Jackson County, Alabama Basics:

Population: 53,048
Area: 1078 square miles
County seat: Scottsboro
Area code(s) in use: 256
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 74.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.2%
Median household income: $37,059
Persons in poverty: 16.2%
Home ownership rate: 75.8%
Mean travel time to work: 26.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Dade (GA) Dekalb Franklin (TN) Madison Marion (TN) Marshall

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Map of the Jackson County area

Our detail map of Jackson County shows the Jackson County, Alabama boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Jackson County, Alabama

Airports show all on map

Scottsboro Municipal Airport-Word Field, Stevenson Airport

Bars show all on map

Bellefonte Bar, Bridgeport Bar, Caldwell Bar, Chisenhall Bar, Coffee Bend Bar, Crow Bar, Gross Bar, Hembrees Bar, Island Bar, Jones Bar, Mink Creek Bar, North Sauty Creek Bar, Upper Bar, Widows Bar

Basins show all on map

Bucks Pocket, Bucky Sink, Calloway Sinks, Cox Sinks, Cunningham Sinks, Davis Cove, Devils Den, Fricks Cove, Hambrick Sinks, Hard Sink, Ivey Bottom, Jackson Sinks, Keel Sinks, Mason Bottom, McAllister Sinks, Moores Cove, Never Hole, Stogsdill Sink, Wolf Sink

Benches show all on map

Cold Spring Bench, Rich Bench

Bends show all on map

Craze Bend, Sartain Bend

Bridges show all on map

Captain John Snodgrass Bridge, Comer Bridge, Flat Rock Bridge, Freedom Bridge, Renshaw Bridge

Buildings show all on map

Bridgeport Police Department, Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department, Crow Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Dutton Volunteer Fire Department, Fackler Volunteer Fire Department, Flat Rock Fire Department, Hollywood Police Department, Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department, Hytop Volunteer Fire Department, Jackson County Courthouse, Jackson County Sheriff's Office, Langston Volunteer Fire Department, Limrock - Aspel Volunteer Fire Department, Macedonia Volunteer Fire Department, Paint Rock Volunteer Fire Department, Pisgah Police Department, Pisgah Volunteer Fire Department, Pleasant Grove Volunteer Fire Department, Rosalie Volunteer Fire Department, Scottsboro Fire Department Station 1, Scottsboro Fire Department Station 2, Scottsboro Fire Department Station 3, Scottsboro Police Department, Section Police Department, Section Volunteer Fire Department, Skyline Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Skyline Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Skyline Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Stevenson Police Department, Stevenson Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Stevenson Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Tri - Community Volunteer Fire Department Bryant Station, Tri - Community Volunteer Fire Department Bryant Station 2, Tri - Community Volunteer Fire Department Higdon Station, Valley Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Valley Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Valley Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Woodville Volunteer Fire Department

Canals show all on map

Talley Ditch

Capes show all on map

Austin Point, Barton Point, Bear Den Point, Beshears Point, Big Bend, Blessington Point, Bouldin Point, Brewer Point, Buffalo Point, Bullock Point, Clemmons Point, Coalbank Point, Cornelison Point, Evett Point, Frazier Point, Freeman Point, Gizzard Point, Godwin Point, Hicks Point, High Point, High Rock Point, Hilley Point, Hollaway Point, Horseshoe Bend, Hunter Point, Indian Point, Inglis Point, Kings Bend, Kuykendall Point, Letson Point, Little Nashville Point, Logan Point, McCrary Point, Middle Point, Middlebrook Point, Neeley Point, Nolton Point, O'Neal Point, Peter Gold Point, Prince Point, Rexton Point, Russell Point, Rutledge Point, Sampson Point, Sisk Point, Split Rock Point, Step Point, Stogsdill Point, Threwer Point, Webster Point, Wilson Point

Cemeteries show all on map

Abbott Cemetery, Abbott Chapel Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Allison Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Armstrong Cemetery, Austell Cemetery, Austin-Cameron Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Barbee Cemetery, Beech Grove Cemetery, Bellefonte Cemetery, Berry Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bingham Cemetery, Bishop Cemetery, Blue Spring Cemetery, Bluff Cemetery, Bonaventure Cemetery, Bouldin Cemetery, Boyd Cemetery, Brandon Cemetery, Brown-Cox Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Bullock Cemetery, Burch Cemetery, Burgess Cemetery, Butler Cemetery, Bynum Cemetery, Caperton Cemetery, Cargile Cemetery, Cargile Cemetery, Carr Cemetery, Cawlfield Cemetery, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Champion Cemetery, Chaney Cemetery, Chaney Chapel Cemetery, Chisenhall Cemetery, Chisenhall Cemetery, Church Hill Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clay Cemetery, Clay Cemetery, Coffee Cemetery, Coffey Cemetery, Coffey Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Crawford Cemetery, Cross Cemetery, Cross Cemetery, Cross Cemetery, Cross Cemetery, Crow Cemetery, Crowell Cemetery, Culver Cemetery, Cumberland Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Dean Chapel Cemetery, Dolberry Cemetery, Dotson Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, Elkins Cemetery, Erwin Cemetery, Fanning Cemetery, Finnell Cemetery, Finney Cemetery, Flanagan Cemetery, Foshee Cemetery, Fowler Cemetery, Fowler Cemetery, Friendship Cemetery, Gant Cemetery, Gentle Cemetery, Gold Cemetery, Gold Cemetery, Graham Cemetery, Grant Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Greer Cemetery, Gross Cemetery, Guffy Cemetery, Hackworth Cemetery, Haddon Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hansbrough Cemetery, Harmony Cemetery, Harrison Cemetery, Hayes Cemetery, Helton Cemetery, Henry Cemetery, Henshaw Cemetery, Higdon Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hollytree Cemetery, Hudgins Cemetery, Hudgins Cemetery, Hurt Cemetery, Hytop Cemetery, Inglis Cemetery, Isbell Cemetery, Jack Cemetery, Jacoway Cemetery, James Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Kirk Cemetery, Kirkpatrick Cemetery, Knight Cemetery, Kyles Cemetery, Langston Cemetery, Latham Cemetery, Latham Cemetery, Lewallen Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Longacre Cemetery, Lovelady Cemetery, Lovelady Cemetery, Loyd Cemetery, Loyds Cemetery, Maple Cemetery, Maples Cemetery, Matthews Cemetery, Matthews Cemetery, Matthews Cemetery, Maxwell Cemetery, Maxwell Cemetery, Maynard Cove Cemetery, McAnelly Cemetery, McCrary Cemetery, McCullough Cemetery, McMahan Cemetery, Middleton Cemetery, Middleton Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Moody Cemetery, Moon Cemetery, Moore Chapel Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, New Home Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, Newby Cemetery, Nicholson Cemetery, Norwood Cemetery, Oak Lawn Cemetery, Old Bostick Hill Cemetery, Old Grays Cemetery, Old Sardis Cemetery, Pace Cemetery, Paint Rock Cemetery, Pauper Cemetery, Peters Cove Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Pinehaven Memorial Gardens, Pinhook Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant View Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Potato Hill Cemetery, Potts Cemetery, Price Cemetery, Prince Cemetery, Prince Cemetery, Prince Cemetery, Pritchett Cemetery, Proctor Cemetery, Reid Cemetery, Renshaw Cemetery, Ridley Cemetery, Roach Cemetery, Roberson Cemetery, Rocky Spring Cemetery, Roman Cemetery, Rorex Cemetery, Ross Cemetery, Rosson Cemetery, Rouse Cemetery, Rousseau Cemetery, Rousseau Cemetery, Rousseau Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Samples Cemetery, Sanders Cemetery, Sanders Cemetery, Sarratt Cemetery, Sharp Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Shipp Cemetery, Shipp Cemetery, Sikes Cemetery, Sisk Cemetery, Skyline Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Stephens Cemetery, Sterne Cemetery, Stogspill Cemetery, Straightway Cemetery, Swafford Cemetery, Swaim Cemetery, Talley Cemetery, Tally Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Tipton Cemetery, Tipton Cemetery, Todd Cemetery, Tone Cemetery, Travis Cemetery, Trenton Cemetery, Turley Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Vaught Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walker Family Cemetery, Washington Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Wheeler Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Willis Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wimberley Cemetery, Woods Cove Cemetery, Zions Rest Cemetery

Churches show all on map

Advent Church, Antioch Church, Antioch Church, Beech Grove Church, Beech Grove Methodist Church, Bethany Church, Bethany Church, Bethel Church, Bethlehem Church, Bethlehem Church, Bird Hill Church (historical), Bostick Hill Church, Boxes Cove Church, Bridgeport Baptist Church, Bridgeport United Methodist Church, Browns Chapel, Bryant Church, Bryant Church, Bryant Tabernacle, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Church, Calvary Church, Cambell Chapel, Campbell Chapel, Campbell Chapel, Campground Church, Caperton Chapel, Carter Chapel (historical), Cave Spring Church, Cedar Glade Baptist Church, Cedar Grove Church, Centennial Church, Center Star Missionary Baptist Church, Centerpoint Baptist Church, Central Church, Central Church, Chaney Chapel Church, Christian Home Church, Church of Christ, Concord Church, Corinth Church, Cumberland Church, Dean Chapel, Doran Cove Church, Doran Cove Church, Ebenezer Church, Edgefield Church, Edgefield Church, Emmanuel Church, Fairfield Church, Faith Church, Faith Church, Faith Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, First Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church of Stevenson, Flat Rock Church, Freedom Church, Freehill Baptist Church, Friendship Church, Friendship Church, Garth Church, Glendale Church, Glorious Church, Gonce Church, Goosepond Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Grays Chapel, Grays Chapel, Grays Chapel Church (historical), Guess Creek Church, Haigwood Church, Halls Chapel, Hancock Church, Happy Home Church, Harmony Church, Harmony Church, Harmony Church (historical), Harris Chapel, Helton Memorial Church, Higdon Church, Hodge Church, Holland Chapel, Hollands Chapel, Hollis Memorial Church, Holly Grove Church, Hopewell Church, House of Happiness Church, House of Prayer Community Church, Hytop Church, Jennies Chapel, Kennamer Church, Kings Chapel, Lakeview Church, Lambert Chapel, Larkinsville Church, Letcher Church of God, Liberty Hill Church, Macklin Liberty Church, Matthews Chapel, Matthews Church, McCoy Grove Church, McCutchen Church (historical), Moore Chapel (historical), Morning Star Church, Mount Ararat Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Nebo Baptist Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Perron Church (historical), Mount Pisgah Church, Mount Pleasant Church (historical), Mount Zion Church, Mountain View Baptist Church, Mountain View Church, New Canaan Church, New Herman Church, New Herman Church, New Home Church, New Home Church, New Hope Church, New Hope Church, New Hope Church, New Liberty Church, New Life Church, New Sardis Church, New Shady Grove Church, Nila Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Grove Church (historical), Oakley Church (historical), Octavia Church, Old Fabius Church, Old Sardis Church, Old Shady Grove Church, Olivet Church (historical), Overlook Church, Paint Rock Church, Philadelphia Church, Pierceton Church, Pikeville Church, Pilgrim Church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant View Church, Poplar Springs Church, Princeton Church, Providence Church, Randalls Chapel United Methodist Church, Roaches Cove Baptist Church, Rockhouse Church, Rocky Springs Church of Christ, Rudders Chapel, Saint Elizabeth Baptist Church, Saint Elizabeth Chapel, Saint Lukes Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls African Methodist Episcopal Church, Salem Church, Salem Church (historical), Sand Mountain Church, Sandy Hook Church (historical), Section United Methodist Church, Shiloh Church, Shiloh Church, Shipp Chapel, Skyline Church, Smiths Chapel, Smyrna Church, Snowford Church, Straightway Church, Sulphur Springs Church (historical), Trenton Church, Union Church, Union Grove Church, Walnut Grove Church, Wanville Church, Welcome Hill Church, Williams Cove Church, Woods Cove Church, Wrights Chapel, Zion Church

Cliffs show all on map

Bishop Point, Bucklight Point, Deer Lick Bluff, High Point, High View, Kash Bluff, Piney Point, Porter Bluff, Russell Point, Sand Bluff, Sand Steps, Sheep Bluff, Split Rock, Steele Point, The Slipoff, Trenton Point, Walls of Jericho, Winding Stairs

Crossings show all on map

Caldwell Ferry (historical), Caperton Ferry, Coffeys Ferry, Flippo Ford, Flippo Ford, Hales Ferry (historical), Hellum Ford, Island Creek Ferry (historical), Larkin Ferry (historical), McGuinns Ferry (historical), Reese Ferry, Ridleys Ferry (historical), Rudders Ferry (historical), Section Ferry (historical), Snodgrass Ferry (historical), Starke Ferry (historical), Sublett Ferry (historical), Walker Mill Ford, Wells Ford, Whites Ferry (historical)

Dams show all on map

Hill Pond Dam, Mansel Wolf Dam, Robert Shrader Dam, Waites Dam, Widows Bar Lock and Dam (historical)

Falls show all on map

High Falls, Little Falls

Flats show all on map

Post Oak Flat, Roseberry Bottoms, Sauty Bottoms

Gaps show all on map

Arnold Gap, Betsy Gap, Bingham Narrows, Bryant Gap, Coffey Narrows, Coon Gap, Daniel Gap, Dobbins Gap, Fanning Low Gap, Ferncliff Gap, Fowler Narrows, Gilliam Gap, Gossett Gap, Hale Gap, Hales Ferry Gap, Jack Gap, Knight Gap, Langston Gap, Latham Narrows, Looney Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Maxwell Gap, Moody Gap, Saddle Gap, Section Gap, Shores Low Gap, Sisk Gap, Soap Gap, Stephens Gap, Sublett Gap, The Narrows, The Narrows, The Narrows, Vandiver Low Gap, Walnut Gap

Hospitals show all on map

Highlands Medical Center, North Jackson Hospital, Tri-Counties Tuberculosis Sanatorium, United States Government Tuberculosis Hospital (historical)

Islands show all on map

Bellefonte Island, Crow Creek Island, Goose Pond Island, Larkins Towhead (historical), Long Island, Shiny Rock

Lakes show all on map

Beasley Pond, Big Lake, Bucker Pond, Dudley Pond, Fish Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Indian Grave Pond, Long Pond (historical), Ned Hole, Proctor Pond (historical), Reese Pond, Shelby Pond, The Blue Hole, Turtle Pond (historical), Wiley Lake (historical), Yellow Pond

Locales show all on map

Alabama State Prison Camp (historical), Allison Mill (historical), Bass Station (historical), Bell Store, Bellefonte Depot (historical), Bellefonte Landing (historical), Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Brisco Store, Bryant Community Center, Camp Jackson, Camp Scottsboro, Carricks Mill (historical), Christian Home (historical), Clear Creek Hunting Club, Cooleys Landing (historical), Cowley Landing (historical), Davidsons Store (historical), Flowers Saw Mill (historical), Fort Payne Boating Club, Goose Pond Crossroads, Gross Landing (historical), Hembrees Landing (historical), Hill Poultry Farm, Holiday Shopping Center, Hunt Store (historical), Jackson County Farm (historical), Jacobs Mill (historical), Lake Shore Drive Cabin Site Area, Lake Shore Drive Cabin Site Area, Larkin Landing (historical), Matheny Mill (historical), Maxwells Store (historical), Mink Creek Cabin Site Area, Mud Creek Boat Dock, Nobles Mill (historical), North Alabama Presbyterian Camp, Old Brown Mill (historical), Ragsdell Store (historical), Reese Ferry Landing, Rock House, Saint Clair Grist Mill (historical), Schrader Mill (historical), Scottsboro Country Club and Golf Course, Scottsboro Plaza Shopping Center, Scottsboro Shopping Center, Section Bluff Cabin Site Area, Shraders Mill (historical), Slingle Mill (historical), Smiths Mill (historical), Snodgrass Landing (historical), Staples Landing (historical), Starkey Mill (historical), State Prison Camp C (historical), Stringers Mill (historical), Walkers Mill (historical), White Mill (historical), Widows Creek Steam Plant, Williams Landing (historical), Womacks Store (historical), Wynn Store (historical)

Mines show all on map

Baugh Mine, Capertown Mine, Fork Mountain Mine, Gibson Mine, Jacobs Mine, Jacobs Mine Number 2, Kennedy Mine, Montague Mines, Naught Mine, Naught Mine, Pierce Mine, Pierce Mine, Princeton Mine, Rudder Mine, Scottsboro Quarry, Shelton Mine, Sparkman Mine, Tennessee Valley Mine, Walker and Leonard Mine, Wheeler Mine

Parks show all on map

Bengis Reservation, Blowing Wind Cave National Wildlife Refuge, Bridgeport Community Park, Burns Reservation, College Hill Historic District, Crow Creek Wildlife Management Area, Elliott Reservation, Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge, Goose Pond Colony Park, Harlin Morgan and Rilie Reservations, Jackson County Park, John Sumach Reservation, Johnson Reservation, Lacy Reservation, Langston City Park, McNary Reservation, Mud Creek Public Shooting Area, North Sauty Wildlife Refuge, Public Square Historic District, Raccoon Creek Public Hunting Area, Russell Cave National Monument, Russells Track, Sally Lourey Reservation, Samuel Key Reservation, Scottsboro Municipal Park, Skyline Wildlife Management Area, Stevens Reservation, Stevenson Historic District, Stevenson Municipal Park, Thomas Jones Reservation, Thorn Reservation, William Jones Reservation, William Key Reservation, Woods Reservation

Pillars show all on map

The Pinnacle

Populated Places show all on map

Allison, Aspel, Baileytown, Bass, Battery Hill, Beachboro (historical), Bellefonte, Bellview, Berrys (historical), Blackankle, Bolivar, Bowman Crossroads, Bradford Subdivision, Bridgeport, Browns Valley (historical), Browntown, Bryant, Cameronsville, Card Switch, Carns, Carver Subdivision, Cave Spring, Cedar Grove, Central, Chisenhall Subdivision, Coopers Mill, Copenhagen (historical), Crossroad, Cumberland Junction, Cumberland Mountain Farm Colony (historical), Davistown, Dodsonville (historical), Dry Cove (historical), Duncan Crossroads, Dutton, Edgefield, Eliza, Estillfork, Eureka, Fabius, Fackler, Fair View, Fairfield (historical), Ferncliff (historical), Flat Rock, Floral Crest, Francisco, Garth, Georgetown, Glenzaida, Gonce, Goodwin Subdivision, Gray (historical), Greerton (historical), Hancock Crossroads, Hannah (historical), Harris, Haynes Crossing, Higdon, Hodge, Hollytree, Hollywood, Hymer (historical), Hytop, Index (historical), Jack Lane (historical), Jackson Subdivision, Jericho, Kirby Creek (historical), Kyles, Lake Shore Drive Subdivision, Lakeview Beach, Lakeview Shores, Langston, Larkin, Larkins Fork (historical), Larkinsville, Letcher, Lewis Evans Subdivision, Liberty Hill, Lim Rock, Little Nashville, Long Island, Macedonia, Martintown, Maynard Cove, McLemore Point Subdivision, Milan (historical), Montague, Morris Mill, Mount Carmel, Mud Creek (historical), Nacoochee Point Subdivision, Narrows (historical), New Hope, New Town, Old Fabius, Overlook, Padgett (historical), Paint Rock, Pierceton (historical), Pikeville, Pinder Hill, Pisgah, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Hill, Princeton, Rash, Riverland Estates, Rock City, Rocky Springs, Rorex (historical), Rosalie, Roseberry, Sam Gant Subdivision, Sauta (historical), Scottsboro, Section, Shrader, Skyline, Skyline Shores, South Sauty Subdivision, Stevenson, Sulphur Springs, Summer Bluff, Sunset (historical), Swaim, Talley (historical), Trenton, Tupelo, Wannville, Webb Addition, Widows Creek Station, Wininger, Woodville, Yucca, Yucca (historical)

Post Offices show all on map

Annawaka Post Office (historical), Eula Post Office (historical), Larkin Fork Post Office, Olalee Post Office (historical), Rock Spring Post Office (historical), Sauta Post Office (historical), Seab Post Office (historical)

Reservoirs show all on map

Clarks Lake (historical), Guntersville Lake, Hill Pond, Mansel Wolf Lake, Robert Shrader Lake, Waites Lake

Ridges show all on map

Backbone Ridge, Backbone Ridge, Backbone Ridge, Bradford Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Chicken Foot Ridge, Dean Ridge, Dudley Ridge, Evans Ridge, Garner Ridge, Gormley Ridge, Gullet Ridge, Hogjaw Ridge, Hogyard Ridge, Leslie Ridge, Lizzard Ridge, Pruitt Ridge, Stewart Ridge, Tick Ridge, Wrights Ridge

Schools show all on map

Alabama School (historical), Beech Grove School (historical), Bellview School (historical), Bethany School (historical), Boxes Cove School (historical), Bridgeport Elementary School, Bridgeport High School, Brownwood Elementary School, Bryant Junior High School, Caldwell Elementary School, Callahan School (historical), Cameronsville School (historical), Camp Ground School (historical), Carnes School (historical), Cave Spring School (historical), Cedar Grove School (historical), Central School (historical), Chalybeate Springs School (historical), Champion School (historical), Chapel Hill School (historical), Concord School (historical), Cresent Hill School, Crossroads School (historical), Davistown School (historical), Dawson School (historical), Dean School (historical), Doran Cove School (historical), Edgefield School (historical), Fairfield School (historical), Flat Rock School, Freedom School (historical), Grays Chapel School (historical), Guess Creek School (historical), Hale School (historical), Hales Cove School (historical), Hambrick School, Harmony School (historical), Holly Spring School (historical), Holly Springs School (historical), Hollywood Junior High School, House of Happiness School (historical), Jackson County Technical School, JE Drake School, Jones School (historical), King Cove School (historical), Kyles School Number 1 (historical), Kyles School Number 2 (historical), Langston School (historical), Lewis W Page Elementary School, Lim Rock School, Long Island School (historical), Macedonia School (historical), McCoy School (historical), Mount Carmel School (historical), Mount Olive School (historical), New Herman School (historical), New Hope School (historical), Nila School, North Sand Mountain High School, Northeast Alabama State Junior College, Oakley School (historical), Paint Rock Valley High School, Patterson School (historical), Pierceton School (historical), Pikeville School (historical), Pisgah High School, Pleasant Grove School (historical), Pleasant View School, Poplar Springs School (historical), Rash School (historical), River Hill School (historical), Roach School (historical), Rosalie Elementary School, Rosenwald School (historical), Rosenwald School (historical), Russells School (historical), Saint Joseph School (historical), Salem School (historical), Salem School (historical), Sand Mountain Academy (historical), Schrader School (historical), Scottsboro High School, Scottsboro Public School (historical), Section High School, Shrader School (historical), Skyline School, Stevenson High School, Stevenson School (historical), Sublet School (historical), Sulphur Springs School (historical), Temperance Hill School (historical), Tennessee River Institute (historical), Union Grove School (historical), Union Hill School (historical), Unity School (historical), Walnut Grove School (historical), Wanville School (historical), Webster School (historical), White House School (historical), Wininger School, Woods Cove School (historical), Woodville High School, Woodville School

Springs show all on map

Abbott Spring, Austin Spring, Beason Spring, Bell Spring, Bishop Spring, Blue Hole, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Brewer Spring, Bridges Spring, Brown Spring, Campbell Spring, Cantrell Spring, Cargile Spring, Cave Spring, Chalybeate Spring, Chalybeate Spring, Chalybeate Spring, Champion Spring, Chisenhall Spring, Cloud Spring, Cole Spring, Collins Spring, Crownover Spring, Daniel Spring, Dripping Spring, Flag Spring, Frasier Spring, Gildan Spring, Gilliam Spring, Graham Springs, Gray Spring, Gross Spring, Guffey Spring, Gum Spring, Haddon Spring, Haley Spring, Horton Spring, Houston Spring, Isbell Spring, Kyles Spring, McCrary Spring, Medlock Spring, Mill Seat Spring, Norwood Spring, Pennywinkle Spring, Polly Anne Spring, Poplar Spring, Poplar Spring, Robertson Spring, Robinson Spring, Rock Springs, Seabolt Spring, Selby Spring, Serotas Spring, Spout Spring, Tanyard Spring, Tate Spring, Tongue Spring, Tongue Spring, Widows Creek Spring, Wynne Cave Spring, Yeager Spring

Streams show all on map

Anderson Branch, Archie Creek, Aspel Branch, Bailey Branch, Banks Branch, Bear Creek, Beaver Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Gum Creek, Bengis Creek, Big Coon Creek, Big Culvert Creek, Big Glade Branch, Bill Creek, Bingham Creek, Blue Spring Brook, Blue Spring Creek, Bobo Creek, Bone Creek, Bookout Branch, Bowman Branch, Brogue Branch, Bryant Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Creek, Burkhalter Creek, Burks Creek, Caney Cove Creek, Carter Branch, Cave Branch, Chisenhall Branch, Clear Creek, Cole Spring Branch, Cooks Branch, Coon Creek, Coon Creek, Crooked Branch, Crow Creek, Deal Creek, Dickey Creek, Dogwood Branch, Dove Creek, Dry Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duncan Creek, East Fork Bryant Creek, Estill Fork, Evans Creek, Flag Branch, Flat Branch, Flat Rock Creek, Gilbert Branch, Glover Creek, Gordon Branch, Graham Branch, Granny Branch, Gray Branch, Gross Branch, Guess Creek, Guest Creek, Haigwood Branch, Hall Branch, Harmony Branch, Highfield Creek, Hilley Branch, Hogjaw Creek, Hogskin Creek, Hogue Creek, Holder Branch, Horn Branch, Houston Branch, Hurricane Creek, Inglis Branch, Irondale Branch, Jackie Branch, Jacobs Creek, Jacoway Branch, Jones Creek, Jones Creek, Kash Creek, Kettle Branch, Kirby Creek, Kizzort Branch, Ladd Creek, Larkin Fork, Lary Creek, Laurel Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Creek, Lick Fork, Little Bryant Creek, Little Coon Creek, Little Crow Creek, Little Dickey Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Jacobs Creek, Little Paint Creek, Lively Creek, Long Creek, Long Hollow Branch, Long Island Creek, Mancher Creek, Marshall Branch, Martin Branch, Maxwell Branch, McKinney Branch, Meadows Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Mink Branch, Mink Creek, Monday Branch, Mud Creek, Muscrowe Branch, Neely Branch, Nichols Branch, North Sauty Creek, Owen Branch, Parkell Creek, Parton Branch, Pegues Branch, Pigeon Creek, Pine Branch, Pole Branch, Pole Bridge Branch, Pond Creek, Poplar Spring Creek, Pump Spring Branch, Puncheon Creek, Reeves Creek, Reeves Creek, Reid Hollow Creek, Robinson Creek, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Rorex Creek, Roseberry Creek, Ross Branch, Russel Prong, Salt River, Sandy Ford Creek, Sanka Branch, Shanty Branch, Skelton Branch, Slaton Branch, Smith Creek, Sterne Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Stringer Creek, Suck Branch, Talkington Branch, Town Creek, Tubbs Branch, Turkey Creek, Vicie Branch, Warren Creek, Warren Smith Creek, Weatherley Branch, Widows Creek, Wilborn Branch, Williams Creek, Wimberly Branch, Wooden Branch, Yellow Branch, Yellow Branch

Summits show all on map

Bice Mountain, Bingham Mountain, Brewer Mountain, Brooks Mountain, Buddy Top, Cave Mountain, Chestnut Knob, Cotton Mountain, Crow Mountain, Doctor Knob, Dudley Pond Mountain, Evans Mountain, Fork Mountain, Hodge Mountain, Husky Top, Jacobs Mountain, July Mountain, Larkin Mountain, Little Coon Mountain, Little Cumberland Mountain, Little Mountain, Little Mountain, Little Mountain, Little Mountain, Maxwell Mountain, Maxwell Mountain, McCoy Mountain, Miller Mountain, Montague Mountain, Nat Mountain, Pine Mountain, Poorhouse Mountain, Poorhouse Mountain, Putman Mountain, Round Knob, Round Knob, Round Mountain, Russell Mountain, Scraper Hill, Skillet Handle, Splitrock Mountain, Summerhouse Mountain, Summers Top, Tater Knob, The Buzzard Roost, The Knob, Walker Mountain, Warren Peak, Warren Smith Hill, Wilson Top

Swamps show all on map

Tupelo Swamp (historical)

Towers show all on map

WBTS-AM (Bridgeport), WKEA-AM (Scottsboro), WKEA-AM (Scottsboro), WKEA-FM (Scottsboro), WKEA-FM (Scottsboro), WVSV-FM (Stevenson), WWIC-AM (Scottsboro)

Trails show all on map

River Mont Cave Historical Trail

Valleys show all on map

Abbott Hollow, Allison Hollow, Allison Hollow, Anderson Hollow, Ashmore Cove, Bald Point Hollow, Barton Hollow, Basham Hollow, Bass Hollow, Bear Den Hollow, Bear Hollow, Becky Hollow, Bennett Cove, Berrys Cove, Big Coon Valley, Big Hollow, Bill Hollow, Billy Cove, Bingham Cove, Bishop Cove, Bishop Hollow, Black Gum Hollow, Black Hollow, Blue Spring Cove, Bob Payne Hollow, Boston Hollow, Boxes Cove, Brewer Hollow, Brewster Hollow, Bryant Gulf, Bucks Pocket, Butler Hollow, Caney Cove, Caney Hollow, Carns Cove, Carver Hollow, Castle Rock Gulf, Champion Hollow, Chicken Foot Cove, Clay Cove, Cluck Cove, Coon Gulf, Coon Hollow, Cotton Cove, Cowan Hollow, Culver Hollow, Dark Hollow, Devers Cove, Devils Hollow, Dolberry Hollow, Doran Cove, Dry Cove, Dry Cove, Duboise Hollow, Earwood Hollow, Eddy Cove, Elliott Hollow, Erwin Hollow, Fanning Cove, Fanning Hollow, Farr Hollow, Finley Cove, Fowler Cove, Frazier Cove, Gentles Cove, Gibson Cove, Gibson Cove, Gifford Hollow, Gifford Hollow, Gin Hollow, Goodman Hollow, Goshen Hollow, Gourdneck Hollow, Graham Cove, Griffin Gulf, Haddon Hollow, Hales Cove, Hall Hollow, Hammon Hollow, Haney Hollow, Happy Hollow, Harris Hollow, Henshaw Cove, Hickory Hollow, Hicks Cove, Hogjaw Valley, Holland Cove, Honey Hollow, Honey Hollow, Houston Hollow, Houston Hollow, Huddleston Cove, Hunter Hollow, Hurricane Hollow, Ike Hollow, Inglis Hollow, Jacoway Hollow, Jeffries Cove, John Gifford Hollow, John Martin Hollow, Jones Cove, Jones Cove, Kellum Hollow, Kennamer Hollow, Kennedy Hollow, King Cove, Kirk Cove, Langham Hollow, Langston Cove, Lead Hollow, Lewis Hollow, Little Coon Valley, Long Hollow, Long Island Cove, Mason Hollow, Matthews Cove, Maynard Cove, McBroom Cove, McCallie Hollow, McFarland Hollow, McMahan Cove, Mill Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mitchell Hollow, Money Hollow, Moody Hollow, Narrows Hollow, Newby Gulf, Newby Hollow, Norwood Cove, Opossum Hollow, Owl Hollow, Paint Rock Valley, Parks Hollow, Peacock Hollow, Peters Cove, Pinhook Hollow, Pipeline Hollow, Pond Hollow, Poplar Hollow, Prescott Hollow, Punchbowl Gulf, Puncheon Cove, Pyburn Gulf, Racepath Hollow, Reid Cove, Reid Hollow, Rhodes Gulf, Rich Hollow, Riley Cove, Roach Cove, Robertson Cove, Rochelle Hollow, Round Cove, Rousseau Hollow, Salt Peter Hollow, Salt River Cove, Saltpeter Cove, Saltpeter Cove, Schiffman Cove, Sentill Hollow, Shepard Hollow, Shirley Hollow, Shooting Ground Hollow, Shop Hollow, Simpson Hollow, Skelton Hollow, Slick Rock Hollow, Slipoff Hollow, Slipoff Hollow, Spring Hollow, Stewart Cove, Stillhouse Hollow, Stogsdill Cove, Stovall Hollow, Sublett Gap Hollow, Sumach Hollow, Tanyard Hollow, Tate Cove, The Gorge, Thomas Cove, Thompson Cove, Toney Gulf, Trice Hollow, Vaught Cove, Vernon Cove, Wagner Hollow, Washington Cove, Weatherley Hollow, Webb Hollow, Wicks Hollow, Wild Hog Hollow, Williams Cove, Wilson Hollow, Wininger Hollow, Wolf Hollow, Womack Hollow, Woods Cove,

Jackson County, Alabama Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteJackson County White population 48,75148,751
BlackJackson County Black population 1,8041,803
MixedJackson County Mixed population 1,3791,379
American IndianJackson County American Indian population 849848
AsianJackson County Asian population 265265
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderJackson County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 5353

Additional population tables :
State population table
Alabama population by county

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