuk River, Kukruk Creek, Kuna River, Kunarak Creek, Kungok River, Kunuk Creek, Kuparuk River, Kupigruak Channel, Kuropak Creek, Kuruk Creek, Kurupa River, Kutchaurak Creek, Kutchik River, Last Creek, Ledge Creek, Leffingwell Creek, Leffingwell Fork, Liberator Creek, Lili Creek, Limit Creek, Lookout River, Lost Temper Creek, Lupine River, Maguriak Creek, Mammoth Creek, Mancha Creek, Mapsorak Creek, Marsh Creek, Marsh Fork, Marsh Fork Canning River, Mary Creek, Mary Ellen Creek, Masu Creek, Mataktuk Creek, Matsutnak River, May Creek, Maybe Creek, Mayoeak River, Mayoriak River, Mayuasanik Creek, McCall Creek, Meade River, Mechanic Creek, Medial Creek, Memorial Creek, Meridian Creek, Middle Fork Okpikruak River, Miguakiak River, Mikigealiak River, Miluveach River, Mitik Creek, Mitten Creek, Monotis Creek, Mutaktuk Creek, Nalakachak Creek, Nanook Creek, Nanushuk River, Napanik Creek, Nasorak Creek, Nataroarok Creek, Natvakruak Creek, Niak Creek, Niak Creek, Nigaktoviakvik Creek, Nigaktukvik Creek, Nigiktlik Creek, Nigisaktuvik River, Nigu River, Niguanak River, Niklavik Creek, Niklavik Creek, Nilik River, Nimwutik Creek, Ninuluk Creek, Niyiklik Creek, Nogak Creek, Nokotlek River, Notch Creek, Nucleus Creek, Nuhinik Creek, Nuka River, Nularvik River, Nunaviksak Creek, Nunaviksak Creek, Ogotoruk Creek, Ogsachak Creek, Okerokovik River, Okokmilaga River, Okonagun Creek, Okotak Creek, Okpikruak River, Okpiksak River, Okpilak River, Okpirourak Creek, Okrurat Creek, Old Man Creek, Old Woman Creek, Oligavik Creek, Omalik Creek, Omalik River, Omikmak Creek, Omikmuktusuk River, Ongorakvik River, Oolamnagavik River, Otirgon Creek, Otuk Creek, Oumalik River, Outpost Creek, Outwash Creek, Oyagaruk Creek, Oyagatut Creek, Pagilak River, Pahron Creek, Panic Creek, Panikpiak Creek, Papigak Creek, Pattern Creek, Paulaluk River, Pediment Creek, Peregrine Creek, Phosphorite Creek, Piasuk River, Picnic Creek, Pikroka Creek, Piksiksak Creek, Pilly Fork, Pisiksagiavik Creek, Pitmegea River, Plunge Creek, Plunge Creek, Plunge Creek, Pogopuk Creek, Pokok Creek, Pond Creek, Price River, Primus Creek, Prince Creek, Punuk Creek, Putugook Creek, Putuligayuk River, Quandary Creek, Quartzite Creek, Query Creek, Rainy Creek, Rampart Creek, Recon Creek, Red Sheep Creek, Redwacke Creek, Reynard Creek, Rhumba Creek, Ribdon River, Risky Creek, Roger Creek, Rolling Pin Creek, Sadlerochit River, Safari Creek, Sagavanirktok River, Sakonowyak River, Sakvailak River, Sakvelak Creek, Saligvik Creek, Salisbury Creek, Satailak Creek, Saviukviayak River, Seabee Creek, Seagull Creek, Section Creek, Section Creek, Seismo Creek, Selin Creek, September Creek, Setting Sun Creek, Shaningarok Creek, Shaviovik River, Shulunarurak Creek, Sigrikpak Creek, Sikrelurak River, Siksik River, Siksikpalak River, Siksikpuk River, Silalinigun Creek, Sinaruruk River, Sinclair River, Singaruak Creek, Singat Creek, Singayoak Creek, Siniktaneyak Creek, Sinuk Creek, Skimo Creek, Smith River, Snow Creek, Snowbank Creek, Sooner River, Sorepaw Creek, South Fork Ninuluk Creek, Spawning Creek, Speedway Creek, Spike Creek, Split Creek, Staines River, Stone Ring Creek, Storm Creek, Story Creek, Straight Creek, Strident Creek, Sugakuik Creek, Suluak Creek, Sulugiak Creek, Sulupoaktak Channel, Surprise Creek, Suvaloyuk Creek, Swayback Creek, Taffy Creek, Taktelak Creek, Takuak Creek, Talus Creek, Tamayariak River, Terrace Creek, Thetis Creek, Thunder Creek, Tiglukpuk Creek, Tikikluk Creek, Tikmiakpalik Creek, Tingmeachsiovik River, Tingmerkpuk River, Titaluk River, Tobit Creek, Togoyuk Creek, Toolik River, Topagoruk River, Torok Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Travelair Creek, Trouble Creek, Tuapaktushak Creek, Tukingarok Creek, Tukuto Creek, Tuluga River, Tulugak Creek, Tulugak Creek, Tuluk Creek, Tumi Creek, Tunalik River, Tundra Creek, Tungak Creek, Tungnak Creek, Tupichalik Creek, Tupik Creek, Tupikchak Creek, Tupikchak Creek, Turbid Creek, Turner River, Twistem Creek, Ublutuoch River, Ugalak Creek, Ugnuravik River, Uivaksak Creek, Ukinyak Creek, Ukpik Creek, Usuktuk River, Utukok River, Uyakturok Creek, Verdant Creek, Volcano Creek (not official), Wager Creek, Walakpa River, Walik Creek, Weasel Creek, Welcome Creek, Weller Creek, West Branch Key Creek, West Canning River, West Fork Marsh Creek, West Fork Tuluga River, West Nularvik Creek, West Patuk Creek, Whistler Creek, Willow Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolverine Creek, Woolfe Fork, You Creek

Summits show all on map

Agate Rock, Akoviknak Mountain, Akporvik Hill, Alapah Mountain, Alapah Mountain, Als Mountain, Amphitheatre Mountain, Amulik Hill, Angayukak Hill, Angayutak Mountain, Angmakrok Mountain, Arc Mountain, Atlik Hill, Ayiyak Mesa, Banded Mountain, Beechey Mound, Black Mountain, Blackface Mountain, Brushman Mountain, Cape Lewis Mountain, Castle Mountain, Chevron Hill, Cloud Peak, Cockedhat Mountain, Conglomerate Mountain, Contact Peak, Copter Peak, Crow Nest Rock, Double Mountain, Ear Peak, Echo Mountain, Eekroat Pinnaeles, Egiklak Mountain, Ekakevik Mountain, Eskimo Hill, Etigonik Mountain, Fan Mountain, Flag Hill, Fork Peak, Fortress Mountain, Fox Point, Grizzly Mountain, Guard Hill, Gunsight Mountain, Hatbox Mesa, Horseshoe Mountain, Howard Hill, Igilerak Hill, Igloo Mountain, Iluituk Hill, Imnavait Mountain, Inclined Mountain, Ingstad Mountain, Inualurak Mountain, Inukpak Rock, Inupiat Mountain, Invalurak Mountain, Ipkagnaktaugrak Mountain, Isikut Mountain, Itigaknit Mountain, Iviangik Mountain, James Dalton Mountain, Jones Mound, Kachemach Mound, Kachemach Mound, Kaikshak Hill, Kakukturat Mountain, Katiktak Mountain, Kavaksurak Mountain, Kayak Mountain, Kayaksak Mountain, Kikiktat Mountain, Kikiktat Mountain, Kingak Hill, Kingak Mountain, Kingaviksak Mountain, Kisimilok Mountain, Kitkonak Hill, Kivliktort Mountain, Koiyaktot Mountain, Kollutuk Mountain, Kuparuk Mound, Limestack Mountain, Little Njoo Mountain, Mad Hill, Maktak Mountain, Mapsorak Hill, Mapsorak Mountain, Maptigak Mountain, Marie Mountain, Marker Mountain, Marshmallow Mountain, Mayukuit Mountain, Meat Mountain, Misheguk Mountain, Mount Annette, Mount Ava, Mount Bastille, Mount Buckland, Mount Bupto, Mount Chamberlin, Mount Copleston, Mount Deliverance, Mount Greenough, Mount Hamlet, Mount Hubley, Mount Isto, Mount Itsalik, Mount Kelly, Mount MacVicar, Mount Mary, Mount McCall, Mount Michelson, Mount Nasak, Mount Niaktuvik, Mount Pangnik, Mount Salisbury, Mount Stuver, Mount Suki, Mount Wachsmuth, Mount Waw, Mount Weller, Naniksrak Mountain, Napaktualuit Mountain, Nasaurak Mountain, Natvatchiak Hill, Niakogon Buttes, Niakogon Mountain, Nigu Bluff, Njoo Mountain, Noonuklook Mountain, North Aluk Hill, Noyalik Peak, Nucleus Mountain, Nukatpiat Mountain, Nunamuit Mountain, Ogsachak Mountain, Okiotak Peak, Omicron Hill, Ooguk Mountain, Oolah Mountain, Outpost Mountain, Oxadak Mountain, Papik Mountain, Park Peak, Pik Dunes, Pikonik Mound, Pingaluligit Mountain, Pingorarok Hill, Plug Mountain, Poko Mountain, Prudhoe Mound, Puvakrat Mountain, Red Hill, Reubens Peak, Rim Butte, Rumbling Mountain, Saklolik Mountain, Sakpik Mountain, Satsiksuk Mountain, Schwanda Peak, Sentinel Hill, Shaviovik Mound, Sheep Mountain, Siavlat Mountain, Siniktanneyak Mountain, Slope Mountain, Smith Mountain, Smoke Mountain, Snowheel Mountain, Soakpak Mountain, South Aluk Hill, Sphinx Mountain, Stone Hut Peak, Swayback Mountain, Table Top, Talaverat Hill, Tetsyeh Mountain, The Ears, Thetis Mound, Thibedeau Mountain, Three River Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Tingmerkpuk Mountain, Tingmerkpuk Mountain, Titus Mountain, Tugak Peak, Tungnak Hill, Tunugarat Hill, Tupik Mountain, Tupikchak Mountain, Umiat Mountain, Water Creek Mountain, Whale Mountain, Wolverine Crags

Swamps show all on map

Central Marsh

Towers show all on map

KBRW-AM (Barrow), KBRW-AM (Barrow), Loran Radio Tower (historical)

Valleys show all on map

Atigun Gorge, Avalik River Valley, Canning Valley, Cora Gulch, Ignek Valley, Ikiakpaurak Valley, Ikiakpuk Valley, Iluyak Basin, Itkilyariak Valley, Kugukpak Valley, Kuk River Valley, Kunruk Canyon, Ningolik Valley, Ninngolik Valley, Ogotoruk Seavalley, Okpilak Valley, Oolah Valley, Oolah Valley, Sadlerochit Valley, Saligvik Valley, Utukok River Valley, Valley of Precipices, Valley of Precipices, Valley of the Willows, Victor Gulch

Wells show all on map

Avak Test Hole, Back Point Number 1, Central Pad 1, Central Pad 2, Discovery Well Prudhoe Bay State Number 1, East Oumalik Test Well, Fish Creek Test Well Number 1, Gas Well Number 12, Gas Well Number 14, Gas Well Number 4, Grandstand Test Well, Knifeblade Test Wells, Kup River State Number 1, Kuparuk State Number 1, Lake State Number 1, Meade Test Well Number 1, North Prudhoe State 1, North Prudhoe State 1, North West Eileen State Number 1, Oumalik Test Well, Pad 36, Pad 37, Pad A, Pad B, Pad C, Pad D, Placid et al State Number 1, Put River, Put River Number 1, Put River State Number 1, Sag Delta Number 1 Oil Well, Se Eileen State Number 1, Simpson Test Well Number 1, Square Lake Test Well, Susie Oil Well, Titaluk Test Well, Topagoruk Test Well Number 1, West Kuparuk State Number 1, Wolf Creek Test Wells,

North Slope Borough, Alaska Population By Race (2012 estimate)

American IndianNorth Slope Borough American Indian population 5,0965,096
WhiteNorth Slope Borough White population 3,2853,285
MixedNorth Slope Borough Mixed population 520520
AsianNorth Slope Borough Asian population 472472
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderNorth Slope Borough Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 145144
BlackNorth Slope Borough Black population 116115

Additional population tables :
State population table
Alaska population by county

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